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The fall of a King

As you have already seen and witnessed; Duke Nukem Forever released with HORRIBLE reviews. I honestly believe a lot of these sites were far too harsh with the game...BUT, I will say that the game definitely shows it's age in design, gameplay, and graphics.

Though the gunplay is solid, the entire game just straight up feels old all around. Even the graphics look dated, which is inexcusable considering it is powered by Unreal. DNF is extremely linear, which is not a wise path considering a lot of games in the same genre are very open and usually paced well. At least Duke's personality is fully intact, and he did get me to laugh. I purchased this game even after seeing the reviews for the sheer fact that Duke Nukem Forever became a piece of gaming history without ever even releasing. Now that it's released and I have been able to play through it, I feel relieved to FINALLY get it over with. Will I sell it? Maybe, maybe not. Call me odd, but it seems somewhat surreal to say; "I own and beat Duke Nukem Forever." I will say that if this game had released when it should have, then this game would've easily scored very high ratings. At least give Duke Nukem Forever a shot, just so you to can partake in a game that was once considered dead.

In other news

A game that should be in everyone's action collection has finally dropped to $20. And for $20, there is absolutely NO REASON to not pick this game up especially considering it was worth the original retail price in my opinion. What's the game?

Go get it! Well, that's all for now. I'll try to jump on more often...maybe.