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Packin Up My Bags

This Fall I'll be attending the University of Washington (go dawgs!) and living in the dorms. It's a double dorm and I don't know wo my roomate is. Space will be an issue so I had to go thru most of my stuff and decide what to bring and what to leave behind. I transfered all my games from their DVD cases into CD binders, it saved a ton of space but raises a security issue. That case could easily be picked up and stolen. I'm also concerned about having a 360 and Wii sitting in my dorm. If my roomate were to forget to lock the room, thousands of dollars worth of my things could be stolen. I don't know how other college students keep their stuff safe, hopfully my roomate will be cool and not leave the room unlocked.

Other than that, I'm really excited about moving out and attending college, should be a blast!

Nintendo Shopping Spree

Well I finally decided to spend some of my graduation money today. The plan was to go out and buy some DS games because my DS collection is pretty skimpy. Then I decided since the Wii is backwards compatible, I'd catch up on all the GC games I missed out on. Bought a GC controller and a memory card. And to end my Nintendo shopping spree I bought 4000 Wii points. Here's the gaming goodness I picked up:


  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice for All
  • Pokemon: Diamond Version


  • Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door
  • Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean
  • Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
  • Tales of Symphonia
I figure I'll start with Tales on the GC and Phoenix Wright on the DS. If anyone has any suggestions on GC titles I missed out on, feel free to leave a comment, I'm keeping an eye out for Eternal Darkness, Skies of Arcadia Legends, Pikmin 2, and Fire Emblem and will grab em when I find a copy.

R.I.P. 360 12/18/05 - 6/6/07 Happy Ending

Alright here was the situation:
The consol, launch Xbox, was playing Shadowrun without a problem until I switched to Forza. The system's disk drive stopped functioning. The drive won't try to spin any disks placed in it (I've tried Xbox 360 game disks, CDs, and DVDs). I made sure the disks work in their other respective devices as well. I've tried restarting the system and letting it remain off for a day. I've tried playing disks while the consol sits vertically and horizontally, with HDD, and without; all with no effect.

This isn't the first time the drive has stopped functioning but in the past it's been able to read the disks after a few tries. All the other functions of the Xbox 360 work without a problem and I've never seen the 3 red light error.

Luckily I purchased a 2 year Product Replacement Plan from Best Buy. So I called them up today to get a replacement voucher. The process involves sending back my product "with all the accessories" and when they verify that it is dysfunctional they'll send me a Best Buy gift card to the amount I payed for the premium Xbox 360 and warranty.

So that's good and all, but I didn't get my 360's HDD which contains countless game saves and more importantly about 30 XBLA games paid in full. I did't wanna lose any of that so here were my options as I saw it:

A) Don't send Best Buy my HDD --- I have no clue if they'll accept it without the HDD, if anyone has any experiance with the Best Buy Product Replacement Plan then any info would be greatly appreciated.

B) Try to find an Elite so I can transfer my saves before I ship it out ---- but then I'd have $450 Best Buy credit unused and would have to spend $500 of my own money.

Relunctant to do either, I packaged up my 360 and headed over to Best Buy. They were real nice about it and gave me a new 360 and swapped the new HDD for my old HDD. I had to buy a new 2 year warrenty but I didn't include the controller, headset, and network cable that came with my old 360 so I got a new controller, headset, and cable for free

Seems to me like Best Buy is the place to buy consols because with their $50 replacement plan you don't have to send it in like MS's warrenty. So there is zero wait, that morning it broke, and that night I had a brand new 360 and was playing away again.


The Games of November

    The next following weeks will leave me a very broke man but a happy gamer. I just recently picked up Splinter Cell and have had a blast beating the SP. Tomorrow I'll be picking up Gears, FEAR, and PSU. Then I'll be buying COD3 and RS:V. Wow, there's a good $300 spent. But it doesn't stop there, if I find a Wii I'll snatch it up along with Zelda. God damn, $600 before tax. It's an exciting time to be a gamer.

One more week!

On more week until the greatest game is released. I've been able to avoid all leaked spoilers and no longer want to see them. One more week!!!

DoA Ultimate owns

Just picked it up and have played a good 5 hours of it. It's really fun and I suggest everyone at leasts rents it. I'll have a review up in a couple days.

Street and Payne

Ok, this is what I've been playin. I bought NFL Street a couple days ago for $10 and I rented Max Payne 2. Street is pretty fun but it takes some time to get used to it. I beat Max Payne 2, it was incredible short. but fun while it lasted.


I picked up Fable and have logged about 15 hours into it. It's a great game. I also wrote a review of it. Check it out.
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