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Confused about FNV Ultimate Edition

I have just read that Fallout New Vegas is run off Steam despite the box saying "games for windows."

I'm planing on buying the UE on the PC next month and I was wondering if this is true.

I'll use it but I find Steam to be irritating most of the time, as I hate to log in to play a single player game and waste my precious monthly memory allowance.

So is it true? and if so will my Windows 350 controller work with it,plus WTH is "games for windows" written on the box!?


I was contacted today by an Indian guy claiming to be a microsoft tech support worker who said that I had germs on my PC. I didn't trust him and mid conversation hung up.

I went to the online tech support:

"Can I confirm that it was microsoft who phoned me about PCgrems today" - Iasked and I got the Austrlian Tech Support phone number. I rung up and got an automated message saying that they were not working today (Though Australia outsorces to India)

http://www.microsoft.com/security/online-privacy/avoid-phone-scams.aspx- read the first paragraph.

So what do you think, was he legit?


Lately I have brought Fallout 3 for the PC so that I can tryout mods, could this be related? I've been active over at the Fallout nexus site.

Any advice?

Happy Hollidays

Whether you're a Christian celebrating the birth of Jesus, a Jew celebrating the Festival of Lights, a Muslim paying homage to Bethlehem, an atheist partying out the end of the year, a Buddhist practicing the celebration of peace, or just someone playing their favourite game, to all Gamespotters have a wonderful Holiday and a happy new year!

Are you aware of SOPA? Protect the 1st Amendment.

Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), known in the US House of Representatives as H.R.3261 could affect GS if passed!

The bill if passed will give the USfederal government, and corperationsthe right to stop Americans from looking at any site that hosts any pirated video or image. This includes scaned magazines, and game trailers, or using a picture of your fav game for your sig/banner.

http://judiciary.house.gov/hearings/hear_11162011.html- While it says foreign sites, the bill includes the world over. If Americans can no longer see GS it will die :(

A lot of people have signed petitions to not let the bill be passed. If you are an American you might consider it too.

I'm against piracy, but I do not want people to be banned from viewing sites without even a court hearing.

If passed a screen from the FBI will come onto the site you have tried to access, it will tell you thatit has been banned from the viewing of the US public.

Also check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stop_Online_Piracy_Act#Free_speech_concerns


I'm currently looking around for a new modem, but I want to know WHT is going on with the one I have now?

For some reason it will only work properly at night! I use a USB Wi-Fi modem (I got it because it was free :oops: ).

Can any one tell me what might be wrong, or know some one here who can help?

I was thinking that something might be interfering with the signal.

My GTA 5 Trailer Breakdown

I downloaded the HD version from Rockstar.com and watched it over, and over on a 42 Widescreen High Def TV. I also haven't read any of the other breakdowns so I could do this for fun.

The city is different and has some landmarks. At 0:39 behind the construction you can see the famous U.S. Bank Tower.

Blimps: 0:17 look at the sky to the right for the first evidence (Golfcarts are back). Take a look at 1:03 of the trailer and you will see a blimp in the distance, also under the G at 1:24.

At 0:58 there is a homeless guy with a cardboard that reads "NEED MONEY FOR BEER ****, **** (AT LEAST I'M NOT BULL*******)"

Clubs and motorbikes make a return. At 1:02 you will see some guy being thrown out of one, and a bike.

0:07 Dog, and seagull.

Jet Ski at 0:19.

0:37 the narrator says that he is a dad. Looks like we have kids, but what about a wife?

HUGE mountain at 0:22 suggests out of city enviros.

At 0:24 a new feature is seen. You can now put the roof of your convertible down while driving 8)

0:32 we see Los Puerta Fwy, and Downtown Little Seoul on a Highway sign. Could we see a return of Wu Ze Mu? And Fwy suggests travel between two cities. San Ferro would be my bet.

0:33 there is an exercise yard called muscle sands. GTASA had places you could go to build up the main character CJ, could this make a return?

There are four planes 0:43 is a poison gas crop duster. The narrator says "you know how it is" as four Mexicans get gassed, could this mean that the main character is Mexican? Also to support this is a Mexican looking guy with an AK47 at 0:47.

At 0:47 the guy with the AK47 has it modified with a silencer, could this mean we can now mod our guns!? - Also at this time is an R* joke; the van has a pest control phone number on the back that says 1-999-BUGSTAR :P

At 1:00 we see a guy in clothing that would cost a lot of money living under a bridge. Sadly because of the economy today, a lot of businesses have gone bankrupt, this would suggest that this game is set today in pre-depression USA (In reality I hope not).

After the guy under the bridge is a fighter jet.

At 1:07 you can see a building that was in the original GTASA! It was the home of a massive shootout in that game :!:

Above the VINEWOOD Sign is a 747 jumbo jet.

1:11 is a private jet.

I'm still looking and will update HERE (as will others)

My Fellow Gamers

I would like to ask you if anyone of you can create mods for games. Skyrim, Oblivion, DAO, whatever.

Also if you can't, do you have a lot of idears?

You don't have to post them here. Just postyes I can, or no I can't :)

Id and Steve Jobs


I can't believe how good RAGE is!

Id software really outdid theme selves with this. Don't go buying thinking this is a Borderlands clone, because it is not. It is a very well crafted RPS (more FPS). Be warned the violence content is high.

Take note Fallout and Borderlands Dev Teams because thee is a new three story highkid on the block and he's swinging a heavy spiked bat!

I'll write a review when I stop playing. Not soon I think

A small side note: RIP to the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs. Cancer is a terrible thing. He was a genius with more money thanthat we will ever see, and it wasn't enough. If you ever can, give money to Cancer research.

Shoulder-high portrait of smiling man in his fifties wearing a black turtle neck shirt with a day-old beard holding a phone facing the viewer in his left handApple-logo.pngA sad day.