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GameSpot layoffs

I am deeply upset my the layoffs at GameSpot yesterday. Even if I never saw the work from some of the guys let go on a day-to-day basis, it made me happy knowing they were behind he scenes doing what they love to do, with people they love to do it with. I want to wish the best of luck to those let go and I hope they find something as special in their future. Also, best of luck to those left behind and I hope you find the strength to carry on in a quieter and somber office.

Went to my first Comicon today

One of the many little problems with living in the midwest (sometime I plan on fixing in the next few months) is that you're so far away from any major conventions. Because of this I've never gone to a Comicon or a Pax. Sure I could save up money and go to one of these events, they just always seem to end up occuring during a time at work when I can't take any days off.

Well this weekend, as my title gives away, I went to my first event. It was just a fraction of the size of the bigboys out on the coasts but running around and talking to all the artists and meating random celebraties such as the origional Hulk and the Black Power Ranger really took the wind out of me, guess I must be getting old.

I had a great time, although I don't want to think about how much money I spent on comics, posters, books and signings. Now I can't wait for me next event! PAX Prime right guys. Now I just have to find the time off.


Below are just some of the things I saw. I like to take a picture of every one and every thing :)







This final image actually made me very tense as he slowly moved past me. Growing up with the Terminator movies definately left an imprint.



Unofficial GameSpot Fuse Plugins for Chrome and Firefox

I have created a plugin for both Chrome and Firefox to try to extend the functionality of fuse. I'm going to try to keep things up to date in this blog post so people can let me know about any issues they come across.

These are still very much in development and currently only have a handful of feautres:

  1. Fix for the target_blank issue on images in comments
  2. Clicking images in view comments makes the image load in a new window
  3. Styling for a "lights out" mode. Under "My Settings" on the right hand side. There's still a couple of issues to work out here. Let me know if you see any styling issues.
  4. Updating darkred text to a pretty pink (AKA: Anti Sefrix code)
  5. Notifier! This will update you on new Fuse updates as well as DMs
  6. I've fixed the existing way of writing spoiler tags [spoiler] by mostly using the same code GameSpot uses on their forums.
Next things I will be working on:
  1. Earlier execution. My script runs when the page loads, I want it to run sooner so you don't see the screen flicker from white to black. Pfft. Don't think I can do this
  2. Fix for people trying to blow up posts and kill browsers, such as (http://fuse.gamespot.com/update/5140a3bb8f8e52b823000000/) although this 'might' not be possible
  3. Lightbox for clicking images, rather than them loading up in a new window
  4. Need to use Mutation Observers.
  5. Need to find out what the heck a Mutation Observer is.
  6. Remove jQuery from inside the Firefox package into an external reference.
  7. More styling to fix. Thanks SBP for the testing!


Chrome: http://tinyurl.com/chromedfuse

Firefox: http://tinyurl.com/firefoxedfuse

This: http://tinyurl.com/fuseplugin

Ten years, can you believe it?


Just a quick post to mark this occasion.

It's hard to believe but that screenshot is much like the how the GameSpot website looked when I created my Elk account 10 years ago today. That's not how long I've been lurking around the site however, I've memories of ZDNet branding and bounching between HappyPuppy and GameSpot back when I was a teenager.

It's not just the site that's changed. There's been some good men who've left over the years, fortunately some have returnedand there's been some amazing new staff brought in to make the site what it is right now.The type of content has evolved along with the Internet also. I recall watching some thumbnail sized RealPlayer videos which struggled to play over my 56k modem when it seemed like GameSpot were just about the only site producing good video content. Recently it looks like CBS is pushing both GameSpot and CNET pretty hard to create new and interesting shows to replace some that have been axed, while it's sad to see The Hotspot and Buzz out Loud dissapear, I can't wait to see what the site does next.

As for me, well, I'd never have guessed 10 years ago that I might get a chance to meet some of the GameSpot staff members at E3 and now that lies under a week away and I can't wait!

Steam coupons, first come, first served

I have some leftover Steam coupons that expire on Thursday so let me know if you're intrested in buying any of these games and I'll send you a coupon for 'em:

  • Rock of ages: $9.99 before 50% off LINK
  • Trine: $9.99 before 50% off LINK
  • Rockstar games: 50% off any title (includes L.A. Noire!) LINK
  • Valve Complete Pack: $99.99 before 30% off LINK
  • TellTale games: 10% off titles or packs LINK
  • Virtual Tennis 4: $29.99 before 50% off LINK
  • Valve games: Several coupons here for titles such as the complete pack and Portal 2 LINK

Please add a comment on this blog post if you're intrested and if you don't want to share your steam name publiclly please send me a DM with your account name.