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Pre-Orders & Batman: AA demo impressions.

Friday, the demo for Batman: Arham Asylum released on LIVE and I could not wait to play it. Seeing as the demo size is 1.58 GB I was glad to know it was a decent sized demo. And after playing the actual game, I could not even begin to tell you on how thrilled I am to get my hands on the actual game. The game played extremely well and looks beautiful. The attacks and combos move fluidly, and Batman uses all of his tech and special abilities as you would come to expect from a well made Batman game. So, for any of you having any doubts, throw it out the window as I can tell you that from what I have played, this will be the game of the summer.

Also, I pre-ordered a load of games Thursday. Here is a list of the games that I pre-ordered at both Gamestop and Amazon:

Dragon Age

Metroid Prime Trilogy

Assassins Creed 2


Forza 3


This is just what I preordered on Thursday, and don't include any of the others I already have (Halo ODST, Modern Warfare 2, etc.). How I'm gonna come up with this money I have no idea.

Newest pick ups from early July

I actually got some unexpected things during July so far. Let's start with the most recent:


I wanted to see this movie due to the fact I love Tim Burton and heard so many good things about it. But I never planned to buy it. Now, it released yesterday and I bought it immediately. Reason? Well, it's a full on 3D movie that comes with 4 pairs of 3D glasses and yet it's on Blu-Ray but it also comes with the full DVD version of it as well. So you get Blu-Ray and the DVD version both in the collector's edition form. Hell of a deal. Also, on sale this week the collector's DVD version is $22.99 and the Blu-Ray is $25.99. $3 difference? Are you f****** seriously going to pass that up? Hell, if you don't own a Blu-Rayjust buy the Blu-Ray version and sell the disc for $10 and come out with a profit.


Now this was not unexpected. I was waiting for this release because I loved the movie, unlike some of you.

Battlefield 1943

I never intended to pick this up either considering I tend to shy away from buying arcade titles. However, this proved me wrong in every way possible as this is the best Arcade title ever released and it also got me to stop playing all my other games for 2 weeks straight. No other Arcade title has ever intrigued me so much.

Splosion Man

Same with this, never intended on getting this. However, unlike Battlefield 1943, this never even got my attention. Today, I was actually pretty pissed that this got pushed forward and TMNT got pushed back. So, after seeing this take Turtle's place as well as people raving about, I downloaded the trial and got sucked into this game's damn greatness. It's not better than BF: 1943, but it is definately one of the top 5 best Arcade games I have ever played. And it's only $10 and you can unlock gamer pics and a premium theme for beating the game. Sweet deal indeed. Get this game.

So, aside from these I also just picked up:

Watchmen comic

Cause it was on sale for $5 and I never owned a Watchmen comic.

So, next up on my to get list is Marvel VS. Capcom 2. Next week baby! And thanks in advance for your feedback.

Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland

Just had to post this because I keep telling people about this and it seems like the word hasn't really gotten quite out yet. So, for all of you who don't know yet, Tim Burton is making a real life Alice in Wonderland movie. I myself, am a big fan of Tim Burton, so hearing this news just brought me nothing but smiles. He did good with recreating "Charlie and The Chocolate Factory" so I have nothing but faith that he will do this movie good. And oh yea, Johnny Depp is the Mad Hatter. Here's the picture of him. Pretty creepy and twisted looking, don't ya think? Just as I'd hope.

Mad Hatter

The best of the first 6 months of '09

I've never done this before and just came up with the idea. So I'll be showing the top 10 and top 5 games of the first 6 months of '09 as well as the topmovie of the first half of '09. Mind you, I only play 360, PS3, and Wii games. Handheld and PC games are not included in this due to the fact I don't play those. So, here we go:

Top 5 games from the first half of '09:

Resident Evil 5

Killzone 2




The remaining 5 equaling to the top 10 consist of: 6. Street Fighter IV, 7. Red Faction: Guerrilla, 8. Ghostbusters, 9. Ninja Blade, 10. Halo Wars.

Best 360 exclusive game:

Ninja Blade

Runner up: Halo Wars

Best PS3 exclusive Game:

Killzone 2

Runner up: inFAMOUS

Best Wii exclusive Game:

The Conduit

Runner up: MadWorld

Best movie:

Transformers 2

(Transformers 2)

Runner up: The Hangover

Biggest dissapointment:

Star Ocean

Runner up: Nothing dissapointed me like this game did.

Most"Surprisingly really good":

Ninja Blade

Runner up: X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Best game from the first half of '09:

Resident Evil 5

Runner up: Killzone 2

So there you have it, the first time I've ever done a blog like this. Figured, since June is nowover, might as well review the first 6 months since they flew by. Thanks for your input in advance.

The Conduit and Ghostbusters impressions

Wednesday, I had picked up my copy of The Conduit and had gotten my copy of Ghostbusters in the mail. So, after now having to put Red Faction, Prototype and Kung Fu Panda on the back burner, I got my hands on both of these games. First off:

The Conduit

Is a breakthrough game for the Wii. In terms of technology, this is the best looking game on the Wii since I've laid eyes on Super Mario Galaxy. This game is a true testament to what the Wii can produce and looks real good even at 480p. Honestly, this game looks better than some 360 games. The game also controls extremely well and basically slaps Red Steel in the face andshows it how it's done. Its not fidgity, its not frustrating, its exactly as it should be. Online play also plays extremely well and is surprisingly deep. This is the best online play for the Wii you will ever play right next to Smash Bros and Mario Kart. If you own a Wii, do yourself a favor and buy this game.


