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Time to strap on my Nano suit for $18.98

Crysis 2

Heroes and Villains,

My love for Amazon continues to increase. I just picked up both Bulletstorm and Killzone 3 for a total of $96 which includes release date delivery (Bulletstorm for $38 and Killzone 3 for $58 -no tax). Both Killzone 3 and Bulletstorm came with a $20 pre-order credit each, which I'm now applying towards Crysis 2 to get $40 off. So, with the $0.99 cent release date delivery I'll pick up Crysis 2 Limited Edition for a sexy $18.98 since it's currently priced at $57.99. That's pretty much it, I just felt like expressing my kiddish excitementwith you all

Till next time

Minerva's Undead

Heroes and Villains,

About two weeks ago, I picked up both Minerva's Den and Undead Nightmare for both Bioshock 2 and Read Dead Redemption for $5 each thanks to it's LIVE's weekly deals. I'm finally getting around to playing them and just finished Minerva's Den and WOW. Awesome single player DLC that definitely added a nice twist to the game, and well worth the money (even for $10, it's a couple hours long). Loved it. Also nice to have a reason to return to the Bioshock universe since I haven't played it in awhile. Now on to Undead Nightmare! Wish me luck

Till next time

Nearly completed with a dose of trade ins

Heroes & Villians one and all,

I am FINALLY near completion of Enslaved and halfway done with Naughty Bear. The verdict so far? Enslaved is an awesome game so far, with the main highlight being it's story and visuals. Combat could use some work, but all in all the game was overlooked by many. I'd recommend checking it out, since you can find it pretty cheap now.


Naughty Bear is a little bit of a different story.Surprisingly, there issome fun to be had here, but the game itself just feels incomplete. It gets old quick, and all of the levels are identical just with different objectives which all usually result in you BRUTALLY butchering a bunch of stuffed bears. It should've never been sold as a full retail game.


Now, as many of you already know; Best Buy is now buying and selling used games. For anyone who uses a Droid or iPhone; there is an app for Best Buy that let's you scan the barcodes of games to show you what their current worth is. It's handy as hell since now I don't have to go in the store with a load of games to find out I don't even want to sell them anymore.

Till next time friends

Call me a Genious, Call me an Addict, Call me an Idiot

Fellow Heroes and Villains,

I just got back from Target and purchased two extremely cheap, and horribly reviewed games. Why? Just...because.

Iron Man 2: $4.98

Naughty Bear: $11.98

Of course both brand new. Even at $5, I thought hard on buying Iron Man 2. Either Iron Man 2...or Subway...which to get :shock:

Now with these dumb games, I'm really in the s*** overload. Good times (I doubt I'll even beat Iron Man 2). Till next time friends


Here's a fun fact: I installed Naughty Bear to my HDD and the game is 798 MB:| I've never seen a game install so fast in my life. I can't believe they sold this as a full retail game considering it's the size of, if not smaller than, some XBL Arcade titles.

January 27th, 2011. War has been declared...

...upon Nintendo's 3DS


Ladies and Gents, it seems we have ourselves a good ol' fashion console war brewing; but this time, with the little guys. The portable market is not really my cup o' tea but this one is really interesting and actually peaked my interest for the first time in years, and I mean YEARS. We're talking Gameboy Color years.

Why is my interest so peaked this time around? Well, in the red corner you have Nintendo's 3DS which is the first 3D device available to the public in gaming form that uses no glasses and is more powerful than Nintendo's current console. Now in the blue corner you have the NGP; the successor to the surprisingly successful PSP which sports an extreme amount of tech and is nearly as powerful as the PS3. But which to get? So far, I'm still leaning towards the 3DS since Nintendo is still king of handhelds, and it would be something completely new to me while the NGP will be more like my portable PS3. Cool, yes...but needed? Probably not. Well not for me that is.

Either way, it looks like we got a good war on our hands friends

To 3DS..or not. That is the question.


Fellow heroes and villains alike;

As you all may have already noticed, they have announced the U.S. release date and price point for the long awaited 3DS. The price is actually lower than what I initially thought it was going to be (I seriously thought $350). So, now the question remains; should I buy one?

This question comes into play mainly for the fact that I have a trend with handhelds. I'll play them for a couple of months and then basically get sick of them. The 3DS looks to be different though, as it sports some really interesting tech with it which may actually keep my attention. Add on to the fact that it is already boosting an amazing looking lineup of games and this may be the handheld that could turn it around for me. If I do indeed buy one, I would be buying it from Amazon so I get charged NO TAX and get free shipping so I literally pay $249.99 exact.

