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wow.. life...complete with pics!

so much has been going on in my life lately that it iis crazy. i was just sitting here and thought wow i really miss all of my friends on gs i wonder whats been up with them. its just with everything that has been going on, all the changes and challeneges i have faced, i kind of lost contact with this and i am so sorry......

What have i been doing you ask? WELL its that time of my life, senior year. i am getting ready to head off to college next fall and just trying to make it out of high school with my sanity in tack. if you didnt know i was accepted to the university of michigan- ann arbor (if you dont know them then google that beast, they are pretty cool) and i look forward to going there with every bit of my heart. i will be doing pre-med studies as a full time student and working full time at the local buckle (ill be getting transfered woo). I have also gone to number of concerts recently: the academy is, all time low, cobra starship and i have the AP and honda civic tour tickets bought and ready to go. I have been truly enjoying music lately lol. hmmm anything else...

what do i want to do... well i have a couple of breaks coming up and i plan to come back here and catch up. i can't promise anything, but you can always talk to me on aim (indiechick357) too. im almost always on there. i would also like to pick up bleach again. i havent had much time for it or tv in general and i would love to catch up/finish it and hopefully work on an amv (mike has made me jealous with all the amazing ones he has produced). So once again any good plcae to get some bleach episodes? idk maybe i wont, i just have som many good songs that i want to share with outhers and i think amvs are a great way to do so.

well anyway here are some pics of what i have been doing too :D

homecoming oh eight!


18th birthday!

i met ben jorgensen of AFS AGAIN

most recent pic...


i have been trying to make a Bleach amv but i cant find a place to download the clips... anyone have any ideas? i have like 3 songs ai want to use at this point and im all pumped about it. i even wrote out a time line i just need the clips... any suggestions would be great;y appreciated.

oh and i just got my hair cut agian..i went blond-er. here is a pic:

yeah the pic s kinda corny but whtever, i can deal w/ it. well ttyl


DDR- my love....

so over the past couple of months i have been playing DDR supernova so much. i think i am in love. it is so much fun. i have ddr parties and i even brought it to school for the last two weeks and converted so ppl. lol. anyway it is such an awesome game and a fun intestment... i think everyone should play!

my next investment is going to be guitar hero (once i have the money) i have been spending like a crazy person lately and i need to stop esp w/ all the concerts i need to buy tickets for :)

wow i haven't been on here in awhile.....

my life has been so crazy and busy lately. i started a new job and i am trying to do well and it is taking a lot of work. I also just finished up my AP exams a couple weeks ago and now im just trying to catch up everywhere. I miss everyone so much and just wish i could say that i'll be on more, but i can't. Between work, hanging out with friends, concerts and everything going on, i probably won't be on very much still, i'm sry. If you want to talk though i am on aim sometimes. my s/n is Indiechick357... it usually says i'm away but feel free to leave a message or something, i'm usually talking to some friends or something or reading outside.

So anyway a couple weeks ago iwent to another concert. It was Hellogoodbye, The Rocket Summer, and Boys Like Girls. it was really fun and we had awesome seats. well thats all for now


another video...


i have had a lot of down time lately so i made another amv, there is a little mistake in it, but i didnt feel like fixing it...

new video!!!


Hope you all enjoy it, it has some problems, but i was starting to get bored of the sng and that made me sad...

Taking Back Sunday concert- The best day of life (so far)

so i finally went to my first concert. It was amazing! it was at the EMU covocation center and it had Armor for Sleep, Underoath (scary) and Taking Back Sunday. It was so cool. after Armor for sleep rocked out (if you don't know who they are then check them out they rock) they went and signed stuff and took pics it was so cool. i was totally star struck but thats ok b/c it was still perfect. Then once we got back to our seats TBS performed and they were even better than i could have ever imagined. They put on a fantastic show, you should really see them live if you even like them a little bit. I had so much fun and now i just want to go to more and more. here are some pics from the night:

 Driving there!

There the count down begins!

 Ben and I!!! (im not a gaint, he is just short)

none of the pics of their performances turned out very well in the dark and i cant get the video clip to load.