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Viva Las Vegas Baby!

Not a big blog because mom brought it at the store on her way over. Fallout New Vegas is out in Australia and I was able to sleep atnight for the 2nd time in five years so I'll be gaming all day!

The Collectors edition is NOT out and I couldn't wait so I told mom not to get it.

Oh about my spelling how it switches between American and Australian (mom and mum) is because I grew up with an American girl and I learned half from her. But I'm rambling because she isn't here yet and I am trying to keep busy. In regular styIe I have cleaned my TV, charged the batteries on my controller, set the timer (the X360 always seems to reset the timer), and make my bed. Now with nothing left I am writing this blog.


Nope I can't think of anything to say.

See you in the wastelands! :D

I'll try to post about New Vegas on the Hierarchy tonight when dad forces me to stop playing for useless stuff like food and air :P