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Summer fun and games!

Hello everyone that is ever so nice to even bother checking my blogs and following me throughout the forums. You know who you are. How's everybody's summer going?

Steamworks Summer Sale is spectacular as usual. Even though I have just about every game I ever wanted from these sales since Winter Solice Sale, it's always fun to watch people grab up new games and post their screenshots on the stickie. Be sure to check out other digital game download services out there (e.g. Amazon, GamersGate, GOG, Greenmangaming, and others).

I've hardly been gaming lately, but I have been plugging into F3AR here and there; playing in random spurts. A solid game.

Well, I'm off to do a little shopping (in this recession economy), no not really, just some shoes. Red Converse (chucks), low's. haha I've been meaning to buy them for the longest time.

Anyways, I gotta' head off to work and then my cousin's 23rd bday right after. I hope I don't get too drunk! Talk to you guys soon. Cheers!

Apartment hunting, awaiting a few shipments, and sports.

Well, this weekend was gone in a flash. I spent most of my Sunday afternoon apartment hunting. See, the apartment I live in currently is too noisy. Caused mainly by three houses with dogs barking all day and night. I finally made the big decision to move. I.hate.city.life. Sucks.

During all this chaos, I managed to sell a couple of GTX 460's on Ebay. I got about $300 for both, which isn't all bad considering they're retailing for $160 a piece. I'll take my losses. On the bright side, I purchased a GTX 580 by Galaxy from Tigerdirect.com which is still on the way. According to UPS, it will arrive tomorrow.


I never purchased a Galaxy-branded product before, let alone a whopping $500 graphics card. Yay me for taking risks! Urgh.... I'm a bit nervous about DOA and all that jazz. Hopefully all goes well and it's fully functional. I haven't read any reviews with complaints about dead on arrival galaxy GPU's, well, at least to my knowledge. Let's hope it's not a dud.

In other news, since my gaming PC is GPU-less, I've been using my laptop hooked up to my PC monitor. I had to get my gaming fix somehow so I started playing Secret of Mana. One of my favorite games of all-time on the SNES. Good times my friend, good times.


Now..THAT is a video game.

And last but not least, in sports. One of the most exciting professional basketball player today, Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls defeated the Boston Celtics. It was an exciting game. Very entertaining. I always enjoy watching D. Rose take it to the hoop at 6'3" over big men who usually eat players at that size for breakfast. MVP all the way.


How was your weekend? Any exciting activities?

Hidden Gems of 2010 - Play these before games of 2011 arrive!

I'd like to note that if it weren't for the awesome holiday sales by Steam, Gamestop, Amazon.com, GoGamer.com, as well as other download sites, I would have easily missed some of 2010's hidden gems. Here's a short list of games you should check out if you haven't already:

1. Just Cause 2 - Although when it first came out, JC2 was received with impressive scores throughout metacritic and well-known published websites. Our very own Gamespot gave it an 8.5 rating which in this industry is deemed as great or impressive.

From what I've played so far (quite a lot, I might add), Just Cause 2 is THE open-world/sandbox game that you should not miss out on. Before I step into the details, please ignore comments by reviews saying that this game has cheesy dialogue. It's not any worse than your average B-movie.

I won't review the game because Gamespot's review is pretty spot on with mine.. except I like it 10 times more. If you want a fun sandbox game that doesn't take itself too seriously. This is your kind of game. Missions are fun, varied, and you get to destroy a bunch of "stuff." Using the grappling hook as you parachute continuously never gets old. JC2 really gives you that freedom in a physics-galore sandbox world.

My #1 Hidden Gem of 2010.

2. Alpha Protocol - This one I admit will be a "hit or miss." For me, it's a big hit. Sure, the game has some flaws, but if you treat Alpha Protocol more as a Role-Playing game, you will not be disappointed. I'd also like to note that some of the flaws mentioned in critic reviews are easily overlooked and that they're not as bad as they pointed them out to be. For examle, Michael Thorton's "Sneak/stealth" animation isn't all that bad as it looks in videos. It actually makes sense and it's pretty subtle. Take it from someone who is OCD. I am really OCD, and I'm not just saying it. Anyways...

