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EddieV3DD3R Blog

Modern Warfare

Just picked this up. Never played it. Time to crack down and spend the night beating the campaign. Later I will write an in-depth review of the game after I have played enough to know what's what. Hopefully there is a difficulty option so I can start right from the hardest.


Bored with Halo at the moment. Possibly thinking about playing some Oblivion for a while.

Such a tough campaign

Just started Halo Anniversary on legendary with a few skulls on. I have bandanna, fog, and two more of which I can't remember at the moment. Damn is it tough. Flew by the Pillar with little challenge, but boom! 2nd mission Halo is tough. Halo CE is always tough on legendary, but skulls make it much harder. All my friends know I love challenges, challenge accepted. :)

Halo Combat Evolved and Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary

Just reviewed both of these games. There is so many things I want to say about these two games, but it gets a little awkward when i realize I wrote a bazillioin word review on a single game. But I guess that's what good reviewers do. If anyone read my reviews and has questions or comments, then comment below. You can find my review on these two games below under "Recent Reviews" Tell me what you think of the the classic Halo CE and your opinion on Halo Anniversary! Keep it clean, gamer to gamer, no hate comments please. Lol

First blog

First blog on my new account. Don't have much to say as of now. Hope to be posting reviews of games so everyone knows the low-down on how it is!!!