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Nearly completed with a dose of trade ins

Heroes & Villians one and all,

I am FINALLY near completion of Enslaved and halfway done with Naughty Bear. The verdict so far? Enslaved is an awesome game so far, with the main highlight being it's story and visuals. Combat could use some work, but all in all the game was overlooked by many. I'd recommend checking it out, since you can find it pretty cheap now.


Naughty Bear is a little bit of a different story.Surprisingly, there issome fun to be had here, but the game itself just feels incomplete. It gets old quick, and all of the levels are identical just with different objectives which all usually result in you BRUTALLY butchering a bunch of stuffed bears. It should've never been sold as a full retail game.


Now, as many of you already know; Best Buy is now buying and selling used games. For anyone who uses a Droid or iPhone; there is an app for Best Buy that let's you scan the barcodes of games to show you what their current worth is. It's handy as hell since now I don't have to go in the store with a load of games to find out I don't even want to sell them anymore.

Till next time friends