Gunplay is like most third-person shooters and it should not be compared to the fluid FPS controls of games we play today. It's not perfect though as the hit-box/hit-detection is questionable.. and not as good as Just Cause 2's, but it's not game-breaking or broken.

Customizations. You can customize weapons you buy from the black market dealers. Customizations to weapons include scope, muzzle, clip, and inner calibrations that fine-tweak your guns. You also have armors that you can purchase, specifically armor parts as well. Armor can help you take more damage or help with better recoil management, or improve your stealth.

Characters/Story. This is the Role-Playing game part that I mentioned earlier. This is Alpha Protocols strong-point. The character design looks great, as each character has their own unique look and they don't feel like cheap character models you see designed by amateur developers. Obsidian put effort into these designs and they all look great. Voice-acting is really well-done. Mina has to be my favorite, as the relationship between her and Thorton can be comical yet romantic and flirty at times. It's an interesting relationship. In fact, throughout the game, you will get a feel of every relationship Michael Thorton has with an important character. And the way you answer each dialogue with a character will determine your overall relationship with them. Whether they will be more proned to help you, or not give a care about you at all. So choose your responses carefully. Oh, dialogue is time-sensitive so you can't just sit there for 5 minutes deciding what you want to say. And the selection of responses are simplified and more mainstream and unlike Mass Effect's dialogue system.

3. Amnesia: The Dark Descent - I don't think I have to explain why I chose this one. Atmospheric, intense, and scary. It's the atmosphere that shines and it has a great story to match. You'll be left wanting to play non-stop because you're dying to find out what will happen next or what is lurking around that corner. Monsters? Apparitions? Demons? Find out for yourself..

Other honorable mentions: Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days

I know many will disagree with me but I actually like K&L2 quite a lot. It was the visual art-style that intrigued me at first glance. The shaky camera with full-screen effects, like as if it were an action-movie with lots of shooting and running. It is exactly just that. If you do not like the idea of watching a movie you control, then I would steer away from it and buy something else. But at $5 on Steam sale, this was a steal. I couldn't ask for a better way to spend $5 on a video game for several hours of entertainment. And that's what it is, just fun. Don't expect too much from it.

I'll be adding more to this list as I buy and play more games during the Christmas/Holiday sales.

***UPDATE*** More games added.

4. Saboteur

5. Hitman: Blood Money - although an older game, it still looks great! And the varied missions and realistic settings combine for original missions. Being an assassin couldn't be more fun.

6. Bioshock 2 - others have said that the original Bioshock couldn't be topped. Well, I feel that Bioshock 2 has improved the gameplay greatly. There are definitely more memorable moments and sequences that gives the game better pacing than the first. For example, the sequence where you must escape the flood was incredibly well done. (Trying not to spoil anything).

I definitely enjoyed a lot more than the first by a good stretch. I highly recommend it to everyone.

7. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic - If you haven't played this one yet, don't wait as long as I did.

8. Max Payne 2: Fall of Max Payne - Another remarkable game.

HALO REACH - "Deliver Hope" at your midnight launch

Well, after months and months of waiting and prancing around for Halo Reach. I can say the wait is finally over. No, I'm not talking about Starcraft 2 which come out a few months ago although that was even more of a wait than Reach.

I pre-ordered my Legendary Edition version of Halo Reach at my local Gamestop because I wanted to be able to PICK-UP at midnight and start my Halo journey early. What I plan to do with my robust legendary edition is left to be decided. My plans are to sell the flaming skull (bidding around $70 on eBay), and it's other game codes (armor, helmet) to make up for the price tag I'm paying. The real treat for me is the Noble Team statue and that's all I really wanted in the first place. Seems like a smart deal? :P That way I won't feel guilty for dropping down $150 + taxes for a video game package.

