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The Amazing Coke and Mentos Trick!!!!!

First of sorry for not being able to show you guys the video. My computer isn't really that great at recording video's which is wierd since I can play games like Half Life 2 and other games like that. I'll probably record it with my camera. I hope the the Quality will be good though. Here is a video of a Coke and Mentos trick that is pretty cool. Enjoy!!!

How do RPG's do this???

The first game that I ever played was Tetris. That game was addictive and really fun. After that the first console I ever got was the N64 and the first game that I played was Goldeneye. I was really small when I had that game and I was really scared and couldn't beat the game. This game changed the whole way I thought about games and that was a good thing. I thought that shooters were the greatest thing ever created. Then I got Perfect Dark. This game blew me away with it's graphic's. While I grew older I had alot more experience with games, I got better purchaces and better games to play with. 

RPG's are probably the most addictive games out there but are not the most entertaining. All you do is press a button, see the guy attack, then chose another attack. I hated FF games. I don't have anything againts the players just the game. I never thought I would get addicted to a game until San Andreas came out. I played that game NONSTOP!!!!! Eventually I got tired of it and stoped. But during that time I was non stop San Andreas. I couldn't get stop talking or playing the game.

Now I have WoW and I have a new addiction. I can not get away from this game. MMORPG's are pretty good. You see I added MMO. It's not just RPG alone. I love playing with other people and making friends and WoW has great gameplay.

I am probably going to make a Video Blog about WoW and have some gameplay with my mage. I might run an instance which will make the blog long. If I do make one I will make it on Friday and probably post it late Friday or early Saturday.

Hope you liked my life story about game's. Please comment and post questions about what you want in the Video Blog.


Great Success!!!!

The Borat movie is the probably the funniest movie this year. Whoever likes naked fights, sexy time, and Pamela Anderson should go and see this movie. I never saw the movie in the theaters if you know what I mean. :)

In some gaming news I played the PS3 and I think it is awesome. The graphics are amazing and the games are pretty fun. I got to play motorstorm. The first time I saw this games trailer I was amazed but I knew that it wasn't going to have those kind of graphics. The graphics are pretty good and the detail on the cars and the crashing are steller. I also played Excite Truck for the Wii. I thought this game was going to be BS and it was going to be crapy. I was totaly wrong. This game is really exciting as the title says and it was really fun jumping 100 ft into the air and using the contoller as a steering wheel.

Now to World of Warcraft. The new expansion pack Burning Crusade is going to have a TON of new features, items, and places to visit. There are going to be flying mounts, a new proffession called Jewel Crafting which will let you create trinkets, necklaces, and rings. This is going to be a fun proffession and is going to change alot of aspects of the game because you usually get ur first trinkets, necklaces and rings at the middle of your level. There are also going to be 2 new characters to chose from. The Blood Elves and the Draniah. Both are going to be intersting to play with and are going to be able to have the class that the Horde never had and the Alliance never had. The Horde will be able to have the Paladin and the Alliance will have the Shaman. This will change the gameplay during raids and instances and make some parts easier.

Please leave comments and questions!

Thank for reading :D

Holy F***!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't believe it!!!!!!!!!! Gears of War got a 9.6!!!! WOW!!!! This is awesome!!!!!. I am hoping to go to iv3rDawg's (Evan) so i can play it with him. I am going to own his ass!!! :D Nothing new except I am going to see the Borat movie on friday. I'll tell you what happened and my immpressions when i come back. I never got the video of us trick or treating so sry!!! :cry: It was fun though.

I am also going to talk about Burning Crusade in my next blog and how excited I am about it. I didn't get to see that marathon thing but I saw the shortened version. I am still playing WoW and Okami but not cs so much. I am going to probably play this weekend. Also this friday we have no school because it is teacher in service which is CRAZY!!!!! I can't wait for thanksgiving because it is going to be games 24/7 at my house!!! haha


Mad World

This song is very touching. I really like this song and it might be my favorite. Alot of people would cry unless your emo.
Check it out. Neojedi had it on his blog.

Rescue Ranger!!!