So yeah I found this on eBay for $40, most of you already know and have heard how this game is but let me just reassure you....this game is great. Just like RE5, I had no intentions of ever even buying this game, but after word of mouth got out, Igot the urge to buy this like RE5. To my surprise,I like this game a lot and have to give real props and thanks for Atari on picking this one up from Activision. The graphics look great, the story is Ghostbusters quality, and the gameplay is perfect for this type of game. Another game to pick up for all of you who do not own this. I heard it is short though but whatever, I'll play it again. Forget what the reviews say on this game.

New pick ups. One REALLY cheap.

Afro Samurai

Ahhh....good ol' Target. I found Afro Samurai on clearance for a sweet $14 and it even came with the slick sleeve that goes over the box. I wanted this game when it came out and thank God did I wait.

Also, on eBay I sold my copy of Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (which I never finished and hardly played) for a good $44 :o! So, I used that money to pick this up for $46 even.

Red Faction

I heard so much good things about this game I couldn't resist. I originally planned to possibly never pick this up because I had very low expectations for it. But, after seeing all the hype and all the ridiculously good feedback, I had to give in.

And as you may already know, I picked up:


On day one and have got to say that this game is amazing. You know, the dual between this and inFamous is a good one and they both are amazing games that stand on their own. However, I may possibly prefer Protoype more just because you can literally do more and you also have alot more power and control in the game.

That's all for now, I'll see you all soon.

The Hangover. The best comedy in years.


So I saw this movie yesterday and let me just make this simple. GO SEE THIS DAMN MOVIE NOW. This is one of the funniest movies I have seen in YEARS and I mean a looong time, and one of the funniest movies I have ever seen in general. There has not been a genuine hilarious comedy like this in so long. Please, do yourself a favor and see this one a kind comedy like no other. I'm telling you, you will not be sorry.

Rating: A+

Uncharted 2 Beta Impressions

Uncharted 2

So with Infamous, I got the beta for Uncharted 2 multiplayer and I have got to say I did not really know what to expect going into it considering the game is more single player oriented but luckily it turned out to be really good. You have two options, co-operative in which you and two others play through objective missions (almost feels as if you're playing a storyline), and competetive in which you play the standard deathmatch or smuggler in which is basically capture the flag but with treasure. Each game type played very well, and a lot better than I expected and luckily, the gameplay mechanics works extremely well with multiplayer and feel as if it was meant to be this whole time. The graphics are great as usual and it seems like they didnt really screw anything up so right now, it's looking real good.

In other news, did you know that Sweden got a Special Edition Infamous for the same price as the regular one? Here's the picture of it. The box art is amazing. Lucky bastards.

Infamous S/E

Punch me Out and call me inFAMOUS


So yesterday, I traded in several games cause I could not resist the temptation of owning the new Punch-Out!! game for the Wii. And who can argue with that especially considering I was such a huge fan of the series back the NES and SNES days. And let me tell you that they did one helluva job with the game and it contains the exact same feel of the original, yet with the motion controls imbedded which make this the best game in the series. The motion controls are great too, and are dead on accurate. The Wii balance board unfortunately is not, but thats ok cause you don't need it. Also, the graphics are some of the best I've ever seen on the Wii. Get this game! Did I mention that two of the games I traded in were two of the ones I just bought? I had bought X-Blades for $9.98 and it turned out to be a steaming pile of crap and I got $19.97 for it at Gamestop. I also traded in Dark Sector. I paid $4.98 for it and got $7.00 for it at Gamestop. I thought it was just ok but I hated how it doesn't give you any direction so it's easy to get lost. But anyways, I made a profit on both of those two games. I also sold Quake Wars on eBay for $14.00 when I only paid $9 for it.


The demo for inFAMOUS released on PSN two days ago and I was very skeptical about this game for awhile now, and after playing the demo all my worries went away and got me to head over to Gamestop and fully pay off the game. If you haven't played the demo yet, I highly suggest you log onto PSN and download it immediately.

Several REAL cheap pick-ups


My first pick up was with Wheelman which I just got for $29.99 at Best Buy. I've been wanting this game since its release in March and to see it go on sale for so cheap so early, I couldn't pass it up.


I then picked up X-Blades for $9.98 brand new at Target. Firgured it looks dumb, got low ratings but why not. It'll give me some easy acheivement points.

Sonic unleashed

Also on clearance at Target for $11.00. I enjoyed it somewhat when I played it before and I really did like the Sonic Levels, so for that very reason I purchased it. Plus, its a beautiful looking game.

Lastly, the best for last:

Dark Sector

Also on clearance at Target for get this...$4.98. brand new of course. I remember when I was gonna buy this at $59.99. So all of these combined cost me $55.95 ($60.85 including tax). Cheaper than one of these at the original price and cheaper than Wheelman if I had bought it at Target rather than Best Buy. Well now, I got a LOT of catching up to do.