For obvious reasons, you'll probably catch me playing Halo Reach all morning into the early dawn. By then, I'll be so jacked up on caffiene and all the energy drinks you could name. For me, it's pretty exciting because there hasn't been games since Mass Effect 2 and the recent Starcraft 2 that has me all rev'ed up and pulling the all-nighter.

Features of Halo Reach that I'm mostly excited about:

- Single Player Campaign (Deliver HOPE!).... I'll be glued to my seat for this one. A more mature-looking Halo, with highly improved graphics, sandbox style approach with bigger than ever firefights, interesting group of main characters, new armor abilities and weapons, and a compelling story (which we all know will end with Reach falling).

- Space Combat.... Need I say more? EPIC.

- Firefight 2.0... Some of us had a chance to play ODST and enjoy the firefight mode but due to the lack of matchmaking, it can be a chore to find people on your friends list to team up with. Now, it is all possible to firefight with friends and strangers at the drop of a dime.

- Multiplayer.... Having played the beta for Halo Reach, I can definitely say that I like it more than Halo 3's MP online. I just hope that it will bring me and my friends great fun as it did with Halo 3's big social team matches.

- Noble Team statue (collector's item).... This is the only reason why I'm putting down a lot of money to buy the legendary edition. I'm selling the rest of its contents except for the statue and diary/journal.

- Forge World.... I think this speaks for itself. Check out the vids online.

- Master Chief CAMEO?.... Will we see the great Master Chief make an appearance? According to the books, Master Chief was at the battle of Reach. Not with the Noble Team, but he was there... If this is Bungie's last goodbye, I think it would only be fair to Halo fans to show a little Master Chief skin.. in this case Spartan armor.

My favorite new armor ability: Armor Lock

My favorite Noble team member: KAT

Will I customize my Noble 6 character armor for the SP campaign? Heck yes. Maybe Spartan Green? :P

You obviously know by now that I'm stoked for Halo Reach. Say that ten times FAST! I'll catch you guys on Xbox Live and/or Gamespot.com.

Gamertag: spartan1down

Big Move to Arizona and Video Games of 08

In a few days, I will be departing for Arizona, leaving Los Angeles, my home of 18 years. I've always felt confined to my little box, and comfort zone, and I needed a new change in environment. This epiphany isnt just about changing where I live, it's also for business and economic reasons my family's future may very well depend on. Besides taking on a new career out there in Arizona, I plan on scouting the area, in terms of opening up a new business and possibly settling down one day. I'm just not "digging" Los Angeles anymore. Los Angeles' vibe is overrated. I don't mean to generalize or be bias, I'm not too fond of the people here in Los Angeles. People here aren't as friendly as they use to be. Most are too egotiscal, selfish, and self absorbed, fake, backstabbers, need I say more? "Hollywood." They're really not nice. Good friends are hard to come by in LA. And I just figured this out now? :P Well, it's not too late to make a change. My flight leaves on Wednesday, December 3rd.

What a great year to be a gamer. 2008 may have started out slow, but things really took off after the much anticipated releases of Grand Theft Auto IV and Metal Gear Solid 4. If that wasn't enough high quality gaming for you, the games of the Holidays were just around the corner. Honorable mentions include, Fallout 3, Far Cry 2, Left 4 Dead, Dead Space, Call of Duty World at War, Warhammer Online, Crysis Warhead, Gears of War 2, Fable 2, Mirror's Edge, The Witcher Enhanced Edition, WOTLK, Spore, and many others.

My favorite picks:

Lost Odyssey: LO, in my eyes, kicked off the year for me. Fantastic JRPG, which seems to be lacking this year.. *cough Square-Enix cough* I loved the storyline, characters, old school turned based gameplay. It brought back a lot of Final Fantasy memories.. So I was thinking, since the original people who worked on the FF series left, do you think it took away the magic that Square once had? It seems without Hironobu Sakaguchi, Square-Enix has been dropping the ball on all their JRPGs.. or are people just sick of JRPGS nowadays? I remember at the beginning of the year, people were complaining about the the lack of JRPGS.. but now that we have tons at our disposal, people just stopped caring? Or JRPGs just get no love? Or maybe those JRPGs by SE just plain suck? Either way, bring on FF13 already.. Quit wasting time making other games and work on FF13..!

