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School started and other stuff

Introducing The Purple-Shirted Eye Stabber


Well school started last tuesday, wasn't that bad, my friend who had sworn he wouldn't come back to our school had to eat his words, it was a happy surprise, it would had been really boring year without him, or atleast even more boring than now, if possible.

It's the easiest school ever, it's basically enough to show up there, no books and no reading for exams(atleast this far), usually just about 4 hours a day. But I guess that's why I applied there, needles to say that I'm not expecting to become an expert of my field, just passing time sort of(like in high school), and getting paid for it. (I've never been good at planning ahead)

I suddenly got a craving for some console gaming, I took a look at xbox prices and noticed that they are basically giving them away! Then I took a look at what games it has to offer and realised why they are giving them away...

PS2 would be a good choise maybe, but really the only game I would want for it is Grand Turismo, maybe not worth getting a whole console for one game. The "next-gen" consoles are out of the guestion, they're just way too expensive for me(I guess that's the price for slacking the whole summer...).

Fred died
For those of you who didn't know, Fred was a bug living in my cell phone. I guess leaving the phone in direct sunlight was too much for it. A dead bug in your phone is not nearly as fun as a living one... :(

Police state
I don't know if the term "tv-license" says anything to you foreigners, but that's a system in here where you have to pay for having a TV, that's how the 2 government channels are funded. Well, naturally no student is ready to pay ridiculous amounts of money for 2 crappy channels no one ever watches, that's why they send inspectors to check people's apartments for "hidden TVs". The ridiculous thing is that you don't need to let the inspector in your house, so why the hell would anyone voluntarely let them in and get fined! :roll: Ahh how I love and hate byrocracy at the same time. :P The whole paradox just came to mind since I saw one inspector lurking around, luckily my classmates gave me a heads up.


Well, that was my rant for today. Man I'm tired, I guess the school is taking it's toll afterall, might also mean I post a little less in the coming days, or not... we'll see.

SitRep and The Places To Be

I haven't slept well in the pass few nights, and lack of sleep always makes me babble, or in this case; gives me a typing diarrhea, so sorry about that...


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The Places To Be:

The Owners of 6600GT Union

If you own a 6600GT video card and play games with it, there's no excuse for not belonging to this union. Guides on what settings to run games to get the optimum performance. Been a bit slow lately, but things will pick up when they start releasing the new games.

The America's Army Community Union

If you play America's Army you should also belong to this union. And why wouldn't you play AA, afterall it IS free!
This union has been suffering from serious in-activity, but new version of AA (2.7) is being released, and hopefully it's enough to resurrect this union.

The Free Games Union

More and more free games are being released all the time. Why? I dunno, but why not take advantage of it by playing them, good place to find links for them is this union. If I would had made an union, this is propably what it would had been like. I love free stuff, because I'm a cheap bastard.
Again another union that is suffering of MIA, remains to be seen if it comes out of it, it has great potential, but needs members who know how to make good threads, or even try to make them.

The PC Games 4 Fun Union

Fun new union, and an active one. Relyes lot on union games, but they're fun, so who cares. And I'm an officer there, so why not come and post some filthy stuff so I can show off my authority by modding you. :twisted:

SleepTight's Blog

The one man institution called SleepTight deserves an honorable mention. This is what all blogs should look like, AND it's more active than most forums in TV.com... What is it then that makes this blog so interesting, I mean it's mostly just semi-personal stuff? Well, why is Reality TV so popular... Check it out.


You need to be 20 to buy booze here and no one ever asks me ID when I buy a bottle(not that I drink much). But why is it that when I go buy cigs they always ask for a ID, like I would look under 18... :roll:

And my cell phone has a serious bug ..literally!!

It's inside the glass, how it got there is a mystery. I mean that should be "waterproof" model, or was it unbreakable. Well, anyhoo, it's funny (if you're an idiot like me).

I hate diaper commercials + wanna be an officer?

