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Due to "End of Year" sales events, I have doomed myself

Attention fellow heroes and villians

As you may have noticed, a lot of stores (especially websites) have been having "end of year" clearance sales. DO NOT fall prey to these like I did. Thanks to my complete lack of willpower, I have completely doomed myself into buying more games than I can handle.

It's already bad enough that I already have several games I'm still working on completing (Fable 3, New Vegas, FFXIII etc) but now I have just added another 7 games to the list. But who am I to complain? Now even though 5 of these games are used (2 are brand new) it totaled to just under $100 even after shipping and taxes. Not too bad considering. Here's what I picked up thanks to the douchebags at Amazon and Gamefly with their amazing deals:


DarksidersRatchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time

Supreme Commander 2Split/SecondJust Cause 2


EnslavedMajin and the Forsaken Kingdom

End of story.