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Well, it's Christmas alright

My Christmas break just started, oops. I mean my "Winter Break" just started and I guess I'm having fun? I don't really know whats wrong but this Christmas seems wrong to me and doesnt feel like the past ones. Maybe it's because I already have what I want.

I don't know. But on the gaming front I have been giving some time to Halo 3 lately and have been hating it. I don't know why but I just keep on ending up on the losing team or I just suck really bad people just keep killing me behind me back. It's pretty annoying and also when I do an achivment like the Mongoose Mow Down I never get it. I don't know what it happening with Halo 3. Maybe some one can give me tips.

Call of Duty 4 is a whole different story. I am owning like there is no tomorrow in that game. The perk system is amazing and the game is very balanced. Even though I suck at sniping I am pretty good with the AK and the light machine guns.

I am on the last assassination in Assassins Creed and I'm really enjoying the game. I do notice the repetativeness in the game and it does annoy me sometimes but over all the game is superb. I also did noticed a glitch when I got stuck in something while I was climbing a building and couldn't save. I did get mad but nothing that makes the game unplayable. Over all a great game with an amazing story.

I will be posting up my GOTY on Christmas Eve most probably. I am still thinking but I think I might have the right one.


Mass Effect??? WHAT WAS I THINKING!!!

2 words, Holy S***!!!!!

First off, I wasn't thinking about getting this game until 1 month ago when I saw some videos and heard a lot of people wanting to buy it. I saw the review and looked at the GameTrailers one too. Then I said HEY, I want this game!

Last wednesday I had to go to Las Vegas with my parents so I wasted 3 days of my vacation doing nothing when I could have been playing Mass Effect. On friday I was going to go see Hitman with Raiden_69 but the stupid theater didn't let us. F******!!!! Then we go to the local play and trade, played some Uncharterd Drakes Fourtune. It was fun. Then I ask if they have Mass Effect and they said yes. I was first thinking about getting Assassins Creed but I said **** it and went for Mass Effect. We go to my house and we start playing COD 4 and Halo 3 multiplayer which was a blast. Raiden got owned by my brother, and he sucks!!!

Today I have been playing Mass Effect the whole day and man I got to say, I made a great decision. The combat and story is so varyed its amazing!!!!

I'm gonna go play some more. I'll try to put some impressions tommorrow if I feel like it.

Lots of News

I have been doing a lot of gaming lately and am really enjoying all the games that are coming out. The only problem is that they are all coming out to fast so there is not enough time to get the full experience out of each one. I really want to keep playing Call of Duty 4 but right when I get Assassins Creed I will be hooked on that.

And don't get me started on Mass Effect. I am most probably going to get it for Christmas or maybe sooner if I can. I was really shocked about the score. They gave it a 8.5 and all they had to say about the bad was "Vehicle navigation and combat are weak, A bunch of annoying interface issues." How does a game with only that much bad things in it get a 8.5??? I would have given it a 9.5 with just that. Gamespot is getting really picky for the reviews.

I am thinking about making some reviews for some games since I haven't in a while. The 3 first are going to be COD 4, Orange Box, and World of Warcraft and BC.

I was also looking in the newspaper today and saw in the Fry's Electronics section that Rock Band is coming out soon. Then I see the price tag and I go WAAHOA! It's $170 bucks for everything. (Drums, Guitar, Microphone) I am having high hopes for this game but I am for sure not going to buy it. Really wasn't a fan of Guitar Hero so probably won't be for Rock Band.


WTF??? Orange Box and COD 4!!!

Sup guys. I know I haven't been on in a will but I didn't really feel like posting a blog but I guess I want to now.

I just saw that there are Assassin Creed game guide videos and I'm kinda socked that they have them now. I hope the game turns out good because I've been waiting a while for it.

I also been playing some new games like Orange Box and COD 4. There both amazing and I want to go play some more COD right now cuz it's so intense!! I'm almost done with Episode 2 and Portal and am really enjoying them both. I'm on the second level of COD cuz I just bought it like 2 hours ago. I'm gonna go play more right when I'm done.

