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My First Year with My PS3

I got my ps3 exactly a year ago around this time and i have to say it has more than surpass my expectations. I've had just for a year i already have bought fourteen games for it already.


Two games are missing from the pic Valkyrie Chronicles and MotorStorm Pacific Rift both of which are lent to out to some friends. Out of all the games i own Warhawk and StreetFighter IV have given me the most mileage however Uncharted 2 has replace warhawk for my multiplayer needs(Where's Starhawk Dylan?). Anyways i have to say i'm very happy with my ps3 right now the only problem i have with it right now is that there are too many great games to get for it.

My Exams are Finally Over!

My exams are finally over so i have alot more free time on my hands until i get a job. So i started making manga videos again


This chapter is my latest one, it's Chapter 240 Kakashi Gaiden. It's not my best work but it's ok.

I have also started colouring manga pages and panels

Here's my very first colouring

The Shading is not very good but i think i did ok for my first attempt

Thanks for the Support Guys!

I was just browsing the Video section of Gamespot a minute of ago looking for the latest Tournament TV Video. When i saw my Naruto Manga Chapter 394 on the front page for Popular User videos animation. That inspires me even more to continue to upload my manga videos to Gamespot.Thanks you guys

Naruto and Bleach Manga Videos

Normally i only upload my naruto and bleach manga vids only on You-tube and Game-trailers. But based on the reactions im getting from the few manga videos i uploaded to gamespot.I think i will start to upload all my manga videos on Gamespot as well so all you naruto and bleach fans check my profile weekly for the latest manga chapters.

Finally Level 21!

It took me 6 months but i did it i finally finished the hell that is level 20. I would of finished sooner without all the excessive moderations. But i finally reached level 21