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EvilTaylor Blog

I Have Returned

Well guys if there are still peole out there checking my profile, I have returned from a long lay off. The reason I've been not able to post is because I've been in the hostpital undergoing surgery on a cist that I had in my groin area, and let me tell you it was painful. But no matter I am back, and I hope to do a video blog tomorrow about what Ive been playing and whats been going on in my life. So I hope to see you guys tomorrow.

Peace Out!!!

Still No Various Things?

Well guys, I'm still unable to post a video blog of the episode various things, because apparently my labtop is so screwed up that the damn kwic interanet people where I live have no idea wut the problem is so they have to send it to brandfort, which is about 45 mins from where I live and it could take up to next wednesday or thursday before I get it back. And if thats the case than I guess I'm going to have to wait until next weekend to get a video up. Anyways, I've just been on my sisters computer a bit tonight enough to see a couple video blogs and type this blog and check out whats been going on. So anyways hopefully I'll get my labtop back soon, and hope to do a video blog, once again real srry.

Peace Out!!!

No Various Things?

Well I wanted to do, an episode of various things this weekend. But for some reason my computer is being a D-Bag and won't work, it's so bad that when I turn it on it won't even run the desktop. It must have some kinda virus or something, it's in getting fix today, and I don't know when I'll get it back. I'm typing this blog from a computer at the library, since I was there doing some other stuff I decided just to give you guys a quick update as too why various things episode 3 isn't up, anyways thats about it, and I will try to get an episode up ASAP.

Peace Out!!!

Various Things Episode 2-The Tour

Hey guys, here`s the cod installment of Various Things, sorry about th length I didn`t think it was going to be that long, oh well, I guess. Anyways, leave some questions for next weeks episode of Various Things.

Part 1


Part 2


Anticipated Games of 2008(Video)

So here's my video blog of my top ten most anticipated games of 2008, had to split it into two parts, bacause I don't have a gamespot membership. Hope you guys enjoy it and let me know what you think about them.

Part 1


Part 2


Various Things 1(Video Blog)

Here it is, as promised Various Things episode 1, Hope you like the intro, and don't worry about the part that says episode 14, in the intro, for some reason it wont let me get rid of it. It is episode 1, leave comments and let me know what you think.[video=JXJmlDXw5bwLsjPf]

I'm Back for Good!!!!(With a new Intro)

Alright, gamespot I'm back yet again, and this time I'm staying. Unlike all the other times that I said I was, and didn't this time I mean it, because I am putting a 100% into everything. And that includes, this intro that I have done, for my video blog posts that are going to be happening every weekend. I will be using the same name Various Things, as I did before, as you can see in my video that it says, various thing episode 14, uh oh I forgot, I'm off to a bad start, lol. But since my Various Things blogs were all written I've decided to start over again, and start from scratch. Also, I know that I'm a week late but I would like to congratulate NeoJedi for making it too number 100 video bogs. And hopefully someday if I keep up what I say I'm going to do I might reach there one day. So check out my intro and hopefully, you'll check out my blog tommorrow.


Gamer Update

It's been a while since I gave you my games that I would like to beat in 2008, and I just wanted to give you a little update as for how close I am to beating the game. In Mike Tyson's Punch Out, I just beat Bald Bull and am now at the World Circuit, I've actualy been playing this game quite a bit. As for the other games the only other game that I've played is Legend of Dragoon, which I just beat the first disk. So thats about it for me, in terms of gaming, I am looking forward to getting either Halo 3 or Call of Duty 4, not to sure which one I want to get yet, I also will be getting online soon and thats the min reason I want to get one of these games to play online with people.

Games that I want to beat in 2008

I've seen alot of people writing blogs about the games that they've cmpleted in 2008, but I haven't seen many that write about the games that they wanna beat in 2008. So I decided to do a text blog about the 5games that I, already own andwould like to beat in 2008.

5)Final Fantasy XII (PS2)

4)Chrono Trigger (PS)

3)Legend of Dragoon (PS)

2)Duke Nukem (PC)

1)Mike Tyson's Punch Out (NES)

Wish me Luck

These are the games that I own, that I haven't beaten. Mainly the reason that I haven't beat them is beacuse I either give up because it drives me insane, (Punch Out), or because I always get drawn away to another game, especially, God of War and God of War and the crazy year in gaming that 2007 had, but hopefully this year with no good games coming out for a bit I can hopefully sit back and try and beat these games. So wish me luck.

Peace Out!!!

Thinking about getting a Wii

So while I was at my cousins the other day. I noticed that he had a Wii so I decided to try it out, since I've already play Super Mario Galaxy, I told him to put in Mario vs. Sonic Olympic games. And I must say that I was quite impressed, and man does that game get tiring, especially when you are waving your arms to make the character run. I really enjoyed it, then I told him that I wanted to try Medroid Prime: Corruption and again I was really impresed with the way you have to play the game using the numbchuks. So after playing these two games for about 2 hours I he insisted that I play Super Paper Mario, which he had rented, so I did, and once more I was not dissapointed. As Super Mario was a great game that again uses the controls excellently. So after staying at his house and playing the Wii for a good 3 and a half hours I went home, and now that I'm at home I really want a Wii. And I might consider trading in my old xbox, gamecube and maybe even my PS2 to get one, but I'm not sure if the Wii will keep coming out with good games, I know there will always be Mario though. Well that's about it so I guess I'll talk to you guys later, probably tonight I'll do a blog.

Peace Out!!!