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Gamefly year end sale = EXTREMELY CHEAP GAMES

Hey everyone,

Just an FYI, Gamefly.com is currently hosting a year end sale and a lot of their games gave been dramatically discounted. To top it off, they're doing free shipping on all of the used games. I just bought myself these 5 games for about $60 including the tax. I think it's lasting till January 3

Here's the 5 games I bought for $60

Just Cause 2 (360)

Supreme Commander 2 (360)

Split/Second (360)

Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time (PS3)

Darksiders (PS3)

Here's afew of the other's that are dirt cheap:

Kane & Lynch 2 - $7.99

Lost Planet 2 - $7.99

Splinter Cell Conviction - $9.99

MAG - $9.99

Singularity - $9.99

FFXIII - $14.99

Modern Warfare 2 - $16.99 (Mind you, this is only a small amount of the games they got on sale)

Do not buy Metroid: Other M

This is my fair warning to you all. I had extremely high hopes for this game since it looked like Metroid had returned to it's roots and my thought was how could you go wrong with Metroid's exploration and characters when combined with "Ninja Gaiden-ish" action? Well, unfortunately this game managed to trick me and the game turned out to be a repetitive and boring mess mixed with Team Ninja's terrible drama that they try to add in their stories. Doesn't help that Samus sounds like a f***in zombie.

It isn't a bad game, it's just a boring one that doesn't really deserve your time IMO. Honestly, this game can't hold it's own when compared to the Prime series; which is bad when coming from me because I have always said the Prime series was overrated. Give it a rental at most and decide for yourself, but as for me, I came out dissapointed.

Halo Reach has got to be.....

The best Halo game of all time. And yes, it is even better than the very first Halo. A lot darker story, gorgeous visuals, very likeable characters, loads of new additions, and the best campaign in the franchise easily sets this one to the top.

Who should play Marcus Fenix in the GOW movie

Just a quick and random post. I all of a sudden thought about the Gears of War movie's fate as I know that it's currently on hold. However, during that time I just thought of who would be the perfect Marcus Fenix. None other than Mickey Rourke. It matches perfectly, Mickey has the deep voice, the craters on his face, and he's not a small dude either. What you think?

Hmmmmm.....Am I putting myself in a hole here?

Honestly, I think I may have a problem. I seriously got way too many games than I can handle and it seriously doesn't help when a couple of them are pretty damn big games. So yesterday, I picked up SC: Conviction which is a DAMN good game. Now, with me picking this up and playing it right away (I couldn't wait since I waited so long for it to begin with), I'm going end up shelving the games I have sworn to complete. Here's a breakdown of the games I still need to complete:

Still never beat it. Yes, it's true. A damn good game but got sidetracked with others.

I'm right at the end of Bayonetta...but haven't mustered up the courage to beat it yet for no reason really.

Another great game but extremely large and intimidating. I put this on the back burner to complete some of the short games....but still haven't came back yet.

I haven't really even touched this game yet. Considering the size of the game, I also put this on hold.

Actually, this is the one game I'm really working on but it's still not done. This is actually the main game I'm playing right now.

Don't remember what made me stop playing this game...maybe it was all the lame planet scanning. A great game, but I haven't went back to it yet.

This is actually new to the library since the game dropped down to $20. But yeah, I haven't played much of it.


Now I have no idea why I have never beat this game. Its a great game that isn't even that long...but yet here it is. Still uncompleted.

Now another problem is that I just literally re-bought Brutal Legend ($9.99 via Gamefly)as well as Borderlands ($30 via eBay). Did I mention when I bought Borderlands they threw in Turning Point for free? When I say literally, I mean I'm still waiting in the mail for them. Borderlands is no real small feat either. I owned both of these before but never even touched them before I sold them because I was going through the whole "I'm qutting gaming" depression. This brings my total up to a grand total of 11 games I now need to complete (including SC: Conviction). Worse yet, I'll be picking up three games next month: Alan Wake, 3D Dot Game Heroes, and Super Mario Galaxy 2. Add this on top of all the online gaming I like to do (Halo 3, Gears, MW2, MAG, L4D2) and I'm really in a hole. Honestly though, the reason behind the delay in completing games comes from me not having enough time to play them anymore. However, my passion for them is still extremely strong so I still buy them like they're going extinct. Anyways, just wanted to rant about my dumbass.

