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I started making a site :D !

Yep...that is the true reason why I haven't been around lately. I'm just moving onto dedicating myself to constructing a site either than hanging around here in the GameSpot community. I have handed over all my unions already so that is the first step into moving away from here.

The site will be game related so you can come visit us when the site is up and rest assured that I will post the link here! This is really exciting for me so I hope you understand why I won't be around here in the GameSpot community! Yet I will check on news and other issues in GameSpot as it is one of my favorite game sites...

Well good luck to you all and maybe, (just) maybe some day I'll be back to have a chat with you all. Goodbye to you all!


PS: The next blog post I will inform everybody of our site in detail and the link to the site will be posted too!

I'll be away for a while...

Got exams that are currently kicking my ass...and after that I'll be out on a well deserved one month and a half vacation out in my country (I'm currently living away from my country). Just got Fire Emblem...I'm going to add it to my collections, been playinf on the weekend. It seems as far as I have played like a hell of a good game. Well, this is my goodbye for 2005, enjoy your holidays everybody. Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. C'ya all in '06...and behave will 'ya :twisted:

Yet another new banner...

Well, I hope now people rate this baby:


To see the banner at its full glory , you can check it the top of my profile page or here. :D Hope you guys like it!! :wink: If you're reading this post please rate it from a scale from 1 to 10. eg 9/10 etc.

Taking requests...

Hey...I've just decided to post another blog entry in order to tell everybody officially that I'm taking sig, tags and banner requests! So contact me if you needin' some of these...If you want to see my work you can see the banner at the top and check the profile banner I made for BigBoss712 lately.

Check out the link here:

UPDATE: For now as I'm very busy I will not be taking any more requests...either than the ones I've agreed to have been doing now. Thanks for your comprehension!

New profile banner...

Hey I had some spare time so I managed to hook myself up with some Photshop and now I've made this...banner. Who likes it? If you reading this blog post, please comment on my banner, I'm always cool to accept feedback! Oh yeah...forgot to tell y'all that I'm now taking banner, sig and tag requests, so if you needing some contact me. When you contact me tell me what you want on it (and give me some URL of pics preferably) and I'll make you a banner, sig or tag...

Square-Enix Style Union...

My newest union, the Square-Enix Style Union...You maybe know me from the Survival Horror Union which I founded and left paranoiasurviva in charge after realising I could make a union for a wider range of people. That was how the Square-Enix Stlye Union was thought up. The competition are currently not doing very well and I think it was time for a union that would provide Square-Enix fans a place to chat, talk and find out about their favourite Square-Enix games.

Now after some various technical difficulties with our "Union Articles" and boards we are finally operating at 90%. Why 90%? Why not 100%? Well, GameSpot are still getting rid of their redesign bugs which are haunting all our fellow unions. The union is now doing well and we've recruited quite a lot of people and we are on way of getting more to join our legions of Square-Enix fans. The boards have also been updated and are ready to handle 1000s of topics till they become a infinite. We ARE doing the best for the union and we are on way to becoming the no.1 GameSpot Square-Enix union.

Want to be part of this humble yet steadily growing community. Join now...Join us now and be part of the growth  of this yet to come Great Union.

Resident Evil 4 (PS2)!

What am I to think of this title? Well for starters I didn't like the idea of it coming to the PS2 as I am more of Nintendo fan. And what truly displeased me the most was that I had bought the GameCube version to find out that the PS2 one was coming with exclusive features. Now that anger and rage of having the crappier version is over but I'm still sad that I won't play these exclusive features like I'd want to.
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