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net

For some reason I'm on a cheerful mood, so I decided for once to make a blog where I don't whine about anything. (Hence I added the whining already in the tittle and that's also why this will be a very short blog...)

I was also promoted to Officer in PC Games 4 Fun union, I was shocked since it's a rather big union with over 250 members and I've only been a member for few days! Maybe they automatically promote the highest level member or something? Nevertheless it seems like a very fun union so I'm not complaining.

PC games 4 fun union needs 3 more officers, look around there if you're interested.

Can't think of anything else to say without whining, so...

New blog

The blog is TOO NARROW! You can't fit any pics here without making them so small that they get blurry.

I really don't have anything important to say, I just felt like I should make a new blog. So let the babbling begin.



I got Aliens vs Predator 2 yesterday, and man it's a great game, even tho the graphics are old already. They should definately make a 3rd AvP game. It's just too fun to play with the Predator and pwn the humans, and too scary to play with the Marines when Aliens are coming from everywhere, the whole concept is just brilliant and works much better as a game than a movie. The multiplayer seemed fun, tho I couldn't get a single kill while playing with the Marines, the damn Predators just wouldn't die and updating everything to mp condition took ages. I'll write a review once I've played a bit more.

Also re-installed Rise Of Nations, great game but there were no sounds, tho playing with winamp on the background I got something out of it. But I still wanted the sounds, and after some tweaking the sounds were still missing, and in addition the game now crashes after some time. Job well done.

Might be the computer tho, the reason I'm playing such old games is that I'm now using my old PC while yet again visiting my parents, had some work to do at my grandad, and if I don't come here they'll be offended. :roll: Anyway, my "machine of death" (that's what I call my old PC) isn't really done for multi-tasking I guess. Antivirus, firewall, antispyware, xfire, winamp, and some downloads on the background are too much while playing. Even AA won't run smoothly.

Games to wait:
America's Army 2.7
Hellgate: London



Autumn is coming and Tv series are starting again, I made it through the summer reruns with the help of my dvd collection, but I was already running a bit low on what to watch. Now 3 "new"(new here, old in usa) series are starting, Supernatural which seemed awesome(tho some dumb moments), Rome, and Brison Break which looks promising. Tho I'm not sure if I can wait every week for new eps, I migh end up just gettin the dvds. Also Blade started, and Lost and both Stargates are off from summer breaks. So lot to watch on TV. Which makes sense, since now I have less time to watch tv when shcool starts...

That propably means I'll make a comeback in Tv.com soon, I'm now level 11 there and level 17 in GS, it used to be the other way around once.


I also realized that Autumn is my favourite season, it's dark, temperature is suitable, and the athmosphere is great, batteries are loaded after summer and everything feels new. Summer is way too hot and bright, winter too cold and dark, and spring just generally sucks. Yay for autumn.

I also preferred the old blog system, where all 3, Gamespot, Tv.com and mp3.com, had separate blogs. Feels stupid to suddenly start writing about games when people reading the blog are from tv.com and vice versa... whine whine whine whine...

Reality calls

:? I went home for the weekend and everything seemed fine, this morning I got booted out so my parents could sort stuff out.

Also what sucks is that it's Sunday and I have no food here, nor much clean clothes(I forgot my clothes back home), and I ain't going back to get them any time soon. So I guess it's clothes shopping time tomorrow! :)

Still, it's good to be back to my apartment, and finally it seems there's some life around. Too bad my best friend changed the school for the next year, it's gonna be so boring and lonely without him there, I really haven't bonded much with other people on my class. Few weeks, and then school finally starts again. Maybe this year I'll put some more effort into it and try to be a bit more social and maybe even take part in some common activities, tho I always make that decision and never stick to it anyway. :roll:

Also, today comes 2 movies I haven't seen before; Requiem for a Dream and The Gangs Of NY, but I dunno which one to watch.  I predict I will watch the one that sucks...


