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Return of the Blog Part 2: Now Playing

Here are my impressions of my now playing. I did say in my previous blogs that I would do some reviews of COD 4, Orange Box, and World of Warcraft and the Burning Crusade, but I got lazy. I might do them at a later time but for now enjoy reading these impressions.

Call of Duty 4 is by far, the best multiplayer game I have played. The amount of depth in the multiplayer alone will keep you satisfied for a long time. The graphics are really good to even though you don't notice how they are at first, when you head into the 3rd mission you really see how the smoke and gun fire looks so rich and eye catching that you can mistake it for the real thing. The single player is very fun and intense. The first time you are dropped onto that boat and you follow you teammates commands you know your in for a ride. The action never lets down and you see explosions from grenades or air strikes left and right. This game has defiantly changed the WW2 genre forever.

Burnout Paradise is an amazing racer with a ton of crashing for your hearts desire. Even though the first time you are dropped into Paradise it might seem over whelming, you'll soon figure out what to do and how the race events are handled. The sense of speed in the game is amazing and the game almost never hitches when your going 200 mph with cars whizzing past you. Online is also seem less and a ton of car crashing fun. Even though I played 3 online sessions, there is a lot to do with the challenge events. You can choose your own racing start and end points or you can start a rampage event. There are an enormous amount of challenges to take part in and it will take you a while to finish them all.

That's it for today. I need to go out right now. I will post my Mass Effect and Devil May Cry 4 impressions up tomorrow so stay toned for that. I also need to get my Xbox Live Gold subscription back up because it ended on Wednesday. I might go tomorrow and get that back up.

Eat, Sleep, Game