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Another update

Hello there. Gamespot is still glitchy as all hell. Nothing new there then.

Right now I've been on and off Gamespot, simply because I'm losing interest, and fast. Probably won't leave yet though, might consider it during 2017, who knows. Anyway, that's not the main focus here. I'm here to explain to you all that reviews will be coming in a lot more frequently now. Expect N64 reviews from now on, among the usual stuff. Before I wrap this whole thing up, I'm unable to delete some of my old (and much worse) reviews due to a crippling bug that I'm experiencing. Nothing major, but seriously my old reviews are garbage. Anyway, that's pretty much it. Debating on whether I should leave or not, cannot decide at this point of time. Until next time everyone.

Blog update

Well, I'm back again, probably for the eighth time since I've been on Gamespot. You can probably figure out why now, I've been dropping hints ever since I joined. The main reason I was inactive for two months was because of how glitchy this site is. I hate to admit it, but it's buggy as sin. Comment sections failing to load (even when I have a good connection), issues with the forever changing layout that prevents me from doing things such as posting blogs to visiting the aforementioned comments section. Even the video player is screwed.

The other reason is because of how bored I was. Over time, Gamespot slowly infects not only your laptop, but your patience too. There have been countless times where I would try and post a review, but lose interest half way into it. It's a miracle that I've made so many. This has happened to me and my friends far too many times to keep track of. It's starting to get old now. Also, can Gamespot stop updating the cosmetic aspects of the site and focus on fixing actual bugs?

Anyway, that's about it really. I'll be active again for many weeks now. More reviews are on the way as usual, unless some crippling error decides to delete my work and kick me back to the last page I visited. Well, thanks for reading and I'll see you soon.

Lost in Boletaria

Ok, recently I've been playing Demon's Souls. Despite being a few years old now, it still looks impressive. However, because this is my first ever Souls game, it's brutal in difficulty. So hard, in fact, that I have no idea where to go. I've killed Phalanx, the first boss of the game, but I'm stumped as to where I'm supposed to go next. I've done a bit of grinding in the Stone fang tunnels, but I stopped going there because I simply couldn't continue. Why? Well, I looked through the gap where the fog is, and saw a huge spider. Now, I've done some research about this game, and apparently the spider is one of the hardest bosses in the entire game. So to have a relatively easy area end with a hard as nails boss is confusing to say the least.

I tried venturing through the Shrine of Storms, but about five minutes in I was slain by a huge demon in two hits while being sniped by a dragon. I went to the Valley of Defilement but I kept falling off the edges of the platforms and I eventually got ganged up on by a group of rats, which drained my life bar at a rapid pace. After wandering through the Boletarian palace for the first time, I tried taking on the Tower Knight, but that ended quickly. All I want to know is, where do I go right now and what level is recommended for each fight? I'm currently level 19 and I'm struggling quite a bit. What is my next step?

Also, I'd just like to say that I am loving this game and I won't give up on it, no matter how difficult it becomes. I'm willing to soldier on.

EDIT: Many months have passed since I made this blog, and during that time I've killed Dirty Colossus, Flame lurker and Dragon god. I didn't summon in any of the fights, and I defeated them without dying all that often (died twice to Flame lurker, once to Dragon god and no deaths at all against Dirty Colossus). I'd like to thank anybody who responded to this blog, you've helped me a lot.

Rainbow Six Vegas: 2 online

If you don't know already, I love RSV2. One of the best first person shooters I've ever played, no doubt. Apart from the thrilling, but short, single player campaign, it also has online. Unlike most games, the online is almost perfect. Why almost? Well, there are two reasons for this. Firstly, there are quite a few glitches here and there which can ruin the experience, but the next reason is the worst offender. Not many people play it anymore!

Honestly, I don't expect any one to, due to the fact that the game is almost eight years old. Plus the likes of Battlefield and COD dominate the online portions of FPS games nowadays anyway. If you're able to find a match, however, do play it! Like I mentioned before, it's really good. While there are some annoyances like spawn killing players and hackers, it's still worth experiencing.

So if you want some good tactical multiplayer action online, check out RSV2. I'm currently playing it on PS3, even though the copy I reviewed was on Xbox 360.

PS3 reviews are coming!

I never though that this blog would ever exist, but there you go. Reviews for the PlayStation 3 will be arriving very soon, so expect to see some well known games appear on my review list. I'll be covering exclusives, old classics, HD remakes, hidden gems and much more. There is no exact date, but I should be reviewing some PS3 games later this month for sure. After playing on the Super Slim model, I can say that it is one of the best consoles I have ever owned, no doubt about it.

