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EskimoJoe33 Blog

Went to Best Buy...

Picked up Cased Closed, Season 1. This used to be my favorite show on Adult Swim along with Cowboy Bebop. So i got that and will be watching that.

Also, picked up 1600 Microsoft points. Don't know what im going to spend it on.

August 6th Blog.

Well I thought i would blog because I don't have anything to do and my last blog didn't get any responses.

So, in gaming been playing some Gears and I rented NCAA 09 and have been playing that some. I got Bully back from my friend. He's had it forever so I will be playing that.

I started watching Bleach because Nukku had been blogging about it so I thought I try it. I really like it so I guess thats my new anime.

I'd like to thank Colmillios for the banner.

So yeah. That's it. Peace.

I'm truly amazed...

...that the Dodgers got Manny Ramirez. Everyone was expecting him to stay or go to the Marlins,But the Dodgers!

I'm a Dodgers fan and yeah there in the chase for the NL West,but they really hadn't amazed me this year, but now there definitely going to win the NL West and maybe the pennant and maybe the World Series. Furcal is coming back in a week or two and there going to be hot. Just Watch.

Edit: By the way, Level 25 now.