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My thoughts on The Social Network

I'm keeping this brief because I am pretty tired. So I just got back from the movie theater where I saw The Social Network with my girlfriend, and it is definitely one of, it not the, greatest movies I have seen this year. I hate saying things like this but it might possibly be the best movie I have seen in years.

No, it is not an insanely deep plot line that requires multiple views to wrap your brain around, no there is no twist in the middle of the movie that changes EVERYTHING, and no not a single explosion or gunshot was shown the entire movie. This is a very real (if somewhat over dramatic) movie that is simplyintriguingto watch from start to end. The script is incredible strong and the acting backs it up better than I expected, even good ol' Justin Timberlake plays his part very well.

There wasn't ever a time where I had to check my phone to see what time it was to I could calculate how much time was left before the movie was over. I was absolutely engulfed for the entire 2 hours. The movie never felt fluffed up to add an extra minute or two and I definitely never felt like things were rushed; it was simply a perfect pace throughout the whole movie.

Is this a movie that I feel I must see twice within the same week like I did Inception, no not really. In fact I feel like I can wait to pick it up on dvd before a second view, but I don't feel like it's a movie where you need to see it again right away. The movie does it's job extremely well in one viewing, it's simplicity makes sure the viewer never misses anything while still providing a story that's easy to talk about after the credits roll. If you have doubts just forget about them and see this movie! You won't regret it.

Also P.S. to all those people rolling their eyes saying "wow really a movie about Facebook", would you kindly quit your complaining and go see the movie to see just how wrong you are?

Thought on Passion Pit / Muse Concert

So last night I experienced the best concert I've yet to attend in my life. Muse is tied with radiohead as my favorite band of all time (yes seriously) and last nights concert didn't disappoint!

Now I must put this out here, MORE PEOPLE NEED TO LISTEN TO PASSION PIT! They are a seriously amazing and talented group, and watching not even a single person on the GA floor jump up and down during any of their songs absolutely broke my heart, and the most applause they got was when they mentioned Muse :( I really hope this changes, as they are a phenomenal group, which is why I was going to this concert to see muse AND passion pit, not just muse and a stop at the merch shop beforehand.

Now onto Muse. Good God they put on a spectacular show! I can't even begin to put into words just how magical it was. They simply sound perfect live (if you enjoy Muse that is lol ;) ) Seeing them live has been a goal of mine since I started listening to them back in the showbiz days, and last night didn't have any signs of disappointments during their hour and a half performance with one of the most energetic encores I have ever witnessed!

Will I jump at the chance to see them again? Yes, without a single doubt in my mind. If you have even the slightest interest in the band, GO SEE THEM! Also go listen to more Passion Pit while you're at it :P

My thoughts on Up....

Howdy everyone, been a while since I've done one of these. I just returned from the seeing Pixar's Up (yeah late I know) and I can honestly say it is by far my most favorite Pixar movie (yes even beating Wall-e) Period.

I will keep this completely spoiler free, but I want to share some feelings on why I love this movie so much. The main reason is the characters. Never in a Pixar movie have I felt so connected to the characters, in fact, I have never felt this connected in any movie. It seems impossible to fall genuinley in love with Carl Fredricksen and little Russell.

God was this movie emotional, I would say the first 15 minutes or so are perfect, there is nothing about the scenes that could be done better. By the end of that first 15 minutes i was in absolute tears. Nothing has ever hit me as hard as this movie did multiple times. The music just adds to this. I am currently listening to the soundtrack and I am starting to get watery eyed from the pure beauty of the music and how well it portrays every emotion I felt during the movie. In my opinion, this is Michael Giacchino's best soundtrack yet, and that is definitely saying something.

I was skepticle of this movie when the first trailer came about, I wasn't sure I would ever see another Pixar movie as satisying as Wall-e, I'm glad my concerns were put to rest. Is this movie perfect? No. Is it a classic in my eyes that I will watch more times than I will probably be able to count? You bet. I could go on and on about it, but words can't describe the greatness I witnessed in the movie theatre tonight. It's interesting to see Pixar's movies evolve. Maybe evolve isn't the right word. Maybe I just enjoy the different ways Pixar does each movie. I will recommend this movie to anyone without even the slightest hesitation.

P.S. The short film "Partly Cloudy" is genious too.

I was almost brought to tears last night.

For the last 3 years I have been in love with DCI (Drum Corps International). Every year I have either watched finals on TV or actually went to finals. Every year there is a band that blows me away, but this year was different. Not only was I blown away, one show practically brought me to tears.

It was Phantom Regiment, their show was, simple put, beautiful. The shows name was Sparticus, and it was the most moving collection of music and visual art that I have ever had the gift of watching and listening to.


The link that I posted is from Phantom Regiment's performance last night. It doesn't matter if you don't know what DCI is, you should watch the link, and make sure it is in high quality so you can really appreciate the sound of it.

