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January 27th, 2011. War has been declared...

...upon Nintendo's 3DS


Ladies and Gents, it seems we have ourselves a good ol' fashion console war brewing; but this time, with the little guys. The portable market is not really my cup o' tea but this one is really interesting and actually peaked my interest for the first time in years, and I mean YEARS. We're talking Gameboy Color years.

Why is my interest so peaked this time around? Well, in the red corner you have Nintendo's 3DS which is the first 3D device available to the public in gaming form that uses no glasses and is more powerful than Nintendo's current console. Now in the blue corner you have the NGP; the successor to the surprisingly successful PSP which sports an extreme amount of tech and is nearly as powerful as the PS3. But which to get? So far, I'm still leaning towards the 3DS since Nintendo is still king of handhelds, and it would be something completely new to me while the NGP will be more like my portable PS3. Cool, yes...but needed? Probably not. Well not for me that is.

Either way, it looks like we got a good war on our hands friends