From Demon's Souls to 3D Dot Game Heroes


Of course with the cirtical success of an imported title by the name of Demon's Souls (which completely surprised me with how successful it was in the states), I'm sure alot of people are wondering what will be their next game with the exception of Demon's Souls 2 (which has been confirmed in case you didn't know). Turns out, they're going almost a complete 180 and making 3D Dot Game Heroes. In case any of you haven't heard of this game which I wouldn't doubt, this game is going to look completely retro and next gen all at the same time. It will feature complete customization with building blocks and features some extensive customization for your character as well (who you of course build). One good example is how you can keep upgrading a sword to the point where it reaches across the entire screen. Call it absurd; yes, but the game wears it proudly on it's sleeves and looks to be doing it completely right. The game also looks to play extremely similiar to the original The Legend of Zelda. For more info, click on the link. The game comes out May 11, 2010 and will be selling for only $39.99. Here's a couple of screens:

Need your input: Debating on joining USAF


Now this obviously has nothing to do with gaming but I want your on input. I had already got a lot of input from my Facebook friends but the more the better. So I had lost my fiance in late January and since then I decided I was going to become a Sheriff and join the police academy. Right now, I do auto repossessions but want a real career which is why I chose law enforcement. But now, just recently, I have been debating on whether I was going to join the USAF or Navy and do law enforcement later.

I originally had planned to join the Marines back when I was 18 but I was talked out of it. Now that I no longer have my future wife and feel that the future I had originally planned was stripped from me, I feel I need to do something with myself. Between the two, USAF and Navy, I'm choosing USAF but I'm not completely sold to enlist. The pros consist that with me having a military backround I will be pretty much set for my life with benefits and it will be a lot easier to get a job as a Sheriff once I get out. Also they are offering a $25,000 sign up bonus and if I enlist I will be able to also get free college. Honestly, military runs in my family as I come from a family of Marines, Army, and Navy; but none have ever been Air Force so I would be the first.

I'm 23 right now and if I enlist now, I will be out just before I'm 28. My biggest drawback with joining however is the fact I will be away from my family, and also it will hurt any chances I have of a long term relationship due to the fact I will be away. I also know that if I join, this will completely seal the fact that I will never be able to get back together with my ex-fiance. Add in the fact that if I don't choose the right department, there will be chances I can set foot onto enemy territory. So what is your opinion? As of right now, I am leaning towards joining.

So I will be getting FFXIII....for the PS3.


So after all the deliberation of if I should buy the 360 or PS3 version, I actually went a 180 and decided to go with the PS3 version. Though the 360 version did get the same grade as the PS3 version, which means the differences aren't drastic, I kept reading that the visuals are obviously compressed and the visuals are noticeably less sharp. This is a 180 for me because I was dead set on buying the 360 version due to the achievements and controller. But honestly, when IGN tells me that they STRONGLY recommend the PS3 version over the 360 then it says alot because IGN is one of my most trusted reviewers. This will be the first multiplatform game that I buy for the PS3 since every multiplatform gaame I buy, I always get for the 360. I even bought Batman: AA for the 360 even though the PS3 came with the exclusive content. But in the end, I believe I made the right decision here because FFXIII is technically superior on the PS3. And with a game this large, I want the best experience I can get.

Gamefly pick ups: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 / BlazBlue

So I never rent games, I only buy. One thing I do love about Gamefly though is their extremely cheap prices on used games. Just recently I picked up two:


I got MUA2 for either $16 or $17 and the game looks near like new condition. I gotta say however, that the game is a huge dissapointment and is actually quite boring at times. I almost bought this game on launch to so I am extremely happy I didn't. I don't see why Activision changed the developer to Vicarious Visions because I honestly think that might've screwed it all up. The game isn't bad, but it's not as good as the first one and it hardly feels like an improvement. Bring Raven back to this franchise!


Now I picked up BlazBlue for $17 in hopes to find a game to replace SF4 as the best fighting game out there, but unfortunately it did not fill that seat. Don't get me wrong, BlazBlue is an amazing fighting game and is without a doubt one of the best out there. But, I don't feel that it's better than Street Fighter 4. I love both fighting games however as I grew upon games like both of these since I grew up playing SF2 and playing games like Gulity Gear and Marvel vs. Capcom. Either way, I do feel it to be a better buy than MUA2.