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Remember Me Review (No Spoilers)

Remember Me Boxshot

Remember Me from Dontnod Entertainment is the french developers first game, and I can say with certainty that Dontnod will become a leader in innovating games.

Non spoiler story:

Remember Me is a fantastic game set in the Cyberpunk theme of Neo-Paris, a city built after a European Union Civil War in 2066. Humanity has become addicted to a new form of technology that allows the sharing and downloading of memories. 

You play as a woman with a form of amnesia that if I explained more would ruin the story. Suffice to say that a lot of people want you dead.

Remember Me Image


Gameplay reminds me of the Tomb Raider without guns, along with great memory based puzzles. Before you think "boring" and stop reading you should know that the memories are other peoples. You have the ability to alter a persons memories in a genius puzzle that lets you tryout different outcomes to what could have happened and warping your targets perception if his or her own reality. You can only do this a few times during the story which is a shame but it makes a great change of pace from the combat.

Remember Me Image


Speaking of combat, you can unlock moves during the game and arrange them in any order you like giving you that ability to make your own combos! Enemies are varied and will keep you on your toes as you try to figure out how to best them.

Remember Me Image

As you go on other abilities become available and give you more puzzling and can also play a role in combat, but as I try to write spoiler free reviews I'll leave that up to you to discover!

No toilet breaks!:

If you have a day sick in bed (like me) you will beat it in a day but you can't stop playing to do so.

Graphics and sound:

With the exception of one hard boss fight that has some repetition, the voice acting is well enough for the characters, with the best acting going to the main character. It is a beautiful game to look at from the grimy under city to the richer upper city and small extras in the environment really bring out the immersion.

Remember Me Image

Out of Ten:

Graphics 9

Sound 8

Gameplay 9

Collectibles 7

Over all 9.5

Next Gen Thoughts

Now I've had my little rant (last blog), I might as well discuss my thoughts on the next gen. First up I'm getting both the X1 next year, and PS4 on release.

Starting with the basics the PS4 seems to have made the best strides when it comes to controller design (not talking kinect here). The Xbox 1 controller doesn't look that different from the old gen while the Playstation 4 has added a needed touch pad.

So far the X1 is winning in terms of design, but that is easy because the PS4 hasn't been seen yet! lol. Hopefully E3 will change this.

Games will not accept the old generation, to confuse me GTA is coming out around the same time as the PS4, but isn't coming out on the PS4 this year. This goes for Assassins Creed IV too. On the plus side, for the PS4 anyway, Watch Dogs is coming at launch and so is Killzone 4.

As for the X1 there will be plenty more games next year.


Possible Large Scale Sony and Microsoft Boycott

The PS4 will not be backwards compatible. This is a huge problem for long time gamers with huge collections. Polls are showing up everywhere including a boycott of Sony and Microsoft if ths issue is not addressed!

Some of us have mega game collections all that will be rendered useless in next gen. Once you ps3 breaks down that's it. Buy it all again! $100s or maybe $1000s oth of gear every gen like we are all a bunch of suckers!

Return Of The Stupid III: It's A Sign!

Do not adjust your screen, yes these are real acts of stupidity formed but our nations baeurocrats welcome back to stupid!

One for the Fallout fans :P :








If I see this on my driving test I'm just going to give up!:



I've actually seen this next one:





Does this mean I've made you all break the law?:










Return of the Stupid II: The Revenge!

Sometimes it's a bad translation and sometimes people are stupid. Welcome back to my crazy sign hobby


Bureaucracy might seem boring :| but it can be fun when they stuff it up this badly:

I wonder what they are trying to say here:




yeah these are all real lol









I think the writing is Korean:


Heard of the Angus burger, 'cause the guy who put this sign up hasn't:






Sutch wonderful logic, Spock would be proud!:


After all this I think it should be:





and now from the Land of the Rincing Sun:

Nippon sign

Nippon sign

This sign promises pre-chewed food in a gramma mistake. They are trying to be polite but messed it up a bit redface.gif

Nippon lol

To be contunued...


Return of the Stupid

I thought I'd bring back my stupid sign's hobby :P

Yup they are all real:



real Mc'donalds sign


Hope they didn't fire him


I don't know where these 2 are from:




Wonder who put this up

True lol

Yes we really are on the other side of the world:

The other side of the world

I censored this mat before the GS rule change:

Welcome to my blog

Some more funnies from the land of the rising sun lol.gif The translators need some more lessons.

japanese sign

Yep full english.

Japan sign

There are a lot of wierd smoking signs in Japan.

Japan sign

Now we go into strange teritory ???

Japan Sign

Next I realy don't know what to think or say ??? I had to censor it razz.gif

Japan Sign ???

I have millions of these!

If you like 'em I'll post more :D

My first impressions of the PS4

So far I love what I see. The launch games look good for a change lol, and I love the new controller.

Another plus was that Quantic Dream had an amazing technical demo. I can only hope the devs out there wont cast aside the graphical power in order to make a quick buck.

Now to a hypothesis of mine; I think I know why they didn't show the console and it is the same reason it isn't backwards compatible:

I have an odd feeling that they might do away with DVD's all-together. When they released the PSV they were talking about memory sticks being the future and when you can store more data than a blu-ray on a piece of plastic the size of a thumbnail I don't know why they'd bother with scratchy old dvds any more!

imagebam.comI hope they don't scrap it like the PS3's boomerang!

Oh if you are one of the few people who plays with/against me on the 360 don't wory I'm planning to buy the new xbox too.

It's been a while...

For the first time since I left school my life has been very hectic. I've been trying a lot of new things and studying for my drivers exam.

Now if you've never read one of my blogs I suffer from social anxiety disorder, depression, and general anxiaty.

So after weeks of running around doing stuff I don't normally do i had a fully blown panic attack. So I'm going to take it easy for a while, play some games and get back to GS.

So if you have been wondering where I've been there you go.

BTW when I do get back to it what would you buy in a car (must be under 8 cylinders till I get my green P plate because of Aussie law).I'm looking at Toyota Landcrusier type automobiles so think in that range. I will be going off road some times too.