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The Vattican Just Cannonised The First Aussie Saint

^Above Saint Mary Mackillop 1869^

I'm not a Catholic but it's global News and she should be known because she was one heck of a great person. Now Canonisation involves making some one into a saint (the bible says all Christians are saints) but I learned today she was excommunicated from the catholic church for speaking out against an Irishpedo priest!!!

She was a remarkable woman who brought education to the outback (not the Stolen Generation that was after she died). Introducing schools for the poor. She turned down a massive grant of funds because she refused a man who wanted screens around his son so he couldn't see the poor. So she was funded by a Jewish guy because the church didn't want to pay for it.

It's impossible to write a biography in a blog because it's far to longand her hardships were many. The outback is a tough place where if you have no water you will die. It gets to 50C (112F) and never drops bellow 30C andit is a desert twice the size of texas and a place called the Nulabor Plains has no trees for 1000 miles!

Outback.jpg The Australian Outback image by lancedawesoutback-dirt-road.jpg outback australian road image by NYelta