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Edward1211 Blog

A nice juice blog!!! And an awesome video!!! MUST SEE!!!

I am really tired today because I have to do so many things. I have to write an essay for bible which isn't that hard but I am just really tired.

On thursday I had to pick up my mom from the airport because she went to France to meet with some family and friends. I had to stay home for 2 weeks with my dad and my brother. My dad was pretty strict with me doing my homework but I found ways to playmy games!! ;) I am just putting this out there for all of you guys to know. My parents are not devorced. I just don't really like my dad and how strict he is. My mom lets me play so I go on her side alot. I also downloaded the Just Cause demo.

On friday I had school and when I came home I played WoW for 5 hours. I watched dukes of hazzered. That movie SUCKS!!!

On saturday I woke up and played WoW for a bit then played some just cause. This game is AWESOME!! 8) There are soooo many cool things you can do. You can sky dive, ride helicopters and blow stuff up, do tricks on cars and alot of other stuff. The graphics are amazing but i couldn't put them on the highest quality. After that we all had to get ready because we where going to go to the hollywood bowl and watch a concert. I played some Metroid prime hunters and climed a mountain. I could climb all the way because my mom wouldn't let. The concert was ok but the best part was the fireworks and this guy who was handing out wine for free!!! I couldn't get any. :( When we went to the car we saw this man who was playing the drums with cans. IT WAS AWESOME!!!!

Today I didn't do anything special but I have a video for you to watch. It's for Half life 2 episode 2. It's the best trailer I have seen for it!! Hope you like it. :D!!


The quality is kinda bad but if you want a better copy you can go to steam and get it from there for free.


WoW, Wii, Xbox 360 and more!!!!

I have been playing alot of WoW in the past few days and i am so addicted to it. I am not addicted to the point that i have to play every second of my life and my grades are holding up really well. I am so excited about the Wii and i am hoping to get it on lanch. I am going to play it ALL thanksgiving weekend and play WoW all night. My 360 is gonig to get some new games soon and I am going to play more with it. I am probably not going to get the PS3 when it comes out cuz its toooooooo expencive. I will probably going to get when the price drops.

Later!!!!! 8)

HE's BACK!!!!!!

Yea who care's. I know you guys are saying that right now but I don't care. This blog isn't going to be long because I don't have enough time. My internet wasn't working so i couldn't really do any thing. I could play Counter Strike and World of Warcraft but i couldn't browse the web which is complicated and I don't really know why it working now but who cares, IT WORKS!!!! I've been playing alot. Ok I have to go now. I'll post a much jucier blog wednesday.


Check Check Check Check it out!!!!!!

Yo Home Dogs!!! Whats the Dillio???? Ok sorry for the ad begging but the end is alright. I used some more of my skills :P, and I got Sims 2 night life for FREEEEEEE!!!!! Thsi game is alright. The cool part is owning your own car and some of the new thang's like furniture stuff is alright but thats pretty much it. Halo is pretty hard since I put it on the 2nd difficulty and I'm stuck with one health bar!! I am downloading Dark Messiah and it's taking FOREVER!!!!!! I know it's going to be good cuz one of my bud's already downloaded it and played it and he said it was amazing!!!! Thats pretty much it.

Check ya later!!!! 8)

I'm back and with a new game!!!

Yes folks I am back!! I have been gone for a while. I mean I've been at my house but I haven't been blogging to much since I am playing more video games. I have learned alot about computers and how I can get games for free!!:D Sorry but I can't tell. The work start's with an H!! :wink: I tryed to get warcraft 3 frozen throne but it was to hard to get that game running. The second game I tryed to get and succeded with was Halo Combat Evolved. This game is pretty awesome. I am on the 3rd mission. I am trying to play online with kratos746 but with this new thing that I learned I am not to perfect at it.:D I also have to say that Dead Rising got a pretty good review and I am hoping to get that game soon just like neojedi!! Except I have a 360. lol!! I have also not posted and new reviews for the game's that I have played so stay tuned for a acouple of reviews that are comming soon for Hitman blood money, Metroid prime hunters, guild wars factions, and guitar hero.

