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Been A While

Boy, sure has been a while since I hav ebeen here, seems I will have to start getting back into the circle at Gamespot if you know what I mean.

Lately, I have been playing Nascar Racing 2003 Season for PC, its a great sim, so its fun, but I am starting to get bored of it a little bit. So I have also started to get back into my Xbox games, Halo2, Madden, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 and even some NFSMW here and there.

I haven't bought a game in a long time though. A few months, 4 or 5?

nr2003 racing league

Anyone with the PC game, Nascar Racing Season 2003 will be interested in this!

I along with a partner Dave Harvey, have created a new nr2003 online racing league.

The league runs on Sunday's at 5:30pm Eastern Time. We have recently bought a new server, and any racer's are welcome. We are only 1 week into the Pre-Season schedule, So you havent missed much at all.

We already have in just 1 week roughly 19 to 22 racer's signed up. Today's race is Bristol. You may still enter the race untill 1 hour before the race starts, just Sign up on the board and go to the Race Entry section! Also be sure to pick a number in League Announcements forum so you do not have any conflict's with anyone else's number's.



Enjoi291 (Chris)

star league

Anyone who has the PC game, Nascar Racing season 2003(NR2003) please come check out this cool racing league, http://z7.invisionfree.com/starracing/index.php?;act=SF&f=19

There is a Cup series
There is a "busch" type series
Truck series
Rookie Series (Like ARCA)
And Late Model Series

If you are experienced or inexperienced, post a comment on this blog entry and tell me if you would like to race on my team, and i will tell you how to become part of my team before you sign up for the board, be sure to contact me!

 i currently have

1 Car open in Cup
3 Cars Open in "Busch"
4 Cars open in truck
4 Cars open in rookie series
4 Cars open in open wheel


Ok, i put up a few videos, so enjoy them :)

I will add more probably racing and sports, maybe some funny stuff, depends on what i have on my camera at the time, or my computer.

ncaa football 07

Well thats it, went all 4 years as a QB and won the heismen twice, now im just awaiting Madden NFL 2007 , so i can transfer my player, it should be awsome, hopefully there are some new things.

nascar 07 outlook thoughts.

Well we have seen probably almost everything we will see untill about a week before the game comes out, and personally i am getting more stoked for some simple reasons this year.

Nascar 07 looks to be revamped with new features, and graphics, also another reason, EAsports has a new Nascar producer who seems to know alot more about nascar and nascar fans than the previous who produced 2005 and 06, all i can say, is a week after it comes out, when i finally hear what people have to say about the game, i am counting on it being good, then maybe ill buy it :D

redsox #2

The sox have lost 5 in a row........ugh, i hope we arent going back to the years of heartbreak....

its ok though, us sox fans are use to this stuff


started playing nascar 06 again, have to get used to the sterring and stuff incased i buy 07