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Edward1211 Blog

Back to the same Place

Well School ended wednesday and just started again yesterday. Seems like every chance they get they bring you back in. Sucks. Oh well.

On the Gaming side of news, I got God of War 2 and Crackdown. Both games are great but I like GoW 2 more mostly because I feel in love with GoW 1 and this game just makes killing monster even more fun. I'm at the part were you get the Icarus Wings. I don't really like the wings because you can just glide with them but the weapons are crazy. I like the spear the most and I'm leveling that one the most. I just beat the Volk king pin and I'm going to head to the Shi Gen now. I've gotten my gamerscore up and its now to 975. This game is great for easy points.

I am noticing that not that many people are posting in my blogs and I'm posting in theres. I don't really care that much but I would like more info when I ask questions but its no biggy.

Later G-spot

The Longest Day of the Year!

Most of you might know that today is the longest day of the year and the first day of summer. It is also my birthday. Another person that I know whos birthday is today is Bigdave. I just would like to wish him a happy birthday.

I am going to get 2 games for my 360 and god of war 2 since I have not played that game yet and am waiting to get my hands on it. I am really not sure what 2 game I should get for my 360. I was thinking Crackdown and Rainbow Six Vegas but I'm not sure. You guys can give me any type of game and I'll see if I will like it.

Thanks for reading my blog and I will post a new one tomarrow telling you what I got.


Nice to see you guys!

Well, its been quite some time now since i have been bloggin, or actually been on gamespot. But I'm back, I did stop playing World of Warcraft, which is a good thing. I think many people are happy because of that, so am I. I really have not played any computer games for a while. I got help for my addiction to World of Warcraft and now I just play my 360, which is a lot of fun. I really only play Gears of War multiplayer because I don't have any other games. I am thinking about getting a new one but am not to ure of what to get. I was thinking either Crackdown, Rainbow Six Vegas or Saints Row. It doesn't have to be ne of those so you guys can tell about another game and I'll research it and see if it's a buy. I know gamespot for it's fabulous community and great game reviews so I know I am in good hands when it comes to chosing a game. Well thanks a lot for coming back to my profile and remembering me.


See you soon! :D 

Back From the Dark Room

I finnaly turned on the lights in my room and decided to post a blog. I have been playing The Burning Crusade a lot and made a Blood Elf with my friend iverdawg which is his gamespot name. We both go to school together. If you want to join us hook me up. I'm on Keal' thas and my characters name is Cheetoman. At first it was titycaka but blizzard found me and made me change my name. lol If you have any questions just message me here on gamespot and i'll try to send you an answer as soon as possible.

Now about BC. I have my mage at 64 and my pally at 24. I've been switching between my characters a lot and can't decide which one to play more. I think I'm just going to get my mage up to 70 first then my pally. jewelcrafting is pretty fun but I haven't gotten far in it.

As for my 360. I play it sometimes. I am just waiting to slow down the addiction to WoW first before I go back to it. Still play online a few times with Gears.

Wells thats it. Peace!

NOOOOOOO!!!!! It BURNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I got it. I finally got the Burning Crusade. Now I am going to have less of a social life now. Oh well. The more Warcraft the better. The cashier guy was giving me a hard time becuase there were these pins and shirts that he wanted me to buy and I was like F*** you. But not really. I got some pins. Ok like 20 but they where cheap. Well I gotta go and get my guy to 70 now.

CYA later

Games of the New Year!

Well it's 2007 as most of you know and it looking to be a great one. The year is going to start off with a HOLY S*** when World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade comes out on the 16th. I have been waiting for this game for a while and now it's a few days away until the addiction kicks back.

Xbox 360: My new 360 is going to opening and closing its disc slot a lot of times this year with the number of games that I am going to get. Just to name a few: GTA IV, Crackdown, Assassins Creed, Command and Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars, Too Human, Strangle Hold, Burnout 5 and last but not least Halo 3. Those are just a few so don't be furious that I didn't mention a game that you wanted.

