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Gaming News

Hey guys. I haven't been able to post a blog in a while with homework and other stuff taking its place. I just decided to post a quick one about the games I've been playing.

I got back to Halo 3 again. I was playing it on and off for a while. I really wasn't feeling it in the beginning but after a while I got used to it and I am really enjoying it now. While I'm not the best, I don't suck. I think the reason I was turned off by the online in the beginning was because I kept lossing matches none stop and it got annoying as you would expect. I wouldn't have stopped playing if my teams had some decent players. Also, check out these mad skills that ESPN had. Can you say HEADSHOT!

Also, I am still playing COD4. I really don't need to say much about it except that it's freakin AMAZING!!! I don't see myself leaving this game until GTA4 comes out which will probably keep me from playing any other game. I also got back into Orange Box just for the Achivements since I found out you can use cheats and they won't stop you from getting them. I really was hoping that Team Fortress was going to be good but I guess only the PC wins.

I also want to keep playing some more DMC 4 but I've been playing other things lately. I want to beat it again in Devil Hunter Mode. I will definatly get back into it.

Thanks for reading

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