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Whoopin Ass On 360

Or more like its whoopin my ass. Just got DOA 4 and yes, its addicting but also hands your ass to you. I'll be online with it soon.

Christmas Day....ALREADY?!

Yep, indeed, Merry Christmas people. It came hella fast and I spent too much damn money. Have a good one. I'm gonna be chillin with family and playing Condemned to scare the bejebus outta me. And oh yea, just got Call of Duty 2 for 360 from my girlfriends mom and damn is it good. Look out for my review in a few days.

As LIVEly as it is...

I can't get on Live anymore. For some reason(I do not know) its f***** up. I'll try to get it back on ASAP so you can search me out. I've been aching to get back on Halo 2 as well as finally try out my Perfect Dark on Live. And also add my Gamerscore so I no longer look pathetic. Muwahahaha*cough**cough*