GTA IV: Being the first GTA game I ever played, I welcomed this mighty giant with very little expectations. The graphics were well done for a sandbox game, well-written dialogue, and engaging characters and storyline. Overall, GTA IV left me with a somewhat satisfying experience, due only to the mere fact that it lacked "things" to do after you completed the story mode. Surely, some will find jumping off a highway bridge on a motorcycle extremely amusing, but eventually, it gets old.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Probably the most anticipated release of the year, Hideo Kojima had fans dying in anticipation of this iconic franchise game. Having played previous MGS games in the series, I knew it was going to be a great game, but boy was I blown away by it's sheer variety and quality. Needless to say, graphics were top-notch, even going as far as defying the console's technology, and raising the bar for other PS3 games. As you would expect, the story was MGS at its best, along with a brilliant cast. What stuck out most to me were the controls, which seemed a lot more smoother and fluid. Camera angles were much improved, making controling Snake simple and easy. After everything's been said and done, I strongly feel MGS4 should win GOTY.

Gears of War 2: Cliffy B. promised a bigger, better, and more badass game, and boy did he deliver. I was blown away by the scope of the game. There were so much variety in the level design and interactivity. Basically, I went into every level, not expecting any of the stuff that Epic Games threw at me. I never imagined or pictured Gears of War 2 to be like this. GOW2 had you taking down Brumaks to riding them, choppin' down blood vessels of a sea monster, as well as invading the Queen's horde palace. There were so many things going on in the game, that there was always something new around the corner. And hints and clues that were left in GOW1 about Dom's Story surfaces in GOW2, and brings about closure for the story driven fans. Granted, I wish they revealed a little more backstory to the new characters Dizzy and Tai, Gears of War 2 improved on everything that was Gears of War. Controls were better, cover system was fluid, they introduced new sounds to the weapons, not to mention, better graphics, and everyone's favorite - Horde Mode. Now, Horde Mode was a surprise to me, having been disappointed that there wasn't 4-player co-op in the campaign mode. After hearing Epic Games totally dropped that idea, my Gears of War 2 fantasy went "poof." Pleasantly, horde mode is a blast. Its satisfying 4 player co-op gameplay, tackling the locust made online play fun, and it gave GOW2 a ton of replayability. I would have handed over my GOTY nod to Gears of War 2 had they implemented a 4-player co-op story mode. The rushed cliff-hanger ending came to a surprise. It left me saying "well, that was quick.." Well, Gears of War 3, will happen and they better put 4-player co-op in the campaign mode!

Dead Space (PC): Of all big hit titles, I found myself surprisingly hyped for Dead Space. Something about the atmosphere and the story really intrigued me. And the animated comics on gametrailers.com really brought about more hype. I really enjoyed those, btw. And then the animated movie! I was in Dead Space land, or ship rather. As much as I hate to compare games, (mind you blank vs blank thread creators out there :P ) Dead Space was like a cross between Resident Evil 4 and BioShock. If you don't believe me, play the game! In it's own right, it does many things different. It brings about cool weapons that were built to dissect and decapitate alien beasts. Well, actually, they were used by the miners or whatever as tools, but our protagonist, whipped it out and used it on those alien scum! Smart guy. Like BioShock, the atmosphere stood out the most, the cool weapons, and the story. The atmosphere along with the story, kept you engaged in the game, wondering what the hell would happen next. Along the way you're slicin' up aliens and stompin' em. And this is where the controls kinda bothered me. See, the guys over at EA made this game without a screen filled with UI. They turned it into some floating UI, which is great, to make the game more immersive. But the problem is, there were no hotkeys (that I knew of) for first aid kits, so as you can imagine, you're running away from aliens while pulling up the "floating" menu to use your aid kit. Kinda sucks to be you, doesn't it!? I own the PC port, so we kinda got shafted. The mouse is floaty, the graphics were better than the console version, but it didn't really utilize the power of the PC hardware. Other than that, it's a pretty great game. I wouldn't say a 9.0, but well between, 8.5-9.0. More like 8.7.

