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So Close, Yet, So Far Away!


So its almost here, August 18th. What do you think will be the main anouncements there? So many things can happen. Lets take a look at the Sony things that are rumored to be going around.

Mass Effect 1 and/or 2 coming to PS3


It was a great game when it came out on 360 but that was before PS3 had its fanbase that it does today. Obviously, some of those people have yet to play the great RPG and they would love to now. Maybe its a former 360 owner loved it and now wants to experience it again. So what do you think?

Metal Gear Solid 4 w/ Trophy Support


Okay so we all know about Metal Gear Solid: Rising coming out sometime. We saw a good teaser and basically know that we're going to get to play as Raiden, the formerly known **** of the MGS2 game. Yet, after his appearance in MGS4, Raden is beginning to look a lot more bad @$$. We also got to see aPSP game worth looking forward to coming from Konami and Kojima Productions called Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, more on that later.

Yet, for all the trophyw****s out there. We want to know if theres going to be some trophy support for one of the, if not the, best game on the PS3 right now. Im sure plenty of people still play the game, I'm on mythird play through. Yet, what would make me really get back into it is if it had some trophies. That would be a game that no doubt I would platinum. Because its a game that i just love to play so much that I'd play the crap out of it, all over again. I get to see all the epicness and greatness, only this time around I get awarded in more ways than one. This game definitely shouldnt be played based on whether it has trophies or not, no game should. But, you cant say that trophies wouldnt give you more urge to run through MGS4 as old Snake all over again.

PS3 Slim


Okay, I'll be the first to admit that I wish this is what the "leeked" photos of the Slim are going to look like. In fact, this picture just looks sexy. Thats whyIm going with this one over that one because well, the PS3 Slim pics going around are just, YUCK!Anyway,this could just be what everyones waiting for. Yet, why so soon? Why not wait a couple of years? The PS3 isnt even that old yet. Why does it feel so self-conscious enough already to drop a couple pounds? I mean Im a fan of thickness myself. I dont know about you its just some things look better fat. One thing isdefinitely the PS3. That is unless its the pic Iposted, because I'd even tap that.

Price Cut


It has been recently announced that production costs for the PS3 have gone down 70%. Now thats a big percentage. So now since it looks like Sony will actually look like theyre making money off their product and not going deeper into the red. Will there be a price cut? If so, by how much? My guess is about 50 dollars. My thoughts on the matter are that they should wait until next year to cut the price a year from now so they can actually make even more money on their new set of PS3s coming out.So, that money could go towards other things.

Firmware Update 3.0


Alot of people want backwards compatibility back. Others want voice chat while in different games. Some people just want to see whats coming up next. Me personally I believe its pretty good. Whatever they do come out with I just want for them to make all developers add the custom soundtrack setting to all their games. So what do you think of that?

P.S. I apologize for leaving out 360 and Wii. I just know alot more about PS3 than I do the other consoles out there right now.

In Other News:


In my first blog post I put up a choice of three games that I would review, based on your choice. Since Uncharted has recently been added to the Greatest Hits list, to celebrate I thought I'd write my review for this wonderful game. So go check it out and let me know what you think.

Whats Happening Next?

I'm writing my review on Def Jam: Icon. I hope you like it. Also, I still need to write my opinion of the up coming PSP Go and my predictions amongst other things. Plus, if anything else big happens in the world I'll probably write something about that. Well folks, you know what comes next!

Time is yours...

Im Back Baby!!!

But Eazy! Where did you go?

Well I really went no where. Ive been here. Yet, thanks to our lovely maderators and fellow members of the site that get offended for every single thing, I was suspended from the site. You want details? Oh, Ill give you details.

Heres How it All Went Down

Its August 7th. Hip hip Hurray! Why, "hip hip hurray?" Well because August 7th is my birthday. So anyway I'm going through the forums. Im minding my own business, bumping to some Gucci Mane. All the sudden, I see, a topic stating, "Uh Oh" due to my curiosity, I decide to click this"Uh Oh", bad move.

It states in this forum, and I quote, "I just got my PS3 a few weeks ago and then I got banned for cheating on COD4..."