Well I'll be damned, I got promoted to Officer in the 6600GT Union, I never saw that coming. I guess all that ass kis... I mean ..hard work, finally paid off. :D

Also finished watching Charmed S03, thought I mention that since it eroused some reactions few blogs ago. It had some really bad moments, from fairiess to small girls beating huge wrestless :roll: I really don't like them going all Buffy on the bad guys. I thought I won't get the 4th season, but it ended in such a cliffhanger that I guess I have to anyway. Luckily Stargates started new season so I have something to watch.

Also saw the worst movie in a long long time, everybody, avoid the "Demon Hunter" like the plague itself. It's like a really bad porn movie without the actual porn part. Meaning mostly bad acting and a stupid short plot. Looked more like a TV pilot than anything else, hmmm, maybe it WAS a tv pilot, well, it still stinks.

Evening Plans

I came back to my dorm room and realized that I'm the only person in the whole ****ing building, so naturally I'm a bit bored now. BUT, luckily I have some major plans for this night.

;) :D

EntwineX's plans for a Friday night alone:

1. Buy beer, vodka and cigs. Well, I already have those, but buy more anyway.

2. Drink, smoke and watch few dvds.

3. Drink more, get online and insult people on the forums. Smoke a cig and drink beer.

4. Play some games online, but only shoot your own team mates, tell everybody to "eat a dick!" and get your ip banned. Drink some more, smoke a cig.

5. Go knocking on neighbours doors, get angry when no one opens, and pee in their apartments through the mailbox. (Note: make sure they don't have a dog)

6. Drink some vodka and decide it's a good time to go for a drive, crash your car before you even get out of the parking lot. Smoke a cig.

7. Drink some more, throw up in your bed and then pass out on it.

Well, those were my plans, I have no idea why I shared them with you, but you are welcome to follow my example if you're alone and bored.

All kind of stuff + few questions + top3 movies

Been quiet
I was away for few days and when I came back I noticed nothing has changed. Especially on unions' part, looks like most of the unions are pretty much dead, is there some international holiday going on that I'm just not aware of?

Broken PC
God damn NB(northbridge) fan broke down, or so I thought. So I was without computer for the first time in a long time. Few little things I noticed were that I ate a lot more than usually, replacing addiction? perhaps, or maybe it's just easier to eat while watching tv than while using computer.

Anyway, I got the new part today, I decided to buy a passive cooler, so less sound and less parts to break down. It cost 4€, but the delivery costs were 10€ :evil: Damn post office!

Installing it should be a breeze, or that's what the internet said, and we all know that the internet is never wrong... :roll:

Anyway, after half an hour of fighting with the midget sized screws that came along, I finally got it in place, and noticed that there is no longer room for my larger than life video card. :evil:

After another half an hour of swearing and violence I managed to squeeze both the cooler and video card on their places.

Tight fit

What else could I bable about
Oh, well I got this new game, free also. Silkroad Online, It's a MMORPG and boy does it suck. I've never tried a mmorpg before, and good thing I started with a free one since it seems I don't really like that genre. I would give the game another shot tho if I could only get on the servers... But ah, crowded again, like always.

Old friends
Have you ever messaged a friend you haven't seen in years, I haven't. But few days ago an old high school buddy of mine send me a message and even sorta invited me to come to their place. Why!?!? We all...well, at least I ..know, that those kind of meetings only lead to akward silences. Besides, couples wanting to meet old single friends usually means they're trying to pair them to someone they know. :roll: Or maybe I'm just being paranoid. Well, I think I'm gonna have to meet him and his girl sometime when the schools start, since they live in the same city and all.

Questions to you all
SleepTight did some questions in his blog, and I thought it's a good idea, especially since I actually know so little of you people.

So here are few basic questions to sum up who you are and from where. Don't need to be precise answers.
1. Where are you from?
2. How old are you?
3. Gamespot, Tv.com or Mp3.com?
4. What do you do? (study/work/nothing ect.)
5. Anything else we should know about you?