Left 4 Dead (PC): What can I say? This game is all about fun and kickin' zombie a$$. I was hooked since Valve released the PC demo. I played it non-stop, and put about 20-30 hours on the demo alone. Graphics are sweet. It's suppose to be a modified source engine and it shows. On max settings, 1920x1200, L4D looks phenomenal on the PC. More importantly, it's 4-player co-op, zombie killin' fun. My only quam with L4D is the lack of content. The game shipped with only 4 movies, which contains 5 chapters or acts in each. Punch in the calculator, you have 20 chapters/acts. Not bad right? Well, L4D makes it so that playing alone isn't fun at all. Meaning, if you play alone with AI bots, it's boring. At least for me. And it's probably impossible to beat it on expert with AI bots. So you have to turn to online, which makes the experience so much more fun, granted, you get good players. There's almost no reason to play on Normal difficulty unless you're trying the game out for your first time. Most will jump right onto to advanced, and then quickly to expert later on. So far, I've completed the 4 movies on both advanced and expert, and I don't have much reason to play again, maybe just for a few achievements. I would have liked for a harder difficulty than expert. Perhaps, "Extreme Zombie" mode or something. Expert can be pretty tough, but after awhile, it starts to feel like advanced, if you know what I mean. Hopefully with Modders creating new levels, and making awesome mods, L4D will start to pick up again. At least for me. But it's really too bad this game only came with 4 movies, when it should have shipped with AT LEAST 5. And that's what probably set back L4D in terms of getting gamers who are on the fence about buying the game. Valve promised future DLC, and more for the PC version owners. So we'll see. Versus mode is quite fun, only when you play as the HORDE. Playing as the survivors is boring. And I have no clue why they made it so that you can chat to the opposing side, during the game! As a result, you have a lot of trash talking.. and it's kinda irritating, to say the least. Personally, I would have loved for L4D to have a story and dialogue, and maybe even some bosses. AI director is brilliant though. Each playthrough is different so things aren't predictable. To sum up L4D, FUN, but lasting appeal is surprisingly average due to the lack of content.

Call of Duty World at War (PC): Infinity Ward vs Treyarch. COD4 vs WAW. The ongoing debate. Well, for those on the fence about WAW, let me help you out. Call of Duty 4, a super successful modern warfare shooter that sold like hotcakes, will forever be in most gamer's minds. They can't get enough of the online play, and sadly enough, it even ended in some tragic events (boy who ran away from home, addicted to COD4). Nonetheless, COD4 was a refreshing new look to the military shooter genre. I, too, was sick and tired of all the WWII shooters out there. So COD4 came along, despite having a short campaign, made my day. Fantastic modern military shooter. Great single player mode, great online. And then came along World at War, by Treyarch. "Faces cringe." Well, you're wrong. WAW is a great game. Sure, it's not modern warfare, it's WWII, but a refreshing WWII shooter. Besides, MGS4 and GOW2, WAW is easily in my top 5 favorite games of 2008. WAW is action-packed from start to finish. Engaging storyline, character dialogue, and you're with a squad or NPC at all times. Personally, I enjoyed the Russian campaign a lot more than the American one. The Russian characters had more personality and the story and dialogue were so much better and well-written. WAW is very immersive, almost like a movie, and it's very interactive, while keeping you engaged and never bored. The WWII weapons aren't as fun to use as the modern warfare ones, but they're still fun to use. Flamethrower wasn't as fun as I imagined, and they're only good for burning out those bunkers. I wasn't a fan of the tank vehicle mission, but it's just a small bump in the road to an amazing game. If you have a nice PC rig, I would recommend getting it on the PC. On max settings, this game is BEAUTIFUL. And I wouldn't play it any other way. WAW is not one of those PC games dumbed down by the console version counterparts. It looks absolutely stunning. You can even see the reflection of the water off the bottom of your boots.

