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First Banner

This is my first Banner try. Well no that's not exactly true I tried before but only half the image came out. This time it looks better minus the missing word "Effect" and my chin:lol:. The Grey picture is a drawing of me I had done in Sydney Australia by a computer with face recognition software on show at a small incarnival Darling Harbour.:D

If you need help

I have been gaining the courage to post this before I even came on line. I suffer from severe depression and anxiety. It is a huge problem that most men and women try to hide. According to the statistics 1 in five of every person in game-spot suffers from at least one of these conditions and I would not feel well within my self if I did not post this Blog and link. If inside you feel sad all the time or you can not talk to people no matter how hard you try, do not give up! I nearly did and I am about 85% better. Two years ago I would not have been able to Blog even and now I can't seem to stop. Before you do any thing think of your loved ones at home and try this address. If you feel like you have no one, contact me or one of the millions of gamers around the world. You'll find a friend like I have.


To all my friends you've given me the strengh to do this:)


Game-Spot and the Mass Effect Union are the best. A few days ago I had no friends, bar some family1200 kilometers north of here who I will not see till I go back [as I do between the two states]. I suffer from terrible shyness. If you met me I'd be the quiet one. So I am greatfull to every one who has become friends here.:D

Happy New Year from Australia

Happy New Year. if you want a good show try and find the Sydney Australia Fireworks. I wish I could have been there but there is family all over this country I should see. So instead where I am people were running for cover as the first storm in a long time opened up over our heads and the show had to be canceled. Don't worry its kind of a blessing as Australia is running out of waterbecause we have been in a drought for 17 years.

Girls and Gaming

I've read some morons [on another site not affiliated with Game-Spot but its still relevant] saying that Girls / women don't belong playing games. This is stupid macho BS cause they can't face the fact that some girls will beat them. In 1989 the girl next door to where me and my parents lived introduced me to Super Mario Brothers and so I am indebted. To any of the morons be more open minded or you'll never go out on a date. To any girl who has suffered from this injustice, my advice is to kick their ass at their favorite game.

Alien Blaster Fallout 3

Hi people. I hardly ever get to use the net and this is my first Blog just thought that fans of fallout 3 should not miss out on this because I don't know how many others have found this. I have read that most people think that there is only 120 rounds in Fallout 3 (not including DLCs). I have discovered that in the Outcast HQ you can find an additional 100 rounds in two ammo crates in a room near some Computers. Be warned though I have tried this with the Anchorage Stealth Suit but you will make an enemy out of all the Outcasts if they see you or not.