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Five months later

After five months of what I would call objectively little information the console war continues with XB1 starting to pick up in sales and a number of relatively decent games coming out for both consoles. However besides Dragon Age: Inquisition, the new COD (not a fan but I see its value), and my continued love for the Dark Souls Franchise what have we really gained? I am hopeful personally for the first real set of properly financed and prepared games for the next-gen consoles coming in 2015. Fingers crossed in particular for games such as The Division, A New Mass Effect, Deep Down, KH3, Star Wars: Battlefront (one of my personal favorite series of all time) and possibly Star Citizen. Anyone with opinions on the rise of XB1 sales or maybe a game I have missed and should be paying attention too please comment and discuss.

Give me Fallout 4

Personally I want a Fallout 4 yes I realize it is one of the longest lasting IPs around, but frankly I still love the Fallout Franchise. Fallout 3 was my first and I still play it occasionally. Let us hit the Mid West and North. Go for Chicago, Minneapolis, or Detroit I would personally love a Fallout in the colder areas of the US. Portland would be a satisfying pacific northwest area. Personally this is one of my favorite series ever I even took the time to play older Fallout games. The blend of Survival, Adventure, Horror, Fantasy, and FPS is magical to me. I am a huge fan of the Bethesda studios and wonder what others think of them or a new Fallout?

Elitist Mentality

Apparently as a novice poster I have neither the required clout or ability to post in the area of the System Wars Forums. Fortunately I can counter this by posting to the System Wars Forum. I am interested in asking about how people feel about the new consoles since they haven't released many of their heavy hitter titles? Also if anyone has any advice on which console they prefer for any reason from controllers to specs?

As we reach six months

As the consoles begin to turn the half year mark is one really ahead one way or the other? Also which upcoming games are the going to be the ones that makes you sure you bought the right console? Personally I'm staked out for Destiny and KHIII.

Ever wonder

Ever wonder why we can't just agree that we all like video games? That somehow the things we like must be superior to others in some tiny way. Seriously as a early twenties gamer, I want to know why people think PC and Console people can't just get along in our mutual love of a good time.

Where is the Community headed?

Anyone really know? I mean how many people play video games now a huge number but why can't we seem to get along? Anyone have any thoughts on the future and in particular how or why d you think we are going to get there? Personally I only see the going in a positive direction with more and more people playing games.

A Worthy Successor

Dark Souls II a worthy successor to Dark Souls? after a good time milling about in the world I feel satisfied with both story and PVP now I ask do you feel the same or is this a game you haven't tried yet?

Thank you for your time.

Sincerely, Fake Mythology

Community Beginnings

I ask you my few followers what makes the gaming community what it is? I want to know opinions be they differing from my own is unimportant but what I want as a gamer is for people not to see us as losers locked away in our homes, but people who love a product to a similar or greater degree than Pro Sports. Any opinions should be respected on my blog and I ask that we refrain from insulting each other here and instead have rational discussion for that is the way forward.

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