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GTA 4 Map LEAKED! [Edited]

I found a lot of new images of GTA 4 yesterday, then I found the actual map of the whole city.

It seems like they added a new island and some other little things. I am thinking they might still have everything locked up from the beginning again and slowly unlock stuff when you beat missions. I really can't be more excited for a game.

I also got Rainbow Six Vegas 2 a few days ago. I kinda of wanted it but wasn't to sure if it was going to be any good. Boy was I wrong. This game is extremely addictive and fun to play with friends. The combat is first and third person and also has a running feature which wasn't in the first game. They also added a leveling system called A.C.E.S. which helps youacquirenew weapons and extra XP for leveling like in Call of Duty 4. Most of the things that they added to RSV2 isn't enough to call it asequel but it still is fun and has tons of things to do. This game shoulddefiantlybe in your library if you enjoy shooters.

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