So, I'll see you all when the reviews come out. Greatness awaits...

I'm new to Dark Souls, what should I expect?

Now that I have completed Lords of the Fallen, I think it's time to move on to Dark Souls. LotF has taught me the gist of the genre, so I have the basics covered, but I'm wondering about any of the Dark Souls mechanics that weren't present in LotF.

First of all, Dark Souls is a lot longer. There's more to see and do, making it even more of an epic adventure. What should I expect when it comes to the side quests? Are they the generic fetch quests or do they offer more diversity?

How do the weapons handle? I've heard people say that LotF isn't similar to Dark Souls, maybe they aren't so sluggish?

And finally, is it more complex? It only took me a few minutes to get the hang of LotF, but I've seen footage of Dark Souls and it looks like it's harder to understand.

Any advice is appreciated, feel free to mention things about DS that I didn't.

Console reviews

It's time to turn things up a notch. From now on, every couple of weeks I will post a review of a console that I own. Why am I doing this? Well, after reviewing more than a few games, why not review the system that they are available on? It makes sense, and since I own more than just one, it would fit in nicely. Feel free to leave any suggestions as to what console I should review, and what new feature I should add to the table. I'll see you in the reviews.

The title doesn't lie
The title doesn't lie

My five least favourite enemies

After creating a list about my least favourite bosses, I think it's appropriate to tell you about the enemies that I truly hate the most. Once again I'm limiting my entries down to five because we would be here for a long time if I told you about every single one. Remember, these are only from games that I have played and this entire list is my opinion. If you disagree, then keep your comments civil, or make a list of your own. Let's get into things.

Number 5: Knights (Styx: Master of Shadows)

No Caption Provided

If you've played this game, you know exactly what I'm talking about. The Knights are, to be polite, bothersome. They walk around in full armour, which renders your weaponry useless, since nothing can penetrate it. If one manages to catch you, you'll die instantly, and that's bad on it's own, but they usually hang around in groups. They aren't completely invincible, as they can succumb to poisoned water. You can even drop a chandelier onto them, killing them in seconds. At first they seem like the most evil idea to ever make it into a game, but after learning their methods, you'll be able to shrink them down to size. Just be patient around them. At first I was planning on adding the Roabies instead, but the Knights are more common and it's a lot harder to actually kill them.

Number 4: Grineer Bombards (Warframe)

No Caption Provided

Who thought it was a good idea to add some stupidly cheap enemies that rip you into shreds with heat seeking missiles from miles away? The Grineer Bombards are easily the worst out of the Grineer enemies. Sure, the Hellions and the Scorpions are fiendish, but they're worthless compared to heavy armoured freaks that have vast health bars. When I first clocked onto one of them, I didn't imagine them to be that difficult. Most Grineer soldiers are puny, but these hunks are something else entirely. They make for some unpleasant moments while playing. I highly recommend fighting Bombards in a group or with decent weapons if you're alone, as they are almost invulnerable to all of your attacks depending on how high your level is. To make matters worse, you can usually find two or three of them at a time, doubling or even tripling the insanity. If you're a new player, stay well away from these powerhouses.

Number 3: Iron Knuckles (Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)

No Caption Provided

ReDeads and Wallmasters aside, Iron Knuckles don't play nice. Although they're slow as molasses, they deal a whopping amount of damage. They made their first appearance in The Adventure of Link, but Ocarina of Time is what they're known for. Make sure to carry some bottled fairies when going up against them, their axes aren't for decoration. To prove how deadly these brutes really are, they deal four hearts in the normal quest, and a grand total of eight hearts in Master Quest. No wonder people dread fighting them. You can't even block their strikes, you'll need to run or roll to safety when they start swinging. There isn't a single enemy in the game that can match the ability of an Iron Knuckle, and none of them can strike as much fear as one. The only saving grace is that you fight them late in the game, during the Spirit Temple and Gannon's Castle. On Master Quest, however, they appear as early as the Fire Temple. You've been warned.

