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So basically in this thread, name your Top5 Favorite fighting franchises. When in your eddie slips, they will each be counted by 5's. The number one pick will be worth 25 and the lowest will be 5. The winners go on to most likely the Final round, if there are a lot of votes with a variety in the running than I may make a semi-final round. 


Fighting game franchises like Mortal Kombat vs. DC and X-Men Vs. Street Fighter, are part of the SF and MK franchises, while games like Marvel Vs. Capcom are their own franchise entirely.Fighting games that are in series not primarily fighters like "Megaman Power Battle" or others are allowed.


Below are just a couple notable fighting games, there WILL be some unlisted, you can vote for any games in your top 5:

ff.jpeg563352_28983_front.jpgking_of_fighters94_box_us.jpgStreet%2BFighter%2BIII%2BDouble%2BImpactMarvel+vs+Capcom+2+Remix.JPGtekken-3-playstation-cover.jpgmortal-kombat-deadly-alliance-cover20437Dissidia_NA_Cover.jpgBoxSamuraiShodown.jpgstreet_fighter2_world_box_us.jpg563224_45450_front.jpgVirtua_Fighter_3_-_1998_-_Sega.jpg_-Dead-or-Alive-PlayStation-_.jpgDynasty%20Warriors%20<span style=%20[SLUS-00438]-" width="100" height="100" />196934_50221_front.jpg






  1. Mortal Kombat
  2. King of Fighters
  3. Street Fighter
  4. Virtua Fighter
  5. Soul Calibur

//////////////////////////////////CURRENT TALLY SO FAR:

  • Mortal Kombat: 25 points
  • King of Fighters: 20 points
  • Street Fighter: 15 points
  • Virtua Fighter: 10 Points
  • Soul Caliber: 5 points

Last vote counted was: Master Eddie Murphy Page:1
Happy Voting!

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Now think about it, since when do Fighting game have good story? Especially with that huge cast, I doubt it's gonna be implemented well, with enough character development & variation.rjdofu



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so basically becoming MK... just give us SF vs MK, I've wanted that for like 2 decades nowlamprey263


This is Namco, and SF an MK are completely diffrent in terms of realism, and the fact Capcom themselves have stated that the engines are too different and they don;t want SF character being impaled or anything.

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Ooh, it looks like little Eddie is getting real mad... But seriously, talk to me like a man, not some desparate little boy who thinks cursing and swearing is going to get him more attention...

According to MetaCritic, anything below 75 (you know, the yellow coloured scores) is an average (i.e. mediocre) score. And according to MC's seach engine, half the MK games they've listed have bad to mediocre scores.

And MC doesn't even cover a lot of other MK games. According to GameRankings' larger listing, a lot more MK games have bad to mediocre scores.


Back to the other issue: 

SF did not sell 34 million units, just like it's impossible in THAT same link that MEgaman sold 29 million.

The SF sales include Marvel Vs. Capcom which are no SF games.

Megaman 2, 3, BN4, MMX, are the only 4 games that sold a million. There are 64 Megaman games that are retail units that are not bundled, and are not cameos in other games, and aren't arcade games, since evidentally you yourself stated they don;t count as sales, regardless, the best selling megaman game is MM2 with 1.5 or so, the lowest million seller is 1.08 but let's say just 1 for simpleness. This means all other of the 64 Megaman games would have had to sell around 400,000 units each, every single one of them, to get that number. THAT IS ******* IMPOSSIBLE.

The SF sales include other games not SF. Let's look at this another route:


As of 2008, SF sales where 25 million.

Let's say SFIV sold 4 million for the heck of it, and that made it go to 29 million. 


Capcom stated that SF X Tekken sold 1.4 million.

That is around 30-to031 million.

All of this is Capcoms own numbers.

This means SF franchise includes: Marvel Vs. Capcom 1, 2, 3, Canon Spike, and Namco X Capcom. Which it seems under the street fighter name capcom had placed these in doing research. Which I find out since they don;t do that with any ot the SNk vs. Capcom cross overs. So the SF sales are BS.

If it was Strret Fighter vs. Namco or Marvel or etc. than you could claim it is a SF game(some would still argue that.)

I need more reliable figures sir.

