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My first 72 hours with Next Gen hardware

As everyone and their mother's know by now, Next Gen is upon us and finally here. I started it off on Friday, November 15th, alongside of thousands of other Americans, and can tell you Next Gen is definitely welcomed.

I pre-ordered both the Xbox One and PS4 and I can honestly tell you that I was not all that excited about the PS4 (even though I was going to buy it regardless). However, after spending some hands on time with it, I am very pleased to say that I am impressed. Not only is the system sleek, and pretty to look at, but the real catch for me was the Dualshock 4. My favorite controller is the 360's, and I never liked the Dualshock 3. It felt to slick, and cheap; personally. But the Dualshock 4 changes this. The controller is thicker, and more comfortable with a firm grip and analog sticks that don't slip or butt into each other. The touch pad is interesting, and it's too early to say if it's going to be here to stay. Killzone utilizes this touch pad well by allowing you to issue commands to your drone (Owl) with a swipe of the finger.

While I enjoy the system, and the user-face, I am extremely underwhelmed with the launch titles of the PS4. This is partially my fault, as I always buy cross-platform games for the 360, and am carrying this tradition over to the next gen with the Xbox One. So I will buying AC4 and Battlefield on the X1. Regardless, it doesn't excuse the fact there is not enough 1st party titles for the PS4 at launch. I bought my PS4 with only Killzone, and downloaded both Contrast and Resogun for free thanks to PSN (both are awesome games by the way). Knack never peaked my interest, and after the reviews came out, that just sealed the deal. So even without the multiplatform games, the PS4's lineup still falls short compared to the X1's when it comes to exclusives like Dead Rising 3, Ryse, Forza 5, and Killer Instinct.

With that said, Killzone is great. It's not "mind blowing" in terms of gameplay as it's pretty standard fair FPS (it is solid though), but the graphics truly grasp the look of a next gen title. I caught myself stopping mid game, to just look at it and even took some pictures of it to show it off at work. Truly remarkable how far games have come, and this game showcases it graphically.

Anyways, I just wanted to put in my two cents about the next gen so far. If anyone reading this picked up a PS4 or is planning to get the Xbox One this Friday, feel free to post your thoughts etc.Regardless of your preference, we can all agree that it is a great year to be a gamer.