This weeks a 3 day weekend which ROCKS so I can get my game on. I haven't been playing Halo 3 in a while just like a lot of other people on gamespot because there are way to many other games coming out. Kind of a mistake for Bunjie for doing this. Thats why I think Rockstar is DELAYING GTA 4 AGAIN!!!!! YES IT'S TRUE!!!!! Oh well at least they have more time to make it better. I just hope they can show us some gameplay because of what I have been hearing I want to see what happpens.

Halo Fever! For Real!

I got Halo 3 on friday and played it at my friends house for about 3 hours and got through the first 2 chapters on heroic and did alittle of the 3rd. We also played some forge and had a lot of fun doing that. I did get sick starting on thrusday night probably because I was so hyped up. I'm on the 6th level now and I really really like it. I did play the other halos before but I never beat them. I know the story and it's really good. I can tell whats going to happen at the end but don't spoil it for me.

If you got xbox live give me your gamertag so I can add you can we can play some rounds.


Halo night, All night!

This friday I am getting Halo 3 and that night I am going over to my friend JJ's house to play some coop and kill each other in forge mode. I am going to stay all night over at his house and we won't sleep since it's Halo. On saturday I will post a blog on how the game was and will probably make a review since I haven't made one in a hell of a long time.

Hope no one dies from Halo addiction:P


Should I get it?

I really wasn't considering getting Eternal Sonata the first time I looked at it but now that I see a lot of people on gamespot are talking about it and GS gave it a 8.5. I was thinking about getting it. I personally don't like the final fantasy type gameplay that this rpg does but i've played a little of it and kind of liked it. I read GS review and GT video review and wanted some other peoples opinions on it.


Spore Gameplay Video

This is a video I found somewhere, I forget. I had it for a while and wanted to show you guys since we are finally close to its lanch time.



Smaller E3? No Problem!

Well E3 is almost over and I have to say it was a great one. Many games were shown and almost all of them were Phenomenal. Here is my rap up of the top games for Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo.

Microsoft: A little slow but what a finish. They had a lot of games that they howed off but one of them in particular that had a lot of show time was Naruto. I don't really think Microsoft is shooting for a child audience but I guess what ever makes them sleep at night knowing that Xbox i in the lead is fine to me. Call of Duty 4 was amazing. I like the new style of gameplay that they have now and no more WWII, thank god. Assassins Creed was probably the best game on the floor. I can't wait until that masterpiece comes out. Halo looked liked it usually did. I'm going to get it for sure.

Sony: Sony had a lot to say. New PSP, Playstation Network, price drop for PS3 and new PS3 with 80 gigs. And don't forget the games. Sony had a really good conference mostly because of the new things that were coming out for it. The games on the other hand were not as good. They had a Killzone trailer which I don't know why people are so hyped about since killzone 1 sucked. The only 2 game I really liked were MGS4 which is going to make me buy the console and Heavenly Sword.

Nintendo: OMFG! This press conference was absolute garbage. There was almost nothing except Metroid. Brawal, and Mario Galaxy. I was bored out of my mind watching this. There is also so much you can do being a family friendly console which is probably why there really are not that many good games coming out for it. Nintendo is the only company that can make good games for the Wii. We have already seen many others try and fail like Red Steel and Excite Truck which is why Zelda is the best game out right now for the console and there is absolutly nothing else to play on it. This console will probably not be in my house and will probably only be in here if the price of the console goes down to $100.

I bought Forza Motorsport 2 and WOW is that a great game. I had some doubts about it but man is this a great game. Can't wait to start playing online.

See ya in Live!

Just Ain't The Same Without You

I am really sad. I don't really know why. I think it might be me being off of world of warcraft for so long and I miss it or its something else but I don't know. I just don't like it. I really want to go back to WoW but I can't because my computer is gone and I have this cheap one that can't run anything. I might buy somethingto fix this gay cmputer but I'm not sure.

I saw the hotman trailer and it looks sick. Can't wait for it to come out.

See you guys later