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MGS Ground Zeroes: What Did I See?

MGS Ground Zeroes: What Did You See? - GS Video

And Here Is What I Found

My Blog contains SPOILERS from many MGS Games:

Riaden was a child soldier, Chico is a child soldier. the shaky cam is at a child's height. 2 possibilities. Does anyone see where I am going with this?!

Also Python a friend of Naked Snake is bald and he does not have the ability to regulate his body temperature. The man in the clip is badly burned and this points to him. Another thing to point out is that he is a member of Fox and the CIA.

Camp omega looks like camp delta (also known as Camp X-ray). They discuss that the base is on communist land and out of US Legal Jurisdiction. This was the reason that Camp X-ray was built far from US soil in the real world.

Before the gate opens at the start of the 15min trailer you can see a sign written in Spanish.

There are at least 2457 prisoners.

The gun in the pre-trailer poster (see end of blog) is an FNC Fabrique Nationale Carabine made in 1975. Another clue associated with the gun is it is made in Belgium, because of the former Belgian Congo Mobutu's régime that radicalized during the 1970s could be used as a template for the Fake Zanzibar Land from the MG game in 1984.

That said it was widely used by NATO, and Indonesia (who now owns the copyright) also.

"Here's to you" is a song released in 1971.

Pas is in Cabo Cruz, the southern most part of Cuba.

"We are soldiers without a country" refers to Outter Heaven.

Pas is working for Zero (Cypher) and Zero is the creator of the patriots. Given that Bis Boss is on an obvious rescue mission I believe that we may, at lest for the first part of the game be working for the Patiots!

In MGS 1 Fox went rogue. We could be seeing a similar thing here, or even the beginning for what is to come.

Mother Base is mentioned from Peace Walker so I think research might be back.

Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes Image

Logitech Gaming Keyboard Review

Since I started on my new book I have been getting terrible back pains because my laptop in at the wrong angle besides my bed. As weird as it is my laptop isnt meant to be moved while on, crazy for a lap-top I know. Without any room for a desk, I thought I might by an Overbead table, but the price was way over budget. So after a while I came up with the idea of buying a new keyboard with a 2 meter extension cable and a really BIG TV.

I ended up buying a Logitech Gaming Keyboard, and while I brought it for writing I can tell you it is perfect for both.

It has 12 reprogrammable buttons that I mostly use as shortcuts to folders, a link to GS and media player. These buttons can be turned into thirty six with three mapping buttons.

A USB port at the rear of it gives easy access port for your mouse and there are ports also for a gaming headset!

Due to my insomnia I write mostly at night and this is where another great feature comes into play. Each button has its own individual light and illuminates the keys into programmable colours that can be changed on the fly by the mapping buttons.

It also has DVD control buttons, headset volume control, PC volume control, and lighting on and off dial and buttons.

If you dont want to use all the snazzy cool features you can turn them off via a switch.

I highly recommend this awesome keyboard from gamers and non-gamers alike.

And yes this was written with it.


Easy to use 5/5

Light 5/5

Coolness 5/5

As for the writing being in bold thats just for my eye sight.

August to December of Gaming, and a Webisode movie!

August to December of Gaming, and a Webisode movie!

No I am not rich lol, I do have some of these promised to be prezzies!

Next week is something for all old HK Cinema and Pirate (the wooden leg variety :P) fans alike:

Sleeping Dogs BoxshotRisen 2: Dark Waters Boxshot

September: I'll need guns, lots of guns :D

Borderlands 2 Boxshot



November: I won't need money because it is my birthday!



December: while I'll spend a lot on others, this will be free also (if it comes out):


And starting early October:

Click for a HUGE version:

Unto Dawn

What are you looking forward to?

ME3: Ripping the Ending Apart (SPOILERS)

There is more to the end than the voice over. This seems to be something a lot of people have missed and go to Bioware fizzed off for no reason:

You can see a lot of what people think is missing in the pics,

Wrex has a child in one ending (if he lived), in another ending I saw Wrex was leading the Krogan and you can see some familiar faces.

Jacob seems to be leading "his people" (also if he lived).

The Quarians have built a huge city (if they survived)

I havent seen and ending if the Geth survived and not the Quarians yet so I cant say as of yet.