Peace out war in!!!! Or how we say it in France and Quebec,
Au Revoir!!!!

A New Life!!!!

Hey Guy's! Most of you know that i'm playing Warcraft and that I and it's it's like world of warcrack to me. I have not been playing as much because I have been going out of the house alot to do stupid stuff with my mom. I am alway's thinking about that game and I play all night if i'm not tierd.

I have been playing some css alittle and have noticed that I'm getting bad because I am not playing as much. I am playing some more ever day now. I wish I could join the Stride long lasting tournament on gamespot but I have to be 18 or older to join and I have to go to san fransisco or something like that. But I would'nt really want to go there since there are alot of gay guy's but I am pretty facinated with the lesbians!! LOL!!!:shock:

I downloaded the new Red Orcestra 5 day trial on steam and played some. I have to say that valve is out of there mind making another wwII game when DoD is a way better game. Red Orcestra sucks and no one in there right mind should buy it. My brother is also whinning about him not being able to play video games and can only play san andreas.:P Tommarro we might go to blockbuster and rent some games like godfather and something else that I don't know. I hope godfather is fun and not just the same thing as san andreas with a different year. That would suck!

Peace out warcraft in!


If you did'nt know already, I bought WoW on friday. I just don't know what to say except I am freaking addicted to it and I think my life is going to fall apart. I am only 15 and this game might ruin life for me. I hope I don't have to go to therapy because I don't want to stop playin! It's like a cigarette. You take one puff and your take 500,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 more puffs! I love this game as if it where my child. As you can see above I have devoted more than 20 hours of gameplay. I hope my mom dosen't take it away cuz I would really be mad. I am already level 10 mage and a level 5 hunter. I like then hunter because you can get a pet. This game is kinda like a second life to except the one that I origionally had dissapered.

Peace out!

Bye Bye Video Card!! And HELLO!! World of Warcraft!!!!

I am going to go to Fry's right now and I am going to sell my video card. It's the nvidea fx 5500. It was good but it wasn't a big improvemant to my origional video card. The ATI Radeon 9200. I am also going to buy world of warcraft today or tommarro. That game has been convicing since the day I saw it. I don't really remember when I saw it first but that dosen't matter. I'll see you later.

Peace out!!!

I'm Free!!! And new stuff!

If you haven't noticed already I have gotten a new banner and posted my xfire miniweb thingy. So now you can see how much I play Guild wars and join me when i'm playing. I'm trying to figure out how to put my counter strike source time on. Those hours on there are wrong because I got xfire after I got guild wars so you have to add like 25 more hours on there to make it correct.

My banner was made by Monkies 48 which is an awesome banner maker. I really like and hope that you do too! :D I watched some video's of spinter cell double agent multiplayer which looks better than ever. I want that game sooooo badly!!!. :x I'm definatly going to get for the 360. I also watched a video of sim's 2 pets which looks awesome. This is probably going to be my first sim's 2 expansion pack that I am going to buy.

Tommarro is my final and I am planing on getting a B on it. I have a 85 in the class and my teacher said that I have to get a 50 on the final to keep my B which is immpossible for me to get!! If you want to see how my teacher looks like click here!
He's fatter in person. LOL!

OOO YEA!! I almost forgot! I have this friend on gamespot that has only one friend on gamespot. I was hoping that people here could start tracking him because he's a cool guy that need some friends. Click here to go to his profile!

Peace out!

Dark Messiah Video's MUST SEE!!

These are some amazing gameplay video's of Dark Messiah. I have been so excited about this game since I heard Greg Kasavin talk about it on the e3 show's that where live on gamespot. I hope you like these video's and remember that Dark Messiah is running on the source engine which I have to say looks awsome!!! Enjoy!





Awsome right? I am going to get this game no matter what. Even if my computer can't handle it I am still going to play this game. And anyway's, isn;t it about the gameplay, not the graphics that matter about a game? PLease post a comment on how I'm right and how these video's are awsome!!!!

Peace out! Dark Messiah is in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!