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I'm running out of ideas for my blogs to I thought I'd start WW3 :P

By talking about politics in China. (Note the WW3 thing was a joke :P) and I lean towards capitalisimIjust hate hyporcacy. Unless it's really funny.

China is supposed to be a classless society structured upon communal ownership of the means of production or in basic terms every one owns every thing. But china has a government (dictatorship) called the CCP and they own the people (like slaves)with full control of the state, military, media making them ultra capitalists. After all they get all the money and power and the poor are a means to an end.

National Congress of the Communist Party of China makes them sound like there is some sharing going on but they all answer to General Secretary (President) Hu Jintao a guy who I'll admit has relaxed some of the laws that has bound China for 80+ years but still lives in riches while most of China have not been granted electricity.

Real Communism is a classless society with no government where decisions on what to produce and what policies to pursue are made collectively by every member of society given equal weight.

What do you think? Is China a Communist state or is it a Dictatorship with one Ultra-Capitalist controlling every thing?