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Edward1211 Blog

Episode 1

I just bought hl2 episode one and its downloading right now. I hope its good but from the reviews i heard its short but i don't care i want to play some more hl RIGHT NOW! :evil: Tell me if you guys are getting it today or later.

-peace out war in!
p.s. HL2 ROCKS!!!!!!

My 360!!!!!

I am going to get a 360 on sunday so i need some advise. I'm not too sure what games to get. I am already getting PDZ and nba 2k6 but i want 2 other games. I know one of them is going to be OBLIVIAN!!! 8) I want that game so badly!!!! But i want you guys to think of a good game for me and give me reasons cuz i just dont want it cuz u said so. I want details on why i should get it. And my video blog is still coming on sunday and its about the 360! ooooooo RIGHT!!!

why i deleted it? yo cheese bob i need you!

If you noticed i had deleted my last video blog is because i thought that is was really supid!!!!! Ummmmm..... if cheesebob can help me out abit that would be great. Im going to pm u anytime soon. I'm am going to make a better video blog next time so wait for it! In the mean time i need cheese bob to help me with something so if you out there give a home dog a hand because we both have the same birthday!!

-peace out war in! :P

New video coming soon!!!

I will have a new video coming soon and its not like the last one. This is a better one but i want to see what you guys think so please post me a comment.

-Peace out War in

Here it is!

Here's my video. It's nothing really just a glich i found in san andreas today. I'm going to make another one today or tommarro.
Thanx and enjoy!

-Peace out War in

My first video!!!

This is my first video but since im poor and cant pay for the full subsribtion to gamespot i used youtube so click on the link which i will put in a few hours. Its about san andreas and a very wierd thing that happened. So please comment on it if you have a youtube account or just post on gamespot.
Thanx alot!

-Peace out War in

Friday Saturday Sunday!!!!!

We'll, Its sundy and i'm bored im doing my freaking history project and im bored out of my mind!!!! :roll:  But once im done i'll be able to play some cs and subsistance online!!! OOOOO RIGHT 8)

On Friday i went out with JJ or on gamespot "Kratos746" to the movies and with another friend. We saw X3! It was a pretty good movie. After the movie we found a secret door were all your wishes come true! :shock: Not really :( but were went to see da vinci code for free and X3 again! And then i came home and played some cs and went to bed.

Saturday was pretty boring but i beat subsistances main game and some san andreas. Man i cant get bored of that game!

And now today I did my history report and some family came over and o yea this is for you jj, I bought kh2, I finally beat the tutorial from 11:00pm to 1:00 and then played with sora for 2 hours then went to bed with a sore neck!!! man it still hurts!!!
Now some friends are going to come over tonight and play some video games but there not that good at it. :P So there just going to watch me play. LOL

I hope you guys have a good rest of the weekend and tell me if you have tomarro off! Memorial DAY!!!!

-Peace out War in

Blood Money ROCKS!!!!

I thought that blood money was going to be a rip off and was going to be as bad or even worse than contracts. But this one really seems that its taking its roots further and bringing the story line alot farther than before. It looks like that theres another 47 or something and hes out to kill you. Sounds AWSOME!!! I had downloaded the demo that took the whole night too download. Then I installed it in the morning and played it alittle bit to get a taste before i go to school. When I came home i was syked to play it so i started it up and the moves that he does are crazy like to one he pops this guys eye out and this other one is you blow up a gas tank and it kills two people and one person starts frying like crazy. I'm very surprised on how this game will turn out to be and I will probably buy it when it comes out but not for my computer cuz the graphics card on it only works for games like cs:s which i play all the time and i am hoping it will be the same withblood money. Please post what you guys think about the game.

-pease out war in!

Summa Summa Summa Time!!!!

I love that song! Its almost summer time and i cant wait! Im going to be on gamespot alot more now and im going to be able to play video games alot more!!!!! Heres a list of games im going to be playing during the summer and going to beat.

1. RE4: is on the top of my list not only because its great game and i cant get my hands off of it but because i have to beat it on professional mode so i can get the cooler gune like the laser gun.

2. MGS3 Subsistance: I'm mostly going to be playing online so if you guys have the game tell me your names so I can add you guys to friends and i can own you. I'm also going to finish the game because i already beat it in snake eater but I love the new camera!

3. San andreas: Yeah I know its old as my brothers rabes on the back of his butt, but I still havent beaten it yet because i had a problem with doing to many codes and you wouldnt be able to beat this mision because the guy jumped off the building too early. But now I'm at las venturas and have only done 224 codes. (742 screws it up) And im probably going to play multiplayer with my brother. LOL

4. Kingdom Hearts II: Yes JJ I know I dont have it yet but I want to get it even though ive been sayin I dont want it but I really do. I am going to get it for my b-day.

5. XBOX 360: And yes again JJ i dont have it but i told you im going to get it and give you one to because im going to get 6 of them(Premium) but with no games for you but for me PDZ and NBA 2K6 for my brother cuz he likes those kinda stupid games. I cant wait because its coming on june 10 and I am going to have the whole summer to play with it! OOOOO RIGHT!!! I love the summer time.8)8)8)8)8)8)8)8)8)8)8)8)8)8)8)8)8)8)8)