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NHL 10 & pokemon

A quick summary of NHL 10:

Step 1: Slow the game down

Step 2: Make passing impossible

Step 3: Keep wrap around the back of goalie cheeser goals in tact

Step 4: Make graphics worse, including glitchy helmets that change color

Step 6: Leave the rest of the game the same


I was looking forward to this SO MUCH, and it's a total let down...I should have kept NHL 09.

Guild Wars 2 hands on video, Devil Survivor, Pokemon, Puzzle Quest 2, Runescape.

Lots of updates to quickly go over and since nobody else in my office is working (as usual) I'm actually going to cave and not work for a bit.

I hardly played Devil Survivor at all, and not only because of the freezing issues, but also because of the fact that you basically have to go in to a battle and die so you can figure out what the battle enemies are weak to, then grind ur way up a level or two/steal some spells...then re-battle. This is entirely lame. However, I have confidence I will finish this game at some point despite the game going from a 10 rating, to about a 8/7.5 (or lower) in a matter of days.

I also started re-playing the original Guild Wars:Prophecies campaign with my wife. Nothing like a weekend of minimal chores and Guild Wars fest. I'm making my first Warrior in the's nuts how its been six years and I'm still playing it. Talk about getting your $50 worth. I can't the same for WoW, or any game for that matter. No doubt this is maybe my favorite game of all time...

On that note I creamed my pants watching the Guild Wars 2 hands-on trailer. Imagine this quality of game with no montly subscription. This is going to be amazing.

Also, with the release of Pokemon Black & White; my Pokemon addiction is resurfacing. I'm unusure when I'll get it, but I feel like I will be buying this game before Dragon Age 2.

Despite Dragon Age: Origins being amazing (one of the best of all time); the demo for the second game gave me shivers in that the game is following the Prince of Persia (ps2) path in that it's starting out with an original game and plot, and then falls victim to gore, dumbed down gameplay and boring storylines. I feel that I'm going to be dissapointed so I'd rather spend $35 for Pokemon and know at worst you get a 8/10 game, versus dragon age which I feel could be very clunky...i didnt like the new leveling system/button mashing interface.

I tried to play Runescape for the first time in my life, and realized it's terrible about 7 levels in.

Puzzle Quest 2 continues to impress me and right now is my traveling game of choice...breaks at work, a few minutes of down time and PQ:2 is out and rockin'.

Til' next time...

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor (DS) - The 10-star game that froze.

When I received Shin Megami Tensi: Devil Survivor for Christmas I was extremely excited. After reading several stellar reviews of the game I couldn't wait.

Then I started playing...and WOW what a story!

This is easily one of the best storylines in any game I have ever played...regardless of the fact that sometimes I felt like I was holding a Kindle instead of a DS (The amount of reading is insane).

But, fusing demons was tons of fun, and the battles had lots of strategy making it one of the best games combining so many strategy and rpg elements I've played.

Then the game froze.

No big deal, right?

Then it froze again...and again, and again.

Then I googled the game..with the word "Freeze" after...guess what....tons of people with this problem.

So, not only was I repeatedly left re-doing battles (yes I know u can save 1/2 way thru, but you should not HAVE to) but I was left with the difficult task of re-creating advantages I got during the battle, etc etc plus reading thru the opening dialogue which sometimes can take minutes.


How do games like this get to the market? Do they really not care, do they know people will buy their next game regardless and suffer thru this programming really this hard?

I mean, I write macros for Microsoft Excel on a regular basis and guess what, they never error out..not a single time. Now, comparing Excel to a videogame is ridiculous, but guess what...if it didn't work I'd fix it.

Devil Survivor may just be the worst, best-game I've ever played.

Thoughts on Red Dead Redemption

Is it just me or should this game be a lot more fun.

I dig the atmosphere and the environment, etc. but the game just isn't doing what i feel like it should be.

I mean holding X and listening to people gab about all manner of things while riding my hose (by holding for 5 minutes just to get to another cutscene seems a bit lame.

Essentially, the ride over is a cut scene.

I like the open environment, but other than hunting and picking weeds the game doesnt have a lot of "open" to it.

I guess what I'm saying is for one of the highest rated games I expected more. Overall I enjoy it, it's just not as much fun as say, Dragon Age Origins.


Since starting my first Pokemon's pretty much all I've played.

Yes, I'm 27 and while some may consider that lame - I'm 100% addicted.

Anyone else ever get addicted to Pokemon?!?!

The DS has taken over the PS3 and it wasnt even close.

Call me a nerd if you must, but the first game I got was Pokemon Heartgold....and nearly 40 hours later I am completely addicted....

Red Dead has taken a complete backseat to the DS, which really says something since Red Dead is absolutley a great game....i almost picked up the new Lara Croft game, but the demo was pretty terrible.

Not only is Pokemon fun by itself, but battling with the wife is great.

Everything about the DS is fun, just using the stylus, etc. is such a more interactive feeling than anything on the PS3....

I'll keep you updated, but it looks like the PS3 might be a dust collector before the year is out.

New DS for me!

My wife just bought a new DS which means I GET HER OLD ONE.

This might seem insignificant but up until this point I've played basically nothing on the DS so I'm a newborn in the DS world. Needless to say I'm very exited.

Happy the PS3 has demos

I just kept a 6 year old busy with the dirt demo for like 4 hours....

Why on earth would you buy the full price retail game?

Demos = godsend for people with kids (he's not mine)

Actually I was thinking the same...Dirt demos seem to be just enough for me to get my racing fix game-wise without having to put any money down other than my wireless connection which allows me to spend more time getting the games i Just got:

Madden 10

Fire Pro Wrestling Returns

Muppets Party Cruise

Rethinking my decision to use as my video game headquarters

I just got docked points and i had one of my reviews deleted for "trolling". This is my 2nd review to have been deleted and the best part is when I click on it to see more details - it says i dont have permission to view it.


How am I supposed to stop doing something when I can't see what I did wrong. Talk about MORONIC.

Not only that but I write all my reviews myself and I certianley do not troll so I was more intersted in if someone posted something by snagging my password.

Good stuff.

One thing I will be doing today is looking for a new videogame website to host my reviews. Sorry to the countless people that are tracking my updates/reviews but gamespot is VERY close to pushing me away.

streamlining my thougths or something like that

first thing - i saw the dragon age DLC - but $4 for ONE quest seems like a total rip when you can pay $15/month to play WoW with unlimimted quests or something like that.

Trine has continued to collect metaphorical dust on my ps3 and i still havnt had the urge to finish it. UH OH guess it wasnt that much fun after all.

NHL 09 might be the best sports game I've played in a really, really long time. The number of ways to play, etc make the game always refreshing and fun.

Red Dead Redemption looks pretty cool, but ill def. wait till it comes down to $30 or so before i buy it since half the time im underwhelmed with these types of games.

My dynasty record is something like 25-12-2 which is pretty good for not playing a hockey game since 1997.

My goalie be a pro skills need some work but ive managed to get my save percent up to 89% which isnt all bad through 11 games or so.


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