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ROTB Pt. 3 Devil May Cry 4 and Mass Effect Impressions

As you might know this is he continuation from Saturdays blog. Since then I finally got Ninja Gaiden Black downloaded on my 360. It was a 6gb file so it took a reeeeeeeaaaaalllllllllyyyyyy long time. I thought I was going to die before this thing ended. I played the first level and am lovin it. The difficulty is incredibly hard but if you die a couple times it lets you take the difficulty down a notch which is a lot more bearable than dieing right when you step into a room. Now onto the Impressions for Devil May Cry 4 and Mass Effect.

Devil May Cry 4 is without a doubt a great addition to the DMC series. I completed Human mode and started on Devil Hunter mode. The game is really addiction especially with the deep combat system. You can never get sick with all the different ways to can approach a combat area. The boss battles are some of the best I have ever versed. Even though you need to fight them three times, they are always fun to kill. You might be wondering why there is a different character on the front cover of the game. Though Dante is a playable character in the game, you should not expect to play with him right off the bat. Nero, which is the new characters name, is of course not human. (What fun would it be if he was?) His arm is what sets him apart from Dante which can reach for foes across a distance and can start a really good fighting seen if you grab a boss with it. If you never played a DMC game this is the perfect place to start off.

Mass Effect was not on my wish list the first time I saw it. I never played the previous games that Bioware created but I always wanted to. I was coming into this game expecting something close to World of Warcraft except set in a different environment and there are no real people to play with. First, I started with an Infiltrator class which wasn't the smartest thing to do. I start off not know a lot about how this game is played and getting stuck in one area for a really long time. I spent most of the time wondering where to go and what I had to do. The menu system is not that help full and it not actually telling where exactly to go gets you confused. Even though the graphics are amazing, they do take a while for them to load up so when you go into a new area you might be seeing the graphics settling in for 5-10 seconds which isn't that big a deal to some people. But when you walk a few steps and there is a loading sequence, that can get annoying. Even though this game can take a while to get used to, you have to look over its faults and understand the depth in this game. If you like RPG's then this is a great game for you. If you never even touched an RPG, this is not a great place to start.

I think for my next blog I am going to talk about how World of Warcraft took a part of my life, and changed it forever. Hope you enjoy that and brings the questions to a close about how people are so addicted to it.

I am also planning on creating a podcast but I am not to sure yet since I don't know many people who would want to do it. If any of you would like to make a podcast with me please comment and we can figure something out.

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