OMFG!!! i am out of level 20. It probably took me about 2-3 months to get out. I seems that I got 3% in 2 day so i am expecting level 21 to go faster.

I am only play WoW and Css right now. I am not playing alot of Okami as I would want to and my DS is only turned on probably once a week. I am really getting addicted to WoW and I get sick after not playing for a while. I think WoW should be considered a virus. I am considering to play another character but im not sure which one. I have a human mage. I want a different race and a different class like a rouge or warrior. If you have ideas which one is the best just tell me and I'll put it into consideration.

Also for Halloween me and my friends are going to go door to door egging houses and screaming really LOUD!!!! Its going to be funny. We might get some of it on video and I might show it to you guys.!! :)

Have a nice Halloween! :D

THANK GOD!!!!! And a new game!

I AM FINALLY BACK!!!! After my 3 day suspension, because I said g**, is finally over i can now post! And actually glich ****ing spot screwed me up. I was supposed to have 3 day suspension and it was about 3 weeks!! WTF is up with that?????

Whatever. I got Okami 2 days ago and I have to say that the cut scenes are long as ****. I got so annoyed. The gameplay is pretty fun but I really didn't get to play alot. I'll give you some more details during the weekend.

As for WoW, I am playing a **** load. I am almost lvl 40 and I want to get my mount so badly!!!! I have so many friends at school now that I play with.

Those 2 are really the only games I am playing right now. I play some other games here and there but I really am playing those 2 alot. I still play Counter Strike and I am looking for a clan.

Peace out, War in!

Weekends, who like's them?

WOW!!!!!! Ugly weekend. Well first off I got to say **** you to who ever violated me and got me suspended. How come I see other people say bad words and not get banned and the second I say something I say something I get suspended for a YEAR!!! ****ing gay

Friday I just played WoW. Saturday was boring. Today, I went to the mall and had some fun with money. :D I traded in Hitman BM and got $30 bucks back and reserved World of Warcraft Burning Crusade. I am so friken excited about that game. I also bought 2 this gamestop card that gets me extra money on buying used games and trading used games. I also get GAMEINFORMER magazines for only $15 a year!!! Awesome deal.

I am now going to tell you the blog that got deleted because of some gamespoter here. It is my most favorite games of all time.

10. Call of Duty


8. God of War

7. Command and Conquer series

6. GTA Vice City

5. Sims series

4. Half Life 2

3. GTA San Andreas

2. Resident Evil 4

1. World of Warcraft

I hope you like the list. :)

thx for reading!

The Wii, Burning Crusade, and Okami

I have been very excited about this years TGS because of the Wii most of all. The Ps3 is not one of my interests right now because I really don't like the price. I want to get it once the price drops which it probably will since I know tons of people not getting a Ps3 and wanting the Wii alot more. I want the Wii because of me being a nintendo fan boy. I never got a gamecube because that console was a mistake. The Wii is alot better and is having alot of great games at lanch. Zelda Twilight Princess, Red Steel, and Wii sports. Yes Wii sports. Wii sports looks extremely fun and cool to play with friends. My most favorite games right now are Wii bowling and Wii boxing. I also like that it comes with it. I reserved red steel but I saw the new video and I kinda see how the graphics aren't that great. I am still thinking about it. OMG!! Twilight Princess!!! I don't have to say anything about that.

The Burning Crusade was on my wish list after I got WoW. I mean I love WoW and Burning Crusade is a game that will make me probably even more addicted to the game. I can control my self but sometimes I just need to play a hour at least on the weekend. I can't wait for thanksgiving because I finally have time with my baby!8) I am going to reserve Burning Crusade this weekend for sure.

Okami made my jaw drop the first time I saw it. The review is out and I want it!!! i played the demo which was pretty fun with the brush stoke pussles and combat moves. I am hoping to buy it soon. This is definatly going to be my last game for the Ps2 because after this there is nothing. I had alot of good times with that system. Lets take a moment of silence to remember our good old freind........................................................................
Ok im done. :cry: I hope you guys feel the same way I do.