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FFIV sequel announced

Final Fantasy IV The After - Return to the Moon

- Set after FFIV ends
- Play as Theodore, a young boy who is Cecil's blood descendant
- 2008 Feb: NTT DoCoMo (FOMA 903i models and up)
- 2008 Spring: AU (Win Brew supported models)
- Mobile phone exclusive

Okay, this why I'm getting sick of Square, Why must the they ruin it.
Can't they leave their games alone? Make a new IP or heres a idea Square make a sequel to Chrono, or do a Chrono Trigger remake..

Must you milk FF? You ran out idea so you can't make new IP's? and Don't give IU is new IP, yea it is but it's not by Square it's being made by Tri-Ace..

Halo 3 is still in ALPHA.

This is annoying as h3ll. People going on''WTF, Halo 3 looks like Halo 2 with just a little better gfx.''

Anyone that thinks Halo 3 won't look far better needs a little help and I'm going to give it to them. Here is old video but a good one that everyone should watch. If they haven't yet

Watch this

Viz Media to Bring Blue Dragon Anime to U.S/Europe

Tuesday 17-Apr-2007 Manga fans unite! San Francisco cartoon op acquires Westerns rights for Mistwalker anime series

If you're a bizarre anime-type, you'll be delighted to hear that San Francisco-based manga op Viz Media has acquired the rights to bring the Blue Dragon anime to North America and Europe.

The license includes television, home video and non-videogame rights to the series that's just begun airing in The Land of The Rising Sun, and follows the story of young Shu who protects his land with the aid of his big navy mate.

The game, in case you've been living outside of CVG's radar, is headed by Final Fantasy man Hironobu Sakaguchi, scribed by Dragon Ball Z artist Akira Toriyama with music by Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu. Basically it's an RPG fan's wet dream.

 Strange that the deal doesn't include publishing the manga.


but great news^___^ 

Blue Dragon Anime


I upload some images of the trailer.. I would do the anime but it would be spoilers. Anywho, the anime is by Akira Toriyama
and Mistwalker.

I love new update by gamespot^___^

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