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To 3DS..or not. That is the question.


Fellow heroes and villains alike;

As you all may have already noticed, they have announced the U.S. release date and price point for the long awaited 3DS. The price is actually lower than what I initially thought it was going to be (I seriously thought $350). So, now the question remains; should I buy one?

This question comes into play mainly for the fact that I have a trend with handhelds. I'll play them for a couple of months and then basically get sick of them. The 3DS looks to be different though, as it sports some really interesting tech with it which may actually keep my attention. Add on to the fact that it is already boosting an amazing looking lineup of games and this may be the handheld that could turn it around for me. If I do indeed buy one, I would be buying it from Amazon so I get charged NO TAX and get free shipping so I literally pay $249.99 exact.

I dunno, I'm still at a toss up with this one because I was almost set on not getting one. The truth is, you know this thing will not drop in price for at least a year and a half; and if so, it will more likely only drop about $50. If I do end up buying one, I would be getting the "Aqua" one as pictured above. Looks fancy

*** UPDATE ***

I just reserved it on Amazon just to be safe :lol:. I could always change my mind later down the road