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@sealionact said:

@blueinheaven: This whole post is about ms recognising that frame rates are important. Even before that there are many games that offer frame rates over resolution on x1x....and even going back to X1 launch titles, games would prioritise frame rates over resolution.

Heck, there's way more 60 FPS games on x1x than pro as we speak....

Quoted for Truth.

MS has always been more about the tight Game play while Sony is more about the Graphic Cinematic Experience.

For example that is the reason Main line Forza is always a locked 60FPS and the GT series always has drops in frame rates. Killer Instinct has the tightest gameplay and Net code of any of the fighters. Kill Zone has terrible input lag while MS went 60 FPS with Halo 5. Gears 4 has 60 fps in versus and now Gears 5 will go 60 in both campaign and versus.

Sony is more about the cinematic experience and there is nothing wrong with that as there are a bunch of gamers that prefer the cinematic experience.

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The current one is great.

Not sure why MS keeps changing the UI for the sake of changing it.

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The truth is MS 1st party hasn't released any compelling software so sales are down.

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All 3 of those are different versions of the same console.

Gonzalo is rumored to be PS5 so I take it these are different versions of the PS5 that Sony will choose from for their final Hardware of choice depending on which of those will be most reliable, efficient and powerful while also being able to keep costs down.

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@Telekill said:

$500 is my top out and it has to have at least one game I want to play on it at the time I pick it up with at least 5 in the pipe that at least look good if not great.

So you wouldn't spend an extra $100 if it meant saying bye bye to load times with an SSD, Ray tracing HW and real desk top grade CPU's??

Think about it, XB1X launched at $500 with a 6 TF GPU, Enhanced Jaguar CPU, 12 Gigs of Ram, and 384 bit bus in a 14nm node.

Next gen will be 7nm. You will be getting 4X the CPU performance, over 2 times the GPU performance, 16 - 24 Gigs of GDDR6 Ram, plus an SSD to lower or eliminate load times. That's sounds like $600 hardware to me but maybe Sony and MS take an initial bloodbath and sell for $500 with the hopes of making it up with software and service sales.

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@ermacness said:


Easier =/= More powerful. It was easier to develop on the 360 vs the ps3, and porting it over to the ps3 wasn't a great tactic. You say that real world applications didn't reflect this but I beg to differ. 1st of all, the ps3 exclusives looked MUCH better than 99% of the 360's exclusives, and while most multiplats looked better on the 360, not all of them did, one in particular was Burnout Paradise. They were relatively the same machine, however the 360 was easier to program for, but with the more talent/money, the ps3 could produce better results.

Come on dude give it up. 360 games ran better than PS3 versions 90% of the time and devs spent more of their time and budget optimizing games for the PS3 than for the 360.

As far as an $800 console, don't think that would be a good idea even though it should mean some amazing HW.

IMO, $600 will be the new $400. So PS5 & XB2 could possibly launch at $600 with $650 worth of HW.

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If gaming is ever going to be Photorealistic then Ray Tracing is the only way there.

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As many consoles as it takes for the manufacturer to be profitable. As long as its profitable for 1st party, 3rd parties continue releasing games on the console while also being mostly profitable and the manufacturer is profitable then I would consider it a success.

Usually that number comes around the 25 - 30 million mark depending on the initial investment during the start of the gen. Could even be less sales if Hardware is sold for profit from the start. I think Sony stated that PS4 broke even with just 1 additional sale of a game at launch. That would probably mean Sony and 3rd parties were already very profitable at the 20 million mark with the PS4.

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Sounds to me like Sony is preparing their fans for a $500 - $600 console.

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For me it depends on what new consoles will bring to the table. If its more of the same with slightly better graphics I will wait to see what the inevitable mid-gen refresh looks like.