So, I write back, "thats your dumb fault for cheatin nig...." which it is. Sorry, cheating is cheating. Is it stupid that you get as much as banned just for cheating on a video game? Yes. Heck, the Patriots cheated using spygate through the whole 2004-05 season and who knows how much before that. All they get is a fine. No, bannings happened and knowing the ways o the patriots, no one even got fired. Dont go saying Im just a Boston/New England hater because I love Boston teams in fact Red Sox are one of my favorite baseball teams, Celtics are another team I like. Im just a bigger Philly fan for any sports teams all around is all.

Yet back on topic. This guy knew what he was putting on the line, he got that data and he proved that he was a terrible gamer by cheating.Is it my problem? Hell no. Its not like I havent played against a cheater before. If you're really good than cheating doesntmatter.

For all the cheater haters. All I can tell you is if it bothers you that much. Play a different game. Sorry, cheaters will always be here. Whether its this guy, me, you, the patiots, it doesnt matter. Just deal with it or leave the game youre in and start over. Thats all I have to say about that.

You have been...

So, speaking of the whole getting banned and suspended issue. What is with these guys lately. Ive read a message from a friend and we were talking about how strict gamespot is. Dont you agree? I mean some of these guys are getting modded off some serious bullcrap. Not everything is trolling, not everything is offensive, listen some people just need to stop being so trigger happy on the "notify moderator" button.

People joke around, deal with it. Its not trying to be offensive. Sorry and if you do take it that way tell the guy thats making the jokes and say, "Hey man, i feel that youre being a little too mean" or something like that. Ask them if theyre joking if you arent sure. And afterwards just get over it. Dont go running over to the mods, the only time you should notify someone is if this guy is getting on everyone. If its just you feeling that way well, remember its probably just you! Just because someone doesnt agree with your statements doesnt mean you have the right to rid them of the world. Just deal with it because you dont agree with their ways and you dont see them going around snitching, now do you?

Well, those are just my thoughts on the matter. What are yours? Express yourself in the comments. Moving on...

Michael "I love dogs"Vick

He's back from his suspenion as well. Yet, he cant play until the sixth week of the season. Which is pretty gay I mean this guy already paid his debt to the society. Why is Roger Goodell(NFL Commissioner) adding on to that? Just let him have his life back.

vs. vs.

Hes been signed by the Philadelphia Eagles for a two-year deal and making 1.5 million dollars this year, 5.6million dollars next yearLet him do what he loves. Give number 7 the football and put him back on the field lets see what he can do. Everyone deserves a second chance. He looks like he has regretted what hes done so let himbecome that great NFL player that he used to be and still can be. I cant wait to see him getting more yards than running backs in the NFL. Maybe in a few years he can be a star to The Longest Yard 2 :D

Just a few thoughts for the moment. God I hope I dont get modded again. Well guys, time is yours.

My First Blog

The Beginning of Greatness

Okay, this is my first blog as you can see. This definitely wont be my last. This is just giving me a quick feel for what I can do on here. I just wanted to say I will be doing normal stuff that everyone else does and i hope you guys support me.

Things I'll Be Talking About and Doing

So, I'll be giving my opinions on current events and all that good stuff(games or not). Im sure no one cares but I really do enjoy writing and its not just blogs either. So, rate my blogs and give me some comments on some things you'd like to see from me. I might show some bits and pieces from my stories that I write in parts of my blog every week or two. Based on how good that is post in comments whether you'd like to read more or tell me what I should change and what I should keep.

Ill also postideas for future games, things I'd like to see. Maybe post some future games I'd like to make myself.


I'll be posting reviews every couple of weeks. What I need from you guys after that is in a blog I will post three games(or how ever many games I've completed within that time.

Okay so the first three I'm going to post up are the following. And then tell me which one you'd like to see

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

DrakesFortune-00.jpg Uncharted Drakes Fortune image by Lara_Croft_TR

Def Jam: Icon

Grand Theft Auto IV


My next post will be based on the PSP Go, Uncharted2: Among Thieves, Overall Sales, and any other news going on aroung the gaming community or stuff that interests me...and of course you guys as well.