Congrats Phantom, you deserved first place!

What is it about System Wars.......

....that makes me keep going back to it? I really don't get it. Every day, I go onto system wars, and 5 minutes later I have to go to a different forum because of just how ignorant the majority of people are on there. There is something addictive about it. Maybe I just like to see people be wrong, or just be plain stupid.

The reason I can't stand the forum is because you can't be right....ever. You have to abondon all logic before posting, or you will end up getting flamed, but like I say, for some reason I keep going back. Does anyone know why I am so addicted?

It's SOO hot outside!!!

So today was the first day of the year that we hit 100 degrees here in Fresno. God, I can't stand it, I hate the summer. It's all about winter for me. But hey, thats what I get for living in a desert :cry:

Also I got back into CoD4 and all I can say is that I'm glad I didn't overplay it like some of my friends, because even though its been out for half a year, I still find it really fun.

Ugh I'm starting to feel like crap :(

So a couple of hours ago I noticed my chest felt a bit sore....now I'm sitting at my computer rubbing my warm forehead and sore sinuses and each time I cough I feel like someone is kicking me in the chest....this is really gonna suck if I'm sick. It's spring break and I have a LOT of plans. Oh well, guess it's time to chug some Nyquil (sp?) and get some sleep....zzzzzz

My story of de-fanboy-izing (?)

So I've had a PS3 in my house for about a month and I realized something today as I was reading about MGS4 and dual shock 3, for the first time ever I was genuinley excited about news for the PS3. Up until about Christmas last year, I was a complete and total MS fanboy (xbot, lemming, whatever you want to call it). Then, after Christmas I built my first serious gaming computer, and after a week or so I noticed I was almost never playing my 360 anymore. It was kind of odd.

Then my brother got the PS3, at first I wondered why he would waste $400, but then I played Uncharted for a while. After playing it for a couple days I realized something, I wasn't hating it, or even slightly disliking it. I was actually loving it. I was no longer a 360 fanboy. I think I've kind of figured something out. Fanboys are the kind of people that say "I spent my money on this system, therfore it must be the best system". Now I'm not saying that everyone thinks this way, I'm just saying it's something to think about.

Picked up Yakuza yesterday.....and am also loving the PS3...

So yesterday I was looking through the used game shelves at Blockbuster and I cam across Yakuza. I remembered hearing Garnett Lee from 1up Yours highly recommending it and it was only 5 bucks, so I bought it. Let me tell you, it was one of the best 5 bucks I have ever spent. Everything about this game just appeals to me. The only problem I have is the fighting is a bit iffy, but this hardly retracts from the game for me. If this game was on your radar a couple years back but you never got around to picking it up, do so now. You wont regrett it.

Oh and my brother also picked up a PS3 over the weekend and I bought Resistance to try out...so if anyone out there feels like playing some Resistance, add Evz0rz to your friends

Currently Playing: Yakuza, Uncharted, Resistance, Crysis (again)

Currently Listening To: Radiohead, Muse, Maynard Ferguson

Halo 3: Underrated or Understood?

So I was looking through the d.i.c.e. awards and it was weird (not surprising) to see that Halo 3 was not picked for overall or even console game of the year. I think this could be for either two reasons. either a) it was burried beneath many high quality games during the fall releases or b) people relised that its just more than the same and thats not what people wanted.

Now I find option A kind of hard to be true seeing that Halo 3 sold millions of copies and many people think of the halo series as THE shooters for console. Option B on the other hand could be a very viable answer because really, Halo 3 did nothing new. Now, I'm not saying this is a bad thing, Bungie gave us what we asked for....Halo. I'm not really that surprised at all, there are just so many other games out that are different in a good way. I dont want to say fresh because my favorite games of this fall were either sequels or they felt like something before it. I feel like I am rambling though and not making any sense so I will stop here. Oh and please, dont call me a Halo hater. It is still one of my favorite shooters around, and it sure did deliver, just not in originality. But once again, I never asked for originality in Halo 3. I'm not trying to piss anyone off, just getting something off my chest.

Oh and I guess I'll give out my opinions on some awards

Overall GOTY: Mass Effect

Best PC Game: Crysis

Best 360 Game: Mass Effect

Best Story: Bioshock

Best Shooter: CoD4

Best Multiplayer: tie between Halo3/CoD4

Most Original: Orange Box: Portal

Best Value: Orange Box

Best Music: Bioshock (I still listen to the soundtrack)

I would have picked Bioshock as my GOTY but to be honest, after playing through it once I felt done with it. There was really no reason to go back through again. Mass Effect on the other hand, has great replay value. I'm halfway through on my second playthrough and using a different class can totally change how a battle plays out. I will definatley play Bioshock through again though in a year or two. Okay......now I'm done for real

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