Number 2: Wither Skeletons (Minecraft)

No Caption Provided

Creepers may be able to sneak up behind you and proceed to combust into a pile of ashes, but during an actual fight with one, they're weak as anything. Wither Skeletons, on the other hand, are a handful. Perhaps the strongest enemy in the whole game, Wither Skeletons have a lot of health and will drain yours whenever they can land a hit. This is because they inflict wither, which is similar to fire and poison. They enjoy traveling in packs of up to three or four, allowing for some truly frustrating battles. Firing arrows at them is an absolute must. To make things easier, get some friends to aid you, as fighting them all by yourself is hardly fun. Thankfully, they only reside in the Nether, so at least that's some good news for inexperienced players. Still, they put up a good challenge for anybody daring enough to square off with one.

Number 1: Police Officers (DC Universe Online)

No Caption Provided

The funny thing is, police officers aren't even tough. In fact, they have no real strengths at all. They were merely designed to annoy the ever loving crap out of you. They shoot on sight whenever you cross their line of vision, and then they die not long after. Whenever you need to make your way through Gotham or Metropolis to a mission, these pests fire at you relentlessly depending on what your alignment is. They stop you from doing what you want by getting in your way time and time again. They are similar to Grunts from the Halo series, they will pretend to know what they're doing, but as soon as you attack them, they cower before you. It's difficult to explain just how infuriating they are, you'll need to see them in order to get a full understanding on what I'm talking about. To put things bluntly, every single cop in the game is a nuisance, a pain in the neck, a waste of time.

Well, that wraps up my list for now. If you liked it, I'd like to see your opinion on the matter, or maybe some suggestions for future lists. Thanks for viewing.

Lords of the Fallen: More than just a Souls clone

I've been playing some Lords of the Fallen recently on my PS4, and I'm loving it. I can't seem to understand the hate for it though. Sure, it has it's fair share of glitches and it is apparently easier than Dark Souls but it's still a solid game. It does borrow more than a few things from that franchise, but they've been refined, so new players (like myself) can get to grips with it all.

No Caption Provided

Now I'm not going to spoil much or say anything about the pros or cons, because I'm planning to review this game sometime in 2016, if my laptop will get it's act together. With that being said, I'll only going to talk about the first few minutes of gameplay. The game thrusts you straight into the deep end if you're not familiar with the DS games, so you might be a bit lost, but not for too long. During loading screens, tips will appear, explaining specific things and explaining things that you probably didn't know already. You can also collect loot from fallen enemies, which can be handy. You'll get things such as weapons, sealed runes, quest items and miscellaneous items. Sealed runes may look useless at first, but trust me, they will have a purpose later on. It can feel overwhelming at first, because you'll encounter the first boss of the game in only a couple of minutes, which caught me off guard. Happily, I was able to defeat him in two attempts. After this fight, the game teaches you how to bank your XP and level up, allowing you to spend spell and attribute points to upgrade your stats. Once you've learned all that, it's time to prove your worth out of the tutorial area.

No Caption Provided

After descending a flight of stairs, you'll eventually venture outside into the freezing cold weather. Snow lies on the ground, flakes drop from the sky, and enemies wait to feast on your fresh blood. You'll notice how meaty the combat is by now. It feels heavy and realistic. Since you carry a lot of heavy equipment during the start of the game (depending on what class you selected), you're movement will be slow to start off with. Rolling out of the way of an attack will take some getting used to, and you're stamina will deplete very quickly. Fortunately, you have spells and special attacks called gauntlets to help you in battle. Spells range from clones of yourself to fool enemies and to help you escape when your health is low to ramming into people from a distance. Gauntlets, on the other hand, play a different role. You can use them to perform ranged attacks if you can't afford to get close to your foe. To get the edge between you and your enemies, you'll need to mix up your play styles. Go in for melee attacks and back away when you need to, and wait for openings during an attack pattern, etc...

No Caption Provided

If you're into RPGs, you should consider buying this game. It has many things to keep you occupied. Some people tend to give up once they reach the second boss (due to the difficulty) but honestly, it's worth playing through. Killing your enemies and reaping the rewards never goes stale. Get this game if you haven't already, but prepare for a few rough edges, as it's not going to be easy.

My five least favourite bosses

I love boss encounters. They test the skills that you have learned throughout the course of the game. They are also epic as hell for the most part. Not all of them can be good though, as you'll see below. This is my list of the top five bosses that I hate the very most. I'm limiting it to five because there are loads of bosses that I dislike, so it would take a long time to explain each one in detail. Remember, this is my opinion. Just because I don't like a particular thing about something doesn't mean you will or anybody else will. If you like these fights, good for you, that's fine. Anyway, on with the list.