I dunno, I'm still at a toss up with this one because I was almost set on not getting one. The truth is, you know this thing will not drop in price for at least a year and a half; and if so, it will more likely only drop about $50. If I do end up buying one, I would be getting the "Aqua" one as pictured above. Looks fancy

*** UPDATE ***

I just reserved it on Amazon just to be safe :lol:. I could always change my mind later down the road

New Tattoo = Less games

Good afternoon fellow heroes and villians;

So tonight I'm going to be getting my 4th tattoo which will basically cover up the rest of my upper right arm. I'm going to be getting "Semper Fidelis" which is latin for "Always Faithful"; a USMC phrase that is also known short for "Semper Fi." I'm getting this for numerous reasons. I was supposed to be a Marine twice, come from a family of jarheads, and also lost a cousin in Iraq who was a USMC sniper. The term holds a dear spot in my heart.

So, with that said, I'm going to be getting two less games I've had on pre-order cutting my selection down to 3 total (so far). I'm no longer getting Marvel vs Capcom 3 :( , nor am I getting Test Drive Unlimited 2. My current remaining pre-orders are:

- Bulletstorm

- Killzone 3

- Dragon Age 2

MVC3 was the hardest one for me to give up since I do want the SE, but I can wait. I can see it plummeting in price just like SFIV did. In fact, almost ALL of Capcom's games fall in price extremely quick.

So that's all, just wanted to share it with you all :)


New Pre-orders and Crysis 2

Fellow Heroes and Villains;

Got some new pre-orders done thanks to Amazon. Amazon is now my go to place for games since they charge no tax and most of the time offer me sweet incentives like $10 or $20 credit for pre-ordering and $0.99 release date shipping and/or free shipping in general. Here's what I intend to buy (so far) within the coming months

I also love how a lot of games are giving you a free upgrade for pre-ordering, a good way to show a little love to your fans who are there on day one.

Question though; does anyone recommend pre-ordering Crysis 2 for the PS3 or 360? I more likely will get it for the 360 since I prefer the controller for shooters, but I know that the tech behind Crysis 2 is new for both systems and I just hope it doesn't run differently on the PS3 than the 360 or vice versa. Anyone hear anything about it? And no, I am not getting it for the PC since I don't have the rig for it, so don't bother recommending it.

End of story, stay c l a s s y Gamespot. (gamespot seriously censored c l a s s y)

Due to "End of Year" sales events, I have doomed myself

Attention fellow heroes and villians

As you may have noticed, a lot of stores (especially websites) have been having "end of year" clearance sales. DO NOT fall prey to these like I did. Thanks to my complete lack of willpower, I have completely doomed myself into buying more games than I can handle.

It's already bad enough that I already have several games I'm still working on completing (Fable 3, New Vegas, FFXIII etc) but now I have just added another 7 games to the list. But who am I to complain? Now even though 5 of these games are used (2 are brand new) it totaled to just under $100 even after shipping and taxes. Not too bad considering. Here's what I picked up thanks to the douchebags at Amazon and Gamefly with their amazing deals:


DarksidersRatchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time

Supreme Commander 2Split/SecondJust Cause 2


EnslavedMajin and the Forsaken Kingdom

End of story.

RDR should NOT win 360 or PS3 GOTY

What's up fellow heroes and villains; just a quick rant here

Simply put; Red Dead Redemption should not win Xbox 360 or PS3 GOTY. This is more-so just an opinion of mine in which I wish game sites and magazines would do.

When you have a game, say, like RDR that scored extremely high ratings across the board and had a million and one followers; it's going to be a tough opponent to beat. When a game site or magazine does the end of year awards etc. they have a Game of The Year award for each platform along with a best multiplatform game,as well as the ultimate GOTY. I believe when they have a "360 GOTY" or "PS3 GOTY", it should be designated for EXCLUSIVES to the platform otherwise you will have a game like RDR who snatches up 360 GOTY, PS3 GOTY, AND multiplatform GOTY. Why have a multiplatform GOTY as well if you're going to include the same damn game?

At the rate Gamespot is going, it looks like RDR is going to win best 360 and PS3 GOTY, leaving the other titles no chance that are exclusive to the platform (Mass Effect 2 is the only one that might be able to overcome it). RDR is an amazing game, no doubt about it, and I do believe it deserves to win the best multiplatform GOTY; but the 360 and PS3 categories should only be for the exclusives. Now from the looks of things, Halo Reach and God of War 3 will likely not win what should be their recognition (two titles I thoroughly enjoyed more than RDR). This rant isn't directed towards GS mind you, it's directed to anyone who is hosting a "Best of 2010." BTW, kudos to Starcraft 2 for pulling in a lot of votes for overall GOTY.