Crysis Warhead: Great game, like Crysis, with better missions, and more personality. Graphics aren't as great as Crysis, but close. Psycho makes for a great main character. Less jungle, more variety in levels.. is great. Dual-Wielding guns in Crysis isn't as great as imagined it would be. Vehicle levels are better than Crysis'.

Warhammer Online: Although fun at first, like other MMORPGs, it gets old, eventually. There are tons of c.l.a.s.s.e.s to choose from, Goblins are funny, and pvp is fun for a while. PVE content consists of quests and PQs, so don't expect to be able to fish in this game.. or do other PVE worldy things. There are professions but there isn't any incentive to work on them.. And earning Gold is easy, but you don't have many things to spend them on. WAR is for the pvp gamer. If you're looking for PVE, seriously, don't get it and stick to WOW or something else. Graphics are pretty when set on max settings. WOW has more of an artsy graphics quality, and WAR is more like other games you see around. So I can't really say WAR looks better. WOW has a different art-sy look and it's better optimized. WARhammer still has it's bugs and performance is still average. Sometimes RVR skirmishes are like a slideshow even on the beefiest rigs. Warhammer, is a nice change of pace if you're sick of WOW, or if you're looking to only PVP. Personally, I think WOW is better because of the PVE content, but don't forget that WOW has good PVP too.. although the rewards system isn't as great as WAR's. Getting to 40 is quite a task, but probably not as bad of a grind as getting from 1-60 on WOW. One of the things I noticed was that WAR isn't as social as WOW. You can solo the whole game in WAR and never talk to one human soul. As opposed to WOW, you're bound to make friends even if you don't go around looking for one. Guilds in WAR, are more like chatrooms. You talk and talk, but you never really do anything with each other, except for lvl 40 players. WOW was more interative and it encouraged team player.. to socialize, and build internet relationships. That's what I missed about WOW that wasn't in WAR, aside from the PVE aspect of it all. Like I said, WAR is for you if you're looking for a PVP focused MMO, or if you're sick of WOW. :P Let's just say, I was hooked on WOW for a little over a year.. and I'm already getting bored of WAR in two months. There just isn't much to do while lvling from 1-40, and you find yourself just pvping.. PQ stages cant all be solo'ed but you'll find most PQ areas dead because of low population. Not all PQs are fun and engaging. They should make most of the final stages in PQs have big bosses. Armors look all the same.. so you're bound to run into another player that will have your armor and weapons.. hardly making your MMO experience unique. But one good thing is that, there is no elitest attitude. I may take a break from WAR, and come back when they make things more interesting and fun. But for now, I might just quit or play casually. Even though I already play casually. :P I might even go back to WOW.. even though that might be dreadful mistake. :P I'm not always playing single player games so MMORPGs are nice for downtime gaming.

Games that I will buy: Prince of Persia (PC), Far Cry 2 (PC), Fable 2 (PC), Mirror's Edge (PC, Jan 09). There are rumors that Fable 2 (PC) has been confirmed. There are websites that say Fable 2 PC is already in development. One can only hope! This only means, Gears of War 2 will eventually see the light of day on the PC. Never say never.

What I'm looking forward to in 2009: Killzone 2, Resident Evil 5, Diablo 3, God of War 3, Halo ODST, to name a few.

I know it has been a LONG time since my last blog post (not that you guys care anyways). There are just a lot of things going on! And to post blogs, the mood has to be right, I say. Anyways, thanks for reading! I'll report back after I get situated in Arizona. People, buy Prince of Persia! :P

Christian Bale: Innocent or Guilty?