TOP Lists Begins
From here on there will be a top 3/5/10 (depending how lazy I feel) on all of my blogs, it can be anything, top 5, top 3 or top 10 movies/games/bands/cars ect. You are welcome to add your top lists on comments.

ToP 3 Movies

3. The Truman Show ,1998

An insurance salesman/adjuster (Jim Carrey) discovers his entire life is actually a TV show

Just brilliant, not really a lol funny stuff, but more of an intelligent subtle humour, requires some thinking, not for everyone.

2. Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles (1994)

A vampire tells his epic life story: love, betrayal, loneliness, and hunger.

This movie is a must for everyone, even is you don't like vampires the cast itself is worth watching this movie for; Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Antonio Banderas, Kirsten Dunst ect.

1. Scary Movie 2 (2001)

Four teens are tricked by their professor into visiting a haunted house for a school project.

What can I say, I would be lying if I would name any other movie as my favourite one. This movie just has it all, the parody, crazy humour, story, funny actors. I've seen it several times and it still makes me laugh. It's not for everyone tho, lots of dirty humour in this one.

I'll take a break
I might take a short break from here, it's just been so slow around, I'll be back tho, hopefully there's more activity by then.

And why isn't there as many actions as before at Gamespot while writing this stuff. There used to be "add image" ect. in the toolbar, I already got so used to those that I already forgot how to use HTML the old-fashioned way. :( Bring 'em back!

And finally:
When Ahmed overloaded his donkey...

And just as I pressed submit button all the pics dissappeared so now I have to put 'em back again.

Reminder to myself:

Back from suspension

Well, I'm back once again
Got my "forum privilidges suspended" for 3 days. Also got my last blog deleted. I guess some people didn't find the picture about penquin telling other penquin to "f*** off" all that funny. (Don't know why, I found it hilarious when I first saw it, tho I was a bit drunk at the time...)

I don't really mind about being suspended but I wish they would had just deleted the pic instead of the whole blog, it's annoying to spend time writing something and get it deleted just like that.

What I've been doing
Absolutely nothing except wathing TV. Currently re-watching Buffy's season 5 with the biatch Glory and Angel's seasons 3 and 5, those are propably the seasons when both shows turned a bit darker, but they're still awesome.

Also been watching Charmed's 3th season, started watching the show few months back and it's pretty good, lame sort of, but the chicks are just so friggin hot that I would watch it just for them. I'm certainly gonna get season 4 also.

And to my shame I have to confess to even watching Gilmore Girls :oops:, it airs every morning about the time I wake up so I just stare at it all hypnotized. Under normal conditions I would never watch it, tho it has some witty dialogue in Buffy style and Lorelai is sexy. :P

Since my budget is a bit tight I got WarRock which is a free online shooter in BF2 style to satisfy my shooting needs, I found it to be a bit easy, propably b/c it has so many new players. It was a welcome change after the oh so realistic America's Army, tho after playing WarRock I got owned sooo badly in AA that it's not even funny. They're both free so try them out if you're bored.

Also activated XFire to see how much I actually play games, good thing I did that AFTER I finished my match on CivIV or the results would had been shocking, that game is a time eater, but I love it since I can play my mp3s on the background and watch TV and eat while playing it.


This is my parents' dog Jasmin, but I've spent so much time with it during the last half year that it feels almost as close as my own dog did. She's best descriped with the words stubborn and playfull. She also likes to steal things and eat sticks and stones.

She's only 9 months old, even tho she might look big. Too bad she has a bad pair of back legs so she propably can't even walk in a few years and has to be put down. But for now she's happy and fine as long as she gets her medicine. (pics are taken with cellphone so they are bad)

I won something!

I won a round in 6600GT union's little competition.
(Well, what did you expect? An oscar?) :P

I'm a very proud of it and was even rewarded with the "medallion" above.

And the great medallion is made by Mohamed_h
The leader of the mighty 6600GT Union