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Fellow Heroes and Villains,

I just got back from Target and purchased two extremely cheap, and horribly reviewed games. Why? Just...because.

Iron Man 2: $4.98

Naughty Bear: $11.98

Of course both brand new. Even at $5, I thought hard on buying Iron Man 2. Either Iron Man 2...or Subway...which to get :shock:

Now with these dumb games, I'm really in the s*** overload. Good times (I doubt I'll even beat Iron Man 2). Till next time friends


Here's a fun fact: I installed Naughty Bear to my HDD and the game is 798 MB:| I've never seen a game install so fast in my life. I can't believe they sold this as a full retail game considering it's the size of, if not smaller than, some XBL Arcade titles.