Look at the pictures people! Its the other part of the end that no one seems (on the official bioware forums at least) to have seen?

Loosing My XBL Virginity

My First Time With XBL

or "How to get through 10GB in 2 hours"

Falconer084 Deus Ex Outfit

First up I should say to all noobs to my blog that until last week I had no connection to PSN or XBL because of my faulty weak USB modem.

I have a new more powerful USB modem that will connect through a mess of wires stretched out across my floor.

My net time is slowed because I get 15GB per month and I'd already watched a lot of game trailers before any of this happened.

BTW the insides of the old modem melted.

Trust me when I tell you that you've never seen a grown man more excited that me when it told me I was online (I never knew I could jump that high), and being the shopaholic that I am I ran to the store and brought a ton of MS Point cards.

After downloading all the special edition stuff I'd collected over the years, this is what I brought:

Mass Effect II DLC: Zaeed, Normandy Crash Site, Firewalker, Kasumi, Overlord, Shadow Broker, Arrival, and the item packs.

Dragon Age II: Mark of the Assassin, Legacy, the item packs, Black Emporium (lost the code).

Fable III: Traitors Keep, Item packs, Understone Quest pack.

CoD:BOPS Free Theme.

Assassin's Creed Revelations Lost Archive.

Infinite Undiscovery Voucher Packs.

Oblivion: The Vile Lair, The Orrery, Fighters Strong Hold, Thieves Den, Wizards Tower.

Lost Odyssey: Seekers of the Deep, item pack.

Saints Row II: clothing pack, Ultor Exposed, Corporate Warfare.

Saints Row the Third: Gangsters in Space, The Trouble with Clones, Fun Time Pack, some of the item packs.

ME3: From The Ashes, Resurgence.

Rage: Anarchy Edition, Free Weapons Pack, Sewer Missions.

My Avatar is waring clothing from Deus Ex HR.

And more I can't remember.

So yeah I went a little nutz :P

BTW I haven't even talked about PSN yet!

Yaaaaahooooooo! Yippe! Amazing and Yay :D

If you have been following the tragic tale of the modem. Here is the end I just connected my X360 to the net.

As you can see my gamer score has jumped a bitl Was: 2100 :P Now: 34720!

I want to get used to it first but I'll be multi-player willing soon.


First up let me ask you, it doesn't matter if you're an adult; have you been cyberbullied? There is a whole plethora of ways people can be bullied: threats, teasing, blackmail, posting offensive content, sexism, racism, religious persecution, and a whole lot more. According to a new study victims of cyberbullying have a far higher chance of depression. According to the ALC (Australian Institute of Criminology) it has highlighted the growing problem of covert and cyber bullying affecting Australian schools and their students. Covert bullying can be understood as any form of aggressive behaviour that is repeated, intended to cause harm, characterised by an imbalance of power and is hidden from, or unacknowledged by, adults. It can include the spreading of rumours or attempts at socially excluding others. Cyber bullying is a form of covert bullying and is carried out through the use of technology; for example, on the internet through emails, blogs and social networking sites, as well as via mobile phones. More at http://www.aic.gov.au/publications/current%20series/rip/1-10/09.aspx In studies (done by Carmel Privitera, MPsych and Marilyn Anne Campbell, Ph.D. School of Learning and Professional Studies, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.) about workplace cyberbullying between adults results showed that 34% of respondents were bullied face-to-face, and 10.7% were cyberbullied. More at http://online.liebertpub.com/doi/abs/10.1089/cpb.2009.0025 If you are a bully in Australia you can be charged with the death of another if they commit suicide due to your cybercrime. Allem Halkic killed himself after suffering abuse through the internet and text messages in 2011. The courts ruled his death was caused through an act of violence and the offender was charged. According to the UCLA roughly 1 million people die by suicide each year in the USA. 4000 of these deaths are in the 8 to 24 age group. If you are a child suffering from cybercrime or just depression in general, you can find help at www.kidshelp.com.au/ there is a page for adults too. In the year 2009 suicide was the registered cause of 2,132 deaths, making it the 14th most common cause of death in the population generally according to the Australian Government House of Representatives. With the rules changed on GS there is a chance that bulling will increase. For more info look at http://www.examiner.com/parenting-teens-in-fort-lauderdale/psych-studies-on-college-students-cyberbullying-depression-suicide