Some of you may have already found out about Christian Bale's alleged assault on his mother and sister earlier this morning. This incident supposedly took place a few days before the premiere of "The Dark Knight" so that it wouldn't ruin the premiere and box office weekend numbers. The police would not reveal who the 34-year-old actor was that assaulted his mother and sister. The "34-year-old actor" was released on bail. No charges have been filed, yet.

After 10 years as a struggling actor, Christian Bale started breaking out in movies like the American Psycho, Reign of Fire, The Machinist, and the infamous Batman Begins and just a few days ago, The Dark Knight. I really hope these allegations are false and that they simply have the wrong guy and this is all some media circus act. As much as I would like to block this out of my mind, my favorite actor in the entire planet is a criminal? Not just your ordinary criminal, but someone who hits his mother and sister?! For Bale's sake, I really hope not. To be quite honest, I would never have thought that Bale would ever do such a thing. He was always the cool, quiet, calm and collected, type of person. A very private person, virtually never appearing in the media unless it has to do with a new movie he is promoting. I dont know what to say. I hope everything surfaces and they announce that they have the wrong guy and it was some media propanganda.

Worst XBL Community, Gears of Wars 2 impressions, and E3 hopefuls.

Hi guys. I wanted to get some opinions from the Gamespot friends community. Which do you think is the worst XBL community? I would have to say Gears of War. I had quite a few runs with Halo 3, Gears of War, Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty 4, Metal Gear Online, but nothing is worst than the Gears of War community. For the first time today, I witnessed a couple of guys on my team call an opponent a N*****. It is hard for me even to put the "N" there but you wouldnt know what I'm referring to. This went on for a while and I thought it would stop, but it didnt. So I left the match. I think it's a serious issue but unfortunately, there's nothing we can do about it but file a compaint, and submit a player review. And the obvious choice would be to mute them. Dont get me wrong, Gears of War is my favorite multiplayer online but I feel like such a low-life playing amongst these random, obnoxious people. Don't you? Anyways, cast your votes for worst XBL Community.

My next topic steers its way into Gears of War again but not the original, I'm talking Gears of War 2. As you guys may know, Epic Games has been showing off the multiplayer quite a lot lately. And it seems to me, this time around we're going to see a huge emphasis on gameplay. You have your original gameplay mechanics mixed in with new and impressive moves. You can flip opponents over and curbstomp them in the face. When you're "downed" you can crawl to one of your teammates or to a cover position which I thought was the most noticeable new gameplay mechanic. I could imagine a lot of teabagging going on because of that, haha. We finally get a snow level and it's also featured as a map in the multiplayer. We have new characters, a more engaging storyline, and we have more badass weapons.

Aside from all of that, what would you like to see in Gears of War 2? Or what would like improved? Personally, I'd like for Epic Games to confirm 4-player co-op for the campaign mode. If they have, then I apologize. I haven't been really following up too much on it. But what I heard so far, is just a rumor but more than likely it will be because Cliff promised a badass game. I would to see more big boss fights. I cannot emphasize that enough. Big boss fights means a more nostalgic experience and guaranteed nirvana in 4-player co-op. Just imagine, you and three of your friends fighting big, baddass bosses? Ooooh man! Can you say Grub?! Before I end this discussion on Gears of War 2, I would like Epic Games to do away with Host Advantage. If they manage to take this out, we'll get less people complaining about Host Advantage and all that bologne. Last but not least, more level variety. As you well know, in the original Gears of War, we had a lot of levels that took you from building to building, mansion to underground caves. It was great, I'm not complaining but I would like to see more level varieties. So far, I have seen a snow level which is so awesome, and screenshots of other levels I can hardly describe at this point. Here's to an epic game in November.

