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New Pre-orders and Crysis 2

Fellow Heroes and Villains;

Got some new pre-orders done thanks to Amazon. Amazon is now my go to place for games since they charge no tax and most of the time offer me sweet incentives like $10 or $20 credit for pre-ordering and $0.99 release date shipping and/or free shipping in general. Here's what I intend to buy (so far) within the coming months

I also love how a lot of games are giving you a free upgrade for pre-ordering, a good way to show a little love to your fans who are there on day one.

Question though; does anyone recommend pre-ordering Crysis 2 for the PS3 or 360? I more likely will get it for the 360 since I prefer the controller for shooters, but I know that the tech behind Crysis 2 is new for both systems and I just hope it doesn't run differently on the PS3 than the 360 or vice versa. Anyone hear anything about it? And no, I am not getting it for the PC since I don't have the rig for it, so don't bother recommending it.

End of story, stay c l a s s y Gamespot. (gamespot seriously censored c l a s s y)