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sending invites to

it's a website that gives you points to get video games, ps3, 360's and more for free, but only invite only. So send me your email at my email: or just post it in the comments below

I got MW2!!!

this game is too awesome and if anyone wants to play my id is ESTE94 and i only got it for 30 bucks!

I got Vice City Stories for PSP

Its an awesome game that i downloaded it off the ps store for $20 bucks and really cool that i dont have to just put the UMD in the psp but also sucks because i wasted 1.6GB in this game but at least i will have fun with it.

I got the PS3 Slim!!!!!

Its so small but worth it and with its 120gb i can now put more music and vids in my ps3, and i also got the micheal jackson: live in burharest DVD which is way to awesome, so yah just wanted to let you know, see you on PSN.

PS3 SLIM I am getting

Whats not to like its slim and its $300 bucks with a 120gb hard drive and comes out in the US on SEP 1 its going to be awesome and also cheap. I will do like i did in the past for people who remember in the store and i will be getting $100 in returns. Thats where you come in what should i buy with the $100 i will be getting back maybe save up for a Ipod touch or maybe some new games? Please comment