July is the month to talk about. A new game perhaps? No, not really. So what is it? Well, there's E3 in Los Angeles. Some of you guys are wondering if I'm attending E3 this year because I live in Los Angeles. Sadly, no. I did go last year though. :P So we have E3 in July. Which game are you looking foward to the most that you know will be there? Which game would you like to make a surprise appearance? Which game will steal the show? State your answers and discuss. I want you guys to talk in this thread. Some of you guys hardly deliver more than a sentence. I would love to hear from the Gamespot friends community.

As for me, I'm looking foward to Too Human. Like I stated in my previous blog, I would love for Too Human to succeed. It still has a ton of potential and I hear the doubts, I do. Here's to hoping Silicon Knights will pull it off in August. Other honorable mentions include Fallout 3, Spore, Tomb Raider Underworld, Gears of War 2, Resistance 2, Little Big Planet, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed which Gamespot forgot about! :P Fable 2, I could go on all day. I would like to see a follow-up with Prince of Persia, and games that disappeared off the map like Tiberium, BioShock 2, Crysis Warhead, Borderlands, Dead Space, and possibly Mass Effect 2? I can dream. I think Alan Wake is going to make a surprise appearance. I know that many people highly doubt it but I can dream. If Alan Wake shows up, I think E3 will literally blow up out of pure joy and excitement. Lastly, I think Fallout 3 will steal the show. I know, I know. Gamespot, IGN, nearly everyone is hyped for Fallout 3. They see the name Bethesda and they scream with glee. I dont blame them. To me, Fallout 3 is like Fable 2 set in a postapocalyptic world, but better. You have your trusty pal dogmeat (dog companion), a bobblehead Hawaii Chick, and some old broken record. Suprisingly enough, gamers cant get enough of postapocalyptic, end of world, doomsday video games. We love fantasy worlds. Yes we friggin do.

Let the discussions begin.

Too Much to Handle?

With E3 2008 just around the corner, Too Human by Silicon Knights has already been receiving not-so epic preview-reviews. What was suppose to be a Playstation One game turned out to be a 10-year delay video game slated exclusively for the Xbox 360. So you're probably wondering what was Silicon Knights doing in the past 10 years to deserve such criticism? Your guess is as good as mine. Shot down because of a bad camera, repetitive gameplay, and the lack of different enemy character models. I mean, what action game isn't repetitive? But with Too Human, you have RPG elements embedded into it, massive dungeon environments, and tons of lighting effects and explosions to make your eyes gleam. On top of that, Too Human promises hundreds of thousands of weapon variants that should take you hours and hours to search and collect throughout the entire game!

I really hope that Too Human does not disappoint. It already has been bashed because of its incredibly-long production time only to be boggled down by simple things like game camera. All I ask from Silicon Knights is to fix the camera. Please, please, fix the camera! If they do, this game will be AMAZING. The infamous studio has about a month to get out the kinks and bugs before releasing this mammoth of a game. Whether Too Human garners an average to solid score, I will still be purchasing this title on day one.

If you could pick one game this year.. What would it be?

As you well know, there are several potential "big hit" titles this year. If you could pick one game this year, what would it be? As for me, I would have to pick Fable 2. As much as I would love to get my hands on Gears of War 2, Too Human, or the new Prince of Persia installment, I would love it more if I can dive into the world of Fable 2. From the looks of it, Fable 2 looks immersive with lush and highly detailed environments, and wonderful NPCs that embody this fantasty world. I know for sure that I'll be forever lost in its immersiveness. It is going to be one of those games that I'll be playing from hours on end.

Thanks WalkingP!

Hi guys. I wanted to thank WalkingP for making banners for my profile page. What a nice guy. :) He went out of his way to look for pictures and resize them perfectly to fit into my banner's section. Not only that, the banners are of high quality, with no stretching or blurr. It is nice to have someone like WalkingP that helps people out within the Gamespot community. I am not very tech savvy so it is nice to have someone who has the "know-how" and "how-to." The Prince of Persia banner you see above the blog section is one of his creations. I wanted to take the time to thank the man who is responsible for this artwork. Thank you WalkingP!

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