Not to mention some of the MK games don't include other countries sales from charts I anyone could find (MK2?) There is too much of a lack of information. The most I can give to you is a tie. This is as bad as Sony using PS2 numbers combining with the PS3.


Did you even bother looking at who that site belongs to? Here, let me refresh your memory...


So here we have Capcom themselves officially confirming that the Street Fighter series sold 34 million software units... and yet here you are trying to dispute official figures and even going as far as claiming Capcom themselves are an unreliable source? And then to back up your claims, you use far less reliable sources, even using a VGSales Wiki page! If you seriously think VGSales Wiki is a more reliable source than Capcom themselves, then you clearly have no idea what a reliable source even is.

On a final note your arcade theory is WRONG. Yes, Arcade are profitable for some but they are not that profitable. If anything arcades are the equivelant, a bit lower howeve, pf PC gaming here in the states, while Handhelds replace consoles of here in the states. Arcade are still common in japan, but they don;t bring in all this money you imply when SNK keept reporting losses every five seconds, and so have others.


I've already proven that the Japanese arcade gaming market is larger than the Japanese console gaming market with a reliable source. Why even bother trying to dispute it? Just because you don't think Capcom are a reliable source?

As for SNK, do you have any sources to back up your claim that they are making losses? Even if they are, that's just one company. It tells us nothing about the arcade divisions for other companies. Last I checked, Square Enix's Taito arcade division was doing better than their console gaming division. Likewise, the arcade divisions of Capcom and Namco also seem to be doing well.




Those Capcom links didn't say anything about arcades.


Also yes Taito is doing better than the console devision which has HIGHER DEV COSTS LOL.


As I said, i never said arcades where BAD, I said they are NOT AS good as you say when the Handheld market is as big as the console market in the U.S. both of which make way more profit by like 3x than the japanese arcade market. About on par with PC devlopment in the U.S. Which is not exactly that "good".


Not saying arcade gaming will die anytime soon or anything.


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I'm guessing it wasn't terrorists.  If it was a terrorist, then way more than 3 people would've died.  They don't mess around.


It was a relatively small bomb.


If you plant bombs in public areas trying to kill people, you are by definition a terrorist. You may be inferring that it wasnt a specific group, but any person that specifically targets civilians with the intent of soley killing them, is a terrorist.


I mean a muslim.  Not some garden variety terrorist.  THE terrorists.


lol, Muslims that aren't really muslim and ignore the Quran, and you gorup them together with the others and now muslims in general ARE the terrorists? Lol.


Anyway, called, bros wife hung up, and won't answer the phone to anybody now. I guess.................:(

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It works well for NetherRealm games. They focus on story and weaving the fighting with the cut scenes. This makes it more immersive and interesting. But can you really tell much of a story about Ryu and Blanka?


They have made entertaining anime movies of street fighter. So I think they should be able to pull a story mode off.


The live and anime movies are all rated badly, while for MK it's the EXACT opposite, so it's still the same situation.


Well, the Mk cartoon wasn't anime but still.

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It works well for NetherRealm games. They focus on story and weaving the fighting with the cut scenes. This makes it more immersive and interesting. But can you really tell much of a story about Ryu and Blanka?



Yeah, they should do one or anther. To be fair, they tried to compromise with SFIII being how each SFIII is actually a continuation of the plot instead of an update, but people wanted either SF or Mk, and because of that other than 3rd strike it went flat :(.

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Do the4y know who did it yet?


till no contact.....:(

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[QUOTE="Murderstyle75"] Just implying that launch games to not mean crap anywhere except for Gamespot System Wars. Both the Dreamcast and original Xbox had excellent launch games. Ironically both consoles were flops. Yes. PS2 had hype meaning launch games don't mean shit. Only hype does.Murderstyle75


The Xbox dind't flop unless you mean financially for the Xbox, then for periods the PS2 flopped as well.

Sorry but most of you die hard lems were fu*king cows back then. 24 million consoles sold is not crap.


I know it's good, also I was never a barnyard animal lol... I borught an Xbox first than a PS2 a year later after the Xbox launched because I still had my Dreamcast I was getting games for.

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Crash Bandicoot should never return anyway, he's had his time and he would transition horribly into the modern age



Mind over mutant came out this gen and it was one of the better eceived games and had sales toward some of the old PS1 games b efore activision cut it for some reason.