Number 5: Demid Panfilov (Infinite Space)

No Caption Provided

Never have I experienced a harder first boss than this guy. Demid Panfilov is an evil tyrant preventing space travel outside of Ropesk's boundaries. He doesn't mess around. Not at all. His attacks consist of powerful bursts of energy that will most likely destroy any of your ships within minutes. He also has a large amount of health, which means you'll need to hammer away at him for a short while until it depletes to a sufficient level. He often lands a cheap critical hit that just decimates your ship, and all you can do is watch. Beating him takes more luck than skill to be frank, but if you know what's coming, he becomes easier. The first time you meet with him won't be a fair fight though.

Number 4: Alec Trevelyan (Goldeneye 007, Wii version)

No Caption Provided

If you thought fighting him in the N64 version was a nightmare, try fighting him on the Wii remake. Things won't go down well. During the Nigerian solar plant level, as you're making your way across the hellish cradle, you'll exchange blows with your old friend Alec. You fight him via the power of quick time events. This is easy enough, but the challenge kicks in when you need to hide behind cover and shoot him and his soldiers. You'll die more than a few times. There's barely anything to hide behind, your health goes down quickly, you'll run out of ammunition countless amounts of times and Alec soaks up damage like a sponge. Once this section is over, you'll go back to the quick time events, and you'll be relieved when this happens. I did all of this on one of the easier difficulty settings, so imagine the torture on the harder ones. Protecting Natalya while she hacks the consoles was nail biting, but this just tops it in every possible way.

Number 3: Black Garden Statues (Destiny)

No Caption Provided

While the previous bosses are on the list for presenting a hefty challenge, this is here because of how bland and unoriginal it is. You arrive at the Black Garden, hoping for an epic battle to end the vanilla game's campaign. You've killed a ton of goons just to get here, you want it to be worth the effort. It's the complete opposite. You fight three statues that the heart of darkness brings life to. Problem is, they're have the same attacks, the same weakness and the same AI pattern. You just plow through it with your weapons, just like the other bosses in the game. The fight is made even worse by adding stupid goblins and Vex lifeforms. They serve no real purpose, they just annoy you more than anything, no point in wasting bullets on them. After slaying each statue, you're rewarded with a lousy ending and a worthless gun for your efforts. Shameful.

Number 2: Omega Pirate (Metroid Prime)

No Caption Provided

I don't understand why people like this guy. He is usually praised as one of the best bosses in the game, as well as the entire trilogy. I think otherwise. Once you reach the end of the godforsaken Phazon Mines, you just want everything to be over as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, you have to deal with this lumbering oaf. He has two attacks. Predictable shockwaves and predictable claw swipes. To beat him, you need to shoot off the armour that is on his body. Once you've destroyed it all, he turns invisible so he can restore it. He then summons a few pesky Space Pirates to play with you while he hides like a girl. Then you need to use your x-ray visor to locate him, then blast him with your cannon. Repeat this twice to finish him off. Not only is it boring, but it's so repetitive in it's design. It's like there was no thought put into him. The hardest part is when he sends out his Space Pirates. They deal a ridiculous amount of damage, and they take a long time to kill. I'm so glad I never have to fight this idiot again.

Number 1: Tyrantula (Dragon Quest IX)

No Caption Provided

Horrible. Just horrible. This is an unpleasant surprise for anybody who is unaware of this boss. The bosses near the end of the game are a lot less hassle, which is really saying something. Tyrantula doesn't have time to waste. She fires venomissles at you and your party, which hurt a lot and have a chance of poisoning you. She can use a web so that one of your characters can miss a turn, and she just loves sending out wind sickles that damage your whole party. The worst thing? Her critical hit chance, it's just insane. From out of nowhere, she can kill you before you can react, and once that happens, it makes everything unfair as she can punish the rest of your party members not long after. Because the fight isn't even that late in the game (about 15-20 hours in), you have some weak stats, especially compared to her ones. If you don't equip yourself with the right items and weapons, you'll go down without much of a fight. It took me absolutely ages to defeat her, and it's obvious why. Sure, the last few bosses you face off with at the end of the game are a lot harder, but by then you have a huge arsenal of weapons at your disposal, a healthy selection of spells and abilities, and a high level to boot.

Well, that's my list just about done. I'll be making another bosses list sometime in 2016, which will include some easy bosses as well as some fun ones too. If you have any suggestions as to what bosses you despise, comment down below. Thanks for viewing.

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