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No Story Spoiler New Vegas Review!

Well some reviews around the world were less favorable towards Fallout New Vegas. I can tell you now beyond a Shadow of a doubt that this game is AWESOME! It does not feel like an expansion pack because you can feel the difference, in the sights and sounds, the way the people are separated by the different cultures that have sprung up over the US of A. Cesars Legion is definitely unique. Coming towards the NCR on their inevitable path for war and war, war never changes.... well it does! Because the controls have been refined for people who love FPS and if you are an RPG, RPS fan like me VATS is back. Tones of new weapons really give the game plenty of fun to try them out. From regular guns, to grenade launching chainguns! new armor and old in traditional Fallout One and Two styIe makes it a cIassic. New monsters, and beings abound adding new tactics to bring them down more apparent as you try to use what you learned F3.

As mentioned the characters are great and some old fav's have returned (though I am not saying whom). Voice acting is provided by great actors including Felicia Day she has been in 3 games and Buffy, John Doman from The Wire, Matthew Perry from Friends and The West Wing, Carson Wane Newton, Michael Dorn is from Mass Effect 2 Star Trek TNG and DS9 and played Worf, Rene Auberjonois was Odo in DS9, Kris Kristofferson singer and actor he stared with Mel Gibson in Payback, and Zachary Levi I admit this is the only one I have not heard of.

The music is fantastic but I was hoping for Elvis, and some early 1960's rock tracks. Fallout is supposed to have 1950's-60's values and vision of the future pushed to the year 2077 and then blasted to hell in a nuclear fire. So it stands to reason that we would get some early rock cs even if it is just "Rock Around The Clock". But this gripe is nothing worth putting a point against, it's just an observation.

The graphics are different but in the same quality of Fallout 3. You might think that sucks but we would be still waiting for New Vegas a year from now if they had changed to a new graphical engine.

Fallout: New VegasTop Three Rules of RPG Game Creation:

Gameplay comes first! Because there is no point in having graphical splendor with a game that handles like a three legged drunk race horse.

Story is important for a RPG or like this an RPS and unlike movies comes in at number two.

At three we have graphics graphics are important to convey emotions to the player through design and different color pallets and that has been done perfectly. Of course they are also there for you to see the world in which you inhabit. So if you need people to be able to read the numbers of golf balls in the rain or get an emotional response from gorgeous sunset vistas, then you need graphical power, though whats the point of another year in development if you need only to covey the rough barren wastes with fast action of pure terror when all hell breaks loose.

The game looks great with a new color pallet, red brown and blue. Science has proved that looking at grey gives your mind a signal that conveys a feeling of sadness, red gives a passionate response and blue brings about a cool relaxation. Fallout 3 was grey, very grey. New Vegas makes you feel different about the world and that makes sense to the hidden conspiracy laced into the story as to why Vegas was not Nuked during the war.

Fallout: New VegasFallout: New VegasFallout: New Vegas

There is a new hardcore setting apart from the main difficulty, that enables healing over time rather than instant healing, healing of crippled limbs requires a high medicine skill and medical equipment, Ammunition has weight (though not much), Requirement of water consumption to avoid dehydration and eventual death, and the requirement of food consumption and sleeping to avoid starvation and sleep deprivation.

On the 360 the game is pretty fast and if you install to the hard drive it's even faster.

Now it's not perfect. There are glitches. I have seen Deathclaws, and robots pass through walls. The game has paused several times but many hours apart.

Gameplay 10

Ambient Sounds 10

Acting 10

Music 10

Story 10

Graphics 8

Glitches 0.2-

Over all 9.7/10

Viva Las Vegas Baby!

Not a big blog because mom brought it at the store on her way over. Fallout New Vegas is out in Australia and I was able to sleep atnight for the 2nd time in five years so I'll be gaming all day!

The Collectors edition is NOT out and I couldn't wait so I told mom not to get it.

Oh about my spelling how it switches between American and Australian (mom and mum) is because I grew up with an American girl and I learned half from her. But I'm rambling because she isn't here yet and I am trying to keep busy. In regular styIe I have cleaned my TV, charged the batteries on my controller, set the timer (the X360 always seems to reset the timer), and make my bed. Now with nothing left I am writing this blog.


Nope I can't think of anything to say.

See you in the wastelands! :D

I'll try to post about New Vegas on the Hierarchy tonight when dad forces me to stop playing for useless stuff like food and air :P

Why Microsoft Why!

Falcon0084 (My live ID)vs Xbox Live round 4:

So I tried again. I tried to get onto XBLive for 4 hours! Using the ICS connection that only worked for me once. I tried it as an experiment one day before I even knew what an ICS connection was and it worked! That was around 56 months ago and I havn't been able to connect my 360 since.

In round 4 I tried the new sugestions on the xbox troubleshooting page and my PC froze! :x

Meet the USB Modem - Why cant they give us a patch that gives the 360 support?:

USB Modem

So if you can help me please do!

Hopefully ssoon I can put my clone in stasis

I'm at level five and if you have followed my other blogs I'm trying for level 6. Please make it be so. In the last 24 hoursI've comented on 90% of the new videos, I've rated 60+ games,I've posted over a hundred times on System Wars! taged a lotand more.

Fingers crossed.

The Vattican Just Cannonised The First Aussie Saint

^Above Saint Mary Mackillop 1869^

I'm not a Catholic but it's global News and she should be known because she was one heck of a great person. Now Canonisation involves making some one into a saint (the bible says all Christians are saints) but I learned today she was excommunicated from the catholic church for speaking out against an Irishpedo priest!!!

She was a remarkable woman who brought education to the outback (not the Stolen Generation that was after she died). Introducing schools for the poor. She turned down a massive grant of funds because she refused a man who wanted screens around his son so he couldn't see the poor. So she was funded by a Jewish guy because the church didn't want to pay for it.

It's impossible to write a biography in a blog because it's far to longand her hardships were many. The outback is a tough place where if you have no water you will die. It gets to 50C (112F) and never drops bellow 30C andit is a desert twice the size of texas and a place called the Nulabor Plains has no trees for 1000 miles!

Outback.jpg The Australian Outback image by lancedawesoutback-dirt-road.jpg outback australian road image by NYelta

I'm running out of ideas for my blogs to I thought I'd start WW3 :P

By talking about politics in China. (Note the WW3 thing was a joke :P) and I lean towards capitalisimIjust hate hyporcacy. Unless it's really funny.

China is supposed to be a classless society structured upon communal ownership of the means of production or in basic terms every one owns every thing. But china has a government (dictatorship) called the CCP and they own the people (like slaves)with full control of the state, military, media making them ultra capitalists. After all they get all the money and power and the poor are a means to an end.

National Congress of the Communist Party of China makes them sound like there is some sharing going on but they all answer to General Secretary (President) Hu Jintao a guy who I'll admit has relaxed some of the laws that has bound China for 80+ years but still lives in riches while most of China have not been granted electricity.

Real Communism is a classless society with no government where decisions on what to produce and what policies to pursue are made collectively by every member of society given equal weight.

What do you think? Is China a Communist state or is it a Dictatorship with one Ultra-Capitalist controlling every thing?

I'll know in 6 hours

The only problem is with the forums/unions glitching I hope I can enter my new union. I've Uploaded all the images for the union to my Hotmail account.I've written the first ten threads, made pic for them and made the sigs, the banner that looks really cool. I wrote the mandateand made a pic for the home page.

I hope to see you all there. Though matastig is the only one who reads this accounts blog.

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