PC: The PC is going to be having a fantstic year this time. Last year wasn't really that hot for the PC for me except the game that I got for it. (World of Warcraft) I already mentioned The Burning Crusade so here are some of the others: Crysis, Hellgate London, TimeShift, Half Life 2 Episode 2, Portals, Team Forttress 2, Tabula Rasa and many more. Crysis has many possiblities of be a great game but we will have to see what it has to show when it comes out later this year.

PS2: DANG!!!!! What a great console this was. There are really only a few more months until this console is going into the bin of "OLD CONSOLES" so Sony is still trying to squezze out the last of it's juices until the PS3 takes over. Really only the 2 games that I know of are God of War II and Burnout dominator. There really is no other reason to keep this console out anymore. I wish it wasn't over yet. :cry:

Wii: I am hoping to get a Wii by June so I really don't need to be writing anything down right now for it but lets just see what it's going to be offering in the next couple months: Super Mario Bros. Brawl, Super Mario Galaxy, WarioWare Smooth Moves. Hmmmmmm? Really did seem like there was more that I was going to put on there but I guess not. Oh well.

In Gaming News I am on Act 4 on Hardcore. I really just decided to skip the whole Casual thing and get Crunk with the game. I am really enjoying the game a lot and can't wait to get Xbox Live Gold so I can play coop and play some multiplayer.

Well hoped you liked the Blog. Peace!

Got Gears!!!

I finally got Gears of War today and man is it sweet. I've gotten to the 2nd mission and I am playing on hardcore. I really want to try the coop because that seems pretty awesome. I need to get Xbox Live Gold first so I'll let you guys know when I get that. I will probably play coop when I play it on insane because hardcore is pretty hard. I am really enjoying this game right now but I do die a lot. I am hoping to get Saints Row next weekend because I want to see how it stands next to GTA.

See you guys later gotta chainsaw some Locust's now!! :P

The Departure of an Artist

The news about Greg Kasavin leaving has shocked but also made me think about life. People always come to an end in things, like games for example. You start out at the first mission then you end the game and look back at what happened. You remember the good times you had and the cool unlockables you found. Then you find a new game and start playing that and enjoying it a lot. This is like Greg’s decision. He has enjoyed the time at gamespot that he has had and so have I because of him. He was probably one of the greatest reviewers on the site and maybe the best. He was able to express how the game feels and is and the interesting things about it. I know most of you are shocked to but happy that he is pursuing his dreams. But what I feel is a man that has changed many lives with his words. He is a legend. Maybe you might think that it is too much of a sweeping word, but I don’t think that it is even good enough for a man like him. He has changed the way I am thinking about my life now and the way I play a game too.


We will all miss Greg and hope for the best for him. Good Bye my friend.

Immpressions on 360

I think i made a great choice in chosing the 360. I was really hoping for the PS3 to be the "Bomb" this generation but I was totaly wrong. I really only hear bad news about this system. From the Pricing to the games, this console is crap. The PS2 came out 1 year before the Xbox and the PS2 won the last generation. It had more consoles sold, more games and better game quality. The Xbox really only had graphics and Halo and thats about it. The PS2 had MGS2 and 3, God of War, GTA and many more. The 360 is now getting more games and is getting alot more titles on its console since it is now coming out first. I think that the way to win in console wars is coming out first.

Xbox Live is one of the stong points. It's $50 a year and i think that is a great price. Its not even a $1 a day. You can pretty much try any game with marketplace and I really have to say that marketplace is an addictive place. There are soooo many things you can do there and so many things to download. I had a problem though. There was a problem with my game whenever I played it up right. The CD started going crazy and I had to shut off the console to fix it. I am thinking that this is only my console it happens to because if it is I'm going to return it right away.

I am going to get Gears of War and Xbox Live Gold this weekend so I will be able to play with alot of people since alot of them play Gears online.


I'm Back!! With a 360!!!!!

I am back from not bloggin. I really haven't had a lot of time to blog or post comments because of my new 360. I am having trouble putting my gamertag on so if u guys could help me do that that would be great. I only have CoD 2 right now because that is the game that came with it. I want to get Saints Row and Gears of War and maybe Dead Rising. Not sure. If u guys could give me some suggestions that would be a big help. And also please leave your Live account names so I can add you to my friends list.

Peace out!