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RDR should NOT win 360 or PS3 GOTY

What's up fellow heroes and villains; just a quick rant here

Simply put; Red Dead Redemption should not win Xbox 360 or PS3 GOTY. This is more-so just an opinion of mine in which I wish game sites and magazines would do.

When you have a game, say, like RDR that scored extremely high ratings across the board and had a million and one followers; it's going to be a tough opponent to beat. When a game site or magazine does the end of year awards etc. they have a Game of The Year award for each platform along with a best multiplatform game,as well as the ultimate GOTY. I believe when they have a "360 GOTY" or "PS3 GOTY", it should be designated for EXCLUSIVES to the platform otherwise you will have a game like RDR who snatches up 360 GOTY, PS3 GOTY, AND multiplatform GOTY. Why have a multiplatform GOTY as well if you're going to include the same damn game?

At the rate Gamespot is going, it looks like RDR is going to win best 360 and PS3 GOTY, leaving the other titles no chance that are exclusive to the platform (Mass Effect 2 is the only one that might be able to overcome it). RDR is an amazing game, no doubt about it, and I do believe it deserves to win the best multiplatform GOTY; but the 360 and PS3 categories should only be for the exclusives. Now from the looks of things, Halo Reach and God of War 3 will likely not win what should be their recognition (two titles I thoroughly enjoyed more than RDR). This rant isn't directed towards GS mind you, it's directed to anyone who is hosting a "Best of 2010." BTW, kudos to Starcraft 2 for